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Countdown To The Love Twist Episode 9 Release Date

Because of So Ri’s father, So Ri and Ha Ru are forced to separate ways. Despite the fact that ‘Twist’ is a potential business, Ri’s father believes she should work for him. So Ri wanted to take over her father’s business when she first started it so she could prove her value. However, she discovers her love for the company along the way. Also, Ha Ru is a smart guy who gets a position in Silicon Valley, but he is undecided about accepting the offer in ‘Love Twist’ episode 9.

In addition to young love, the novel also features old love. Hee Ok isn’t content with being a side lover anymore. She has suffered greatly in her former relationship and has decided to return to Korea with Gwang Nam. Mi Ja becomes enraged when she learns of their romance. We may see So Ri and Ha Ru grow apart as the story progresses, while Hee Ok and Gwang Nam build an even closer bond.

Love Twist Episode 9 Release Date

 Love Twist K-Drama Series
Love Twist

The premiere date for ‘Love Twist’ Episode 9 is December 23, 2021. So Ri and Ha Ru will eventually part ways in the next story. Ri’s father’s confirmation to make her work in his company has ended their voyage together, despite the fact that they had worked day and night on their enterprise.

Love Twist Episode 9 Exapectations

As a result, Ri’s grandfather gives her a deadline to bring someone she wants to marry before the end of the year. This will be difficult for her, but if she does not bring someone, her grandfather will force her to participate in blind dates once more. Now that Mi Ja is aware of Hee Ok’s secret, she texts her to arrange a meeting. Hee Ok goes to Ha Ru’s office after a quarrel with Mi Ja and attempts to persuade him to accept the job offer. Will ‘Twist’ truly be shut down? Find out in episode 8 of ‘Love Twist.’

Love Twist Episode 9 Where To Watch

‘Love Twist’ is a Korean television series that airs on the KBS2 channel. People in South Korea can view the episodes from Monday to Friday because it is a weekly drama. International fans can watch ‘Love Twist’ episode 9 by subscribing to the Rakuten Viki website.

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Love Twist Episode 8 Recap

Love Twist Episode 9 Release Date
Love Twist

In the Love Twist episode 8, we’ve seen Hee Ok and Gwang Nam having a fantastic time together in South Korea thus far. Mi Ja confronts them as they leave a restaurant together. They were able to successfully spin the tale by claiming that Ok Hee had requested that Gwang Nam keep an eye out for her. Everyone then heads over to Hee Ok’s house for the welcome celebration. Mi Ja witnesses a horrific scene even there. Hee Ok’s foot is rubbing on Gwang Nam’s leg. Their under-the-table antics may land them in hot water.

Ha Ru, on the other hand, is disappointed to learn that So Ri’s father is forcing her to close the company and study overseas. So Ri, on the other hand, is committed to keeping her company viable. She borrows money from her mother and pays her supplier as a result. Furthermore, So Ri assures her mother that she will meet with Choi Moo II if she does not receive the money. So Ri gives the incorrect impression on their first date when she says she has a boyfriend. She also admitted that her mother made it a condition for her to go on this blind date that she does not give her any money.

‘Twist’ by Ha Ru Wants To Be Shut Down

Ha, Ru is enraged after hearing So Ri’s father discuss their business. He’s also clouded by the fact that she went on a blind date. He advises that they close down ‘Twist’ when he meets So Ri after her blind date. So Ri, on the other hand, will not give up so lightly.

So Ri later learns that Ha Ru has been offered a job by Google in Silicon Valley. Mi Ja is taken aback by Hee Ok and Gwang Nam’s affection at home. She seizes the chance to inquire about Gwang Nam’s relationship with Hee Ok. This turns the discussion into a brawl.

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