The Lovesick Season 4 Release Date: What’s Coming Next?

Lovesick is one of the most successful and famous British rom-com which started by the name of Scrotal Recall. It had an amazing and charming cast which was combined with some smart writing. This made it overcome the initial moniker that it had to face. The show started to air its first season on Channel 4, but after its success, Netflix took the rights of the show and went on to produce more seasons of the show due to the success of the show.

The third and the latest season of the show was released in the year 2018 and since then the fans have been keeping their holes high for a renewal of the show. Unlike the shows in the USA, British shows many times return after a long interval. Also, they return not only for the show but also for a one-off special. This can give hope to the fans as this is something not very surprising. However, many reasons can create tension among the fandom of the show as there are no plans as of now regarding the fourth season of the show.

But we can make many guesses based on the interviews of the star cast of the show as well as form the statements from the show’s director, that is, Tom Edge. All of them have shared their thoughts about the fourth season of the show and have hinted at how the story can continue. Season 3 of the show ended just the way fans wanted it to end.

Best friends Dylan and Evie ended up together after years of struggle. Meanwhile, their third wheel and other best friend, Luke who is played by Daniel Ings, were ready to explore new people to find his true love.

The series ended quite well, covering all the aspects and stories of the trio and their journey of leaving childhood behind and embracing adulthood. However, this did not leave the doors closed for another of Lovesick to come and maybe entertain the fans once more. Here We will discuss the series Lovesick Season 4.

Lovesick Season 4 Release Date

It has been three years since the last episode and season of the show aired and although Netflix has never canceled the show officially, the series has also not been renewed for the time being at least. Also, the show proved to be the perfect platform for all the leads of the show as it has helped them to launch their careers and as a result, all of them have moved on with different projects as there is no concrete plan for another season of Lovesick.

In the latest interview by Flynn, he gave hints about the return of the show and said that if the show ever happened, he would definitely return if Netflix called him.

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Lovesick Season 4 Cast

The main trio of the show, Flynn, Thomas, and Ings would all need to return if the fourth season of the show is announced by Netflix as they are the ones for which the fans have been waiting. Netflix can even announce a reunion movie as the story was completed in a way.

Recently, all the actors have taken several roles especially Flynn who has starred in big-budget films like The Dig and Emma. His co-stars are equally involved in different projects like Thomas is playing the lead in ABC’s The Good Doctor.

Lovesick Season 4 Story

Season 3 of the show ended with Dylan and Evie finally ending together but many felt their story was incomplete and they have a lot to offer. Many believed that the show must focus on the lighter side of the story as the story became heavier and heavier as the season progressed with the stories.

Many want the show the story of Dylan and Evie and their kids, with them reuniting with Luke. But as of now, this seems to be the end of the road for the trio and the fans will have to wait a little longer for the show’s return and see how the story unfolds.

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