Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date: When Can You Expect It?

Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date

Love In The Air is a drama series that features the genre of love, comedy, romance, and life. The concept of this series has been borrowed from the novels “Love Storm” and “Love Sky”.  The Thai drama series has a very sweet story that talks about different aspects of life. The series has a good rating of 8.8/10 on IMDb. Those who love watching romantic dramas are enjoying watching this series. The IMDb rating itself indicates that the series is a very impressive one.

The viewers are just loving this show, with some of them already being excited about the updates of the second season.

Do we have something about the release of season two? Let’s find out!

Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of the series premiered on August 18, 2022. The series is going to have 13 episodes with the final one telecasted on November 10, 2022. The running time of each episode is about 45 minutes.

Now, for those who are desperate to know about the release of season two, we regret to inform you that there is nothing available as of now because season one is still ongoing. We can expect something in season 2 only after season 1 ends. As of now, we have nothing available in season two.

Name of the ShowLove In The Air
Season NumberSeason 2
Love In The Air Season 1 Release Date18 August 2022
Love In The Air Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Love In The Air Season 2 Overview

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Love In The Air Season 2 Story

Love in the air is a series that tells the story of the time when clouds in the sky and falling rain tease and trouble Rain and Sky, the two good pals who are in a problem. Both of them then get to meet Phayu and Prapai, who are not only cunning saviors but are also the guys who are responsible for making storms in the two best friends’ hearts. All these events lead to a war of love taking place which is going to bring different consequences for different people. How would the atmosphere of love is going to be and in what way their hearts would go? To know that you will have to watch the series.

Love In The Air Season 2 Cast

Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date

Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya is playing the role of Phayu. Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai is in the series as Rain. Fort Thitipong Sengngai is playing the character of Prapai. Peat Wasuthorn Chaijinda is in the role of Sky. These were the main characters.

In the supporting role, we have, Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai is playing the role of Rain’s classmate. Nut Nattapong Prompinit is in the series as Por, who is also Rain’s classmate. Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong is playing the character of Saifah, who is Phayu’s fraternal twin brother. Nan Sujitra Hemhiran is in the series as Ple, Rain’s good friend as well as a classmate.

Theme Phubeth Atarunwong is playing the role of Stop. Dunk Patak Pingmuang is in the series as Gun. Daniel Alex Bird is playing the role of Bas.

In guest roles, we have Chane Tawatson Plengsiriwat playing the role of Chai. Zani Nipaporn Thititanakarn plays the character of Joy. Seng Supachkok Welasmongkonchai in the character of Tho. Chai Supakit Welasmongkonchai is playing the role of Aek. Beam Phunthida Phairuangkij is in the role of Natsu. Smart Chisanupong Paungmanee is in the character of Leon.

Love In The Air Season 2 Trailer

Plenty of trailers are available but only for season one. There are no trailers available for season two yet because season two is still ongoing and has not concluded yet. There is no chance of the trailers of the season being available anytime sooner because season one is going on right now. It is only after season one ends that the makers can proceed with the making of season two and we get to watch the trailers.

Where To Watch Love In The Air Online?

Not many options are available for watching this series. Viewers who are in Thailand can watch this series on GMM25. The episodes of the show are released internationally on IQIYI and Viki. After the official release, the episodes are then available on MeMindY’s Official YouTube channel every Thursday.

Whenever season 2 comes, it will also be available on the same platforms for watching.

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