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Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Release Date

The 3rd installment of the Love Live! Franchise, Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is a Japanese animation TV show produced by Sunrise. Tomoyuki Kawamura is in charge of the direction, while Jin Tanaka is in charge of the series design and Takumi Yokota is in charge of the character animation. The show revolves around a bunch of high school heroes who battle against one another while also cooperating together just to maintain their school idol club intact. The very first season started airing 13 episodes on Tokyo MX from October 3 to December 26, 2020. On April 2, 2022, season 2 will begin. Funimation has authorized the show and is streaming it in North America on their platform, as well as in Australia and New Zealand on AnimeLab.

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club sang both the entry and exit theme music for season 1, titled “Nijiiro Passions!” “Neo Sky, Neo Map!” says the narrator.

Regrettably, it’s unclear whether or not such a broadcast will be limited to Japan. Thanks to the popularity of the show, it’s nearly destined to smash through at some point. Although, when something might unfold remain an open question.

Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Release Date

The enormous franchise revealed season 2 of “Nijigasaki High School Idol Club” on the second day of the anime’s 3rd live music event, thus according to Anime News Network. The formal launch date was set for 2022, according to the statement. It will air on the Japanese network and several online streaming platforms including YouTube, just like the first season.

It is indeed impossible to say when “Nijigasaki High School Idol Club” will be launched in 2022. The very first season premiered just over a month after it was first announced (via Anime News Network). As a consequence, that is not a reasonable analogy to use for determining a more precise launch date.

Seasons Release Dates
Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 1 Release Date3 October 2020
Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 1 End Date26 December 2020
Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Release Date

Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Expected Story

Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Release Date
Love Live Nijigasaki Academy

Nijigasaki Gakuen is a high school in Tokyo’s Odaiba district that is known for its free school spirit and wide range of specialties. This institution is well-known for drawing students from all around the nation who are involved in a variety of professions. The pupils have gathered with their own aims and ambitions in mind.

Yuu Takasaki and Ayumu Uehara, both members of the “School Idol Club,” seek to become the finest school idol while simultaneously being competitors and aiding one another while pursuing their aspirations.

Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Characters

The hero and group leader Yu Takasaki, portrayed by Hinaki Yano, the manager, and writer for the Nijigasaki Idol Club, is at the center of this show. Of course, her efforts would be in vain if the idol group didn’t put on a show. Setsuna Yuki, portrayed by Tomori Kusunoki, Kasumi Nakasu, represented by Mayu Sagara, Shizuku Osaka, done by Kaori Maeda, Kanata Konoe, portrayed by Akari Kitou, and Emma Verde, performed by Maria Sashide, are the initial five members of the mobile game “Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS.”

Just after the gang reassembled the series, the remaining 8 protagonists, including Yu, joined. They are Aguri Oonishi played as Ayumu Uehara, Miyu Kubota performed as Karin Asaka, Natsumi Murakami portrayed as Ai Miyashita, Chiemi Tanaka performed as Rina Tennoji, Shiroiko Mifune play as Moeka Koizumi, Akina Homoto play as Lanzhu Zhong, and Shu Uchida played as Mia Taylor.

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Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 1 Story

Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2 Release Date
Love Live Nijigasaki Academy

The season finale of this installment of the “Love Live!” series finished with a bang. The girls eventually have to put on one last, over-the-top show combining all of their abilities and finishing with a dedication to their devoted manager, Yu, after the grueling process of recreating their high school idol band from the bottom up. The destiny seems promising for the emerging talents of the Nijigasaki Idol Club, who have nowhere else to go except upwards.

Moreover, fans may already be aware of the group’s idol career arc. And besides, “Nijigasaki High School Idol Clubfirst’s series never really stayed true to the show’s moniker. Both the’s and the Aquors, who came before Nijigasaki’s idol club, have managed to win “Love Live!” previously. Only the heroes of this show have declined to participate.

Things, meanwhile, may alter once the Second season arrives. In the simplest terms, the “Love Live!” competition is a major affair, and to see the Nijigasaki girls compete for a chance to be recognized as one of history’s top idol groups is an event numerous fans might enjoy. Unfortunately, given the history of the franchise, this appears to be a long shot.

Where to Watch Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2?

That the very first season of the program is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation, and if all goes as planned, the new season will be broadcast on the same streaming sites as in the first.

Trailer for Love Live Nijigasaki Academy Season 2

Season two’s trailer has already been uploaded on YouTube. Fans may enjoy season one until the final launch of the second season, or start watching it to refresh their memories, as the show is enjoyable to watch at any time.

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