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Love in Contract Release Date, Cast, and Story

Every week we are witnessing new K-dramas such as Little Women, Alchemy Of Souls, Big Mouth, Today’s Webtoon, Adamas, If You Wish Upon Me and many more are there. There are so many ongoing K-dramas right now that fans are totally confused about what to watch and from where to start. Come to think of it, which ongoing K-drama are you watching right now? How many ongoing K-dramas are you watching right now? Which one is your favorite? Fans already have a lot on their plate but still waiting for new and upcoming K-dramas, and one such K-drama is “Love In Love Contract”.

Love In Contract is an upcoming Korean drama that is penned by writer Ha Gu Dam and directed by the director Nam Sung Woo. Its literal title is “Wolsugeum Hwamokto”. Fans are already very excited to watch this drama and I am also waiting for this drama; I can not wait to see Park Min Young, Ko Gyung-Pyo and Kim Jae-Young in one frame, after all, Park Min Young is the queen of office Rom-Com drama, so I am excited to see what kind of role she will portray this time and I am also very excited to see Ko Gyung Pyo and Kim Jae Yoong, are you excited too? So to cease our curiosity, let us learn about the release date and much more information about Love In Contract.

Love in Contract Release Date

Love in Contract Release Date
Love In Contract

As I have mentioned above, Love In Contract is an upcoming Korean Drama that is going to be released on TVN, as TVN is its original Network but when it is going to be released? Because there are so many ongoing TVN dramas, can you make a guess? Adamas is an ongoing K-drama and its original Network is also TVN, once it gets over then Love In Contract will get released.

Adamas will be over on September 15, 2022, then after that on September 21, 2022 Love In Contract will be aired at the same time slot, it will release episodes every Wednesday and Thursday, and it will release 2 episodes every week. As of now, Adamas has not been finished yet but 15th September 2022 is near so we do not need to wait for that much, Adamas will be over soon and after that Love In Contract will be started. This implies that the official Release Date of Love is September 21, 2022. Are you excited to watch it? I can not wait to watch the first episode of Love In Contract.

Name of the ShowLove in Contract
Season NumberSeason 1
Love in Contract Release Date21 September 2022
Love in Contract Overview

Love in Contract Story

Even though the drama is not yet out we still have a gist of the drama and guess what? Fans are also curious to know the storyline so let me give you a sneak peek of Love In Contract. Love In Contract depicts the love life of Choi Sang Eun, played by Park Min Young, Jung Ji Ho, played by Ko Gyung Pyo and Kang Hae Jin, played by Kim Jae Young. The story tells us about the life of Choi Sang Eun as a Contract Marriage Master, she is beautiful, talented and perfect at her work but her life gets messed up when he finds herself in a love triangle, she has two clients, one is Jung Ji Ho and another one is Kang Hae Jin.

Choi Sang Eun has been in a marriage contract with Jung Ji Ho for five years, but Jung Ji Ho is a strange and mysterious man. Choi Sang Eun is also in a marriage contract with Kang Hae Jin, a very popular actor. What will happen when a popular actor and a mysterious man fall for a Marriage Contractor? With whom will Sang Eun end up? As there are two leads, we will have a second lead syndrome.

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Love in Contract Cast

Love in Contract Release Date
Love In Contract

The cast of Love In Contract is top-notch as it involves Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun, Ko Gyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho, and Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin, these three are the main protagonists of this drama and fans are excited to see these three popular and talented actors in one frame.

Park Min Young recently did a comeback with Forecasting love and weather, have you seen it? Ko Gyung Pyo recently made his comeback with the new movie Seoul Vibes, have you seen it? It is available on Netflix and Kim Jae Young will also do so well in this drama, as I stan all of them I am just so excited to watch it. Are you also excited like me?

Love in Contract Trailer

The trailer for Love In Contract is already out and too three trailers are out. Have you seen all the trailers? If you have not seen then watch the first trailer above.

Where To Watch Love in Contract Online?

Love In Contract is TVN’s drama so it will be available there but International fans can watch it on Viki.

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