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Love Is for Suckers Season 2 Release Date: Here’s When You Can Expect It.

Romantic comedies are always a delight to watch. Watching a single episode of a romantic comedy can make your heart sing and fill you with cheerful vibes.

One such romantic comedy is Love Is for Suckers, a Korean drama series that is also popular by the name Icy Cold Romance. Written by Kim Sol-Ji and directed by Choi Gyu-sik, the series premiered in October 2022. A lot of fans are already eager to know if there is anything available about season two of this series.

The viewers remain very hyped up about this series because first of all, it’s a romantic comedy and second, it is a Korean drama series. Korean drama series have cemented their place in the youth’s hearts. The young generation today is just crazy about Korean content. So, people who are big fans of Korean content and love romance and comedy, are just going gaga over this series and their excitement for the second season of this series is understood.

Let us know about all that is available about season two of this series.

Love Is for Suckers Season 2 Release Date

Season one of this series premiered on October 5, 2022. The season is still ongoing and has not concluded. It is going to have 16 episodes. While the first season is still ongoing, it is difficult to say anything about the release of season two. It is quite obvious that the making of season two has also not started because even the first season has not ended yet. No estimates can be made about the release date of season two.

So, there is no release date available for season two. We will have to wait for the first season to finish. Only then we can expect something about season two from the makers.

Name of the ShowLove Is for Suckers
Season NumberSeason 2
Love Is for Suckers Season 1 Release Date5 October 2022
Love Is for Suckers Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Love Is for Suckers Season 2 Overview

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Love Is for Suckers Season 2  Story

This romantic comedy series is about two people who have been best friends for the last twenty years and are now in their thirties. Their paths meet unexpectedly in a dating reality show where one of them is a production director and the other is a cast member. While they are on the show, they begin to experience romantic feelings for each other.

The plot of season two will depend a lot on how season one ends. As of now, there is nothing available about the story of season two.

Love Is for Suckers Season 2  Cast

Love Is for Suckers Season 2 Release Date

 Da-hee is playing Goo Yeo-reum who is an entertainment production director for ten years. He is desperate for work as well as for love.

Choi Si-won is in the character of Park Jae-hoon. She is a plastic surgeon who unlike Goo Yeo-reum has lost interest in both work and love.

Cho Soo-hyang is in the series as Kang Chae-ri. Park Yeon-woo is playing John Jang. Lee Joo-Yeon is in the series as Han Ji-Yeon. Lee Cheol-woo is playing the role of Lee Hoon-hee. Lee Dae-hwi appeared in the series as Kim Sang-woo. Lee Yoo-jin is playing the role of Geum Su-mi.

Jang Seo-Yeon is in the series as Park Hyeon-so. Lee Seok-Joon is playing the character of Ma Jin-guk. Ahn So-jin is playing Ga-rim. Joo Jae-hu is in the series as Hee-chang. Seo Ahn is playing the role of Ri-eun.

Besides these, there are various other supporting characters. We are likely to see most of the characters in season two as well. However, there is always a possibility of the addition or elimination of some characters depending on how the storyline proceeds.

Love Is for Suckers Season 2 Trailer

As far as the trailers are concerned for season two, there are none available yet. Trailers are only available for season one. Until the making starts or the release date of season two is announced, no trailers will be available. The viewers will therefore have to wait a little for the trailers of season two.

Where To Watch Love Is for Suckers Online?

If you have not yet watched this romantic comedy series, it’s no biggie, because you can always watch it on Amazon Prime Video. The series is available for streaming on this platform. Whenever season 2 comes, it will also be available for watching on the same platform. So until season two releases, the viewers can binge-watch season one on Amazon Prime Video.

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