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Is There Any Chance For Lucifer Season 7 Release Date?

How fascinating is the idea of “The Devil” descending on the Earth! YES YES, you got it right, talking about Lucifer here, one of the most favorite and most watched fictional dramas of all time.

Lucifer was first aired on 25 January 2016, as a television series on channel FOX. Out Of The World idea of “The King Of Hell”, Lucifer Morningstar, leaving his throne and coming down to the face of the Earth and opening a bar excites the viewers in a very fun way. Seeing the popularity the show was gaining, Netflix adopted it. The fantasy-based series was bought into existence byTom Kapinos. The character of Lucifer and other casts are inspired by the DC comic, which was written by Sam Kieth, Neil Gaiman, and Mike Dringenberg.

The admiration and love that the series received after the launch of the first few seasons, was unexpected. Currently, the show possesses 6 Seasons with some 93 episodes. The last season now, that is season 6, came out on10 September 2021 taking the fanbase to another level. There are Binge-watchers of the show, impatiently checking official websites to know about the details and release of the next season. To know about the newest updates and words of showrunners, let us dig deep into this article.

Lucifer Season 7 Release Date 

Well, this news might be very disappointing for the viewers of the engrossing drama series, Joe Henderson, the lead creator of the show concluded in a statement that there are no more seasons to the show, he said that the storyline they wanted to showcase to the viewers is precisely done and Season 6 is the final and legitimate end to Lucifer.

It feels disheartening to break to our audience and enthusiasts that lucifer has come to an end and there will be no further season, as per the show makers. The production team wanted the show to end in season 5 itself, but later on, decided to give a proper see-off and climax to the viewers, henceforth, no expectations must be kept by any fan for any new season.

Name of the ShowLucifer
Season NumberSeason 7
Lucifer Season 1 Release Date 25 January 2016
Lucifer Season 7 Release Date Season 6 was last
Lucifer Season 7 Overview

Lucifer Season 7 Story

Lucifer Season 7 Release Date 

Unfortunately, the fascinating tale of Lucifer ended in Season 6 itself, therefore there is no plot or story to season 7, as it was announced that Season 6 is the final ending and will not be written further. To know what exactly happened in the fictional series, viewers must watch the last season of the show which is season 6. NO WORRIES!! we are here to fill you up with the storyline of the show, to know more, continue reading the article.

Lucifer Season 5-6 Recap

Lucifer Season 7 Release Date 

The Lucifer show initially began with an interesting plot of THE DEVIL coming down to Los Angeles and opening a nightclub there, with an angel as the bartender. Season 5 portrays an ongoing case, in which the victim goes to hell and Lucifer visits him, informing him that he will be stuck in a never-ending loop, facing his death, again and again, every day and every minute. Chloe and Lucifer worked on the case together, along with the maze. In the absence of Lucifer, Amenadiel took charge of his nightclub, Lux.

While chasing the pieces of evidence, they found a suspect who was famously known as “Dirty Doughs”. Lucifer and his team attended a poker game, hosted by Dough, and questioned him about several loans, he distributes, when Dough’s people suspected that they are from LAPD, one of them ran, and Chloe and Maze chased him, but he was hit by a car and was killed. Lucifer decided not to continue anymore with solving cases and took the decision of going back to his throne in hell. While solving the case, Maze kissed Chloe, it was just recognized as the void filling by both and meant nothing to them. Dough attacked Chloe and Maze, and there again Lucifer came, saving Chloe from Dough and henceforth helping her to arrest him.

Chloe was overwhelmed to see Lucifer as he said that he will never return back to Earth. Over a few days with this “NEW LUCIFER, she realized that he has changed a lot, his behavior was not the same as Lucifer who left the Earth. The new Lucifer explained to Chloe that he is not the same person she used to know, the hell has changed him again, and he cannot be the same person again. The new Lucifer revealed that he is Micheal, twin of Lucifer, who came to Earth as there is a stir in heaven due to willingly returning of Lucifer to hell, learning this, Chloe attacked Micheal, but it came as a shock to her when Micheal revealed that she is specially made for Lucifer by the divine. Amanadiel did not like Micheal much, therefore she started her journey towards Hell to bring Lucifer back. At the end of season 5, Lucifer is seen losing his anger on Linda and saying he needs to be God. The last episode of season 5 gives hope of a happy ending when Chloe joins Lucifer in Hell after defeating Micheal on Earth.

The final season, Season 6 was released on 23 June 2020, depicting the success of Lucifer in becoming the next God after his father, he fall in love will Chloe in the last Season this season brings much more excitement, showing how Lucifer develop his life for the better. The first episode shows Lucifer and Chloe on a date, and later on, depicts Lucifer visiting Hell to see Dan, a new character shown sitting on the thrown of hell, with his face unrevealed. Further episodes suggested that Chloe and Ella looked into the past of Carol, who was investigating the death of a woman who was known as Drag Queen.

The second episode shows the intimate connection of Lucifer and Chloe, the episode also threw some light on Micheal, whose wings were cut by Lucifer with the Flamming Sword, he was seen holding a toothbrush and was given the punishment of cleaning the floor with it. Coming to the last episodes, it is revealed that it was the last day of Lucifer on Earth, and Chloe and Lucifer figured out a weapon that can cause the death of Lucifer, Lucifer told Chloe that he is not going to be God. The Devil Lucifer decided to make his last day be of some good use, therefore he did several humble deeds, he made his amends and also opened up an institute in the name of Ella. It is also shown that Lucifer can Fabricate Hell as he wishes. The last episode has a happy ending, with realizing the death of Chloe on Earth and her standing at the door of Lucifer so that they can be finally together forever.

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Lucifer Season 7 Cast

Lucifer Season 7 Release Date 

The cast board of Lucifer includes Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lauren German playing the role of Chloe Decker followed by Kevin Alejandro portraying the character of Dan, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, D.B. Woodside and Aimee Garcia as Amenadiel and Ella Lopez respectively. Tricia Heller is seen as playing Charlotte, Trixie is played by Scarlett Estevez, Rachael Harris depicts the picture Linda Martin, Inbar Lavi played Eve, Brianna Hildebrand is seen as Rory, and other cast members are, Lauren Lapkus, Kevin Rankin, Alex Fernandez, Charisma Carpenter, Diana Bang and many more. Nothing can be said about the cast of Season 7 of Lucifer as according to the showrunners it will not be in existence.

Where to Watch Lucifer Season 7 Online?

OTT platforms and various other platforms are a way of entertainment, providing unlimited series, web shows, and much more stuff. We cannot even think of our lives without Netflix these days, it has become an inseparable part of our lives, especially for teenagers, bing-watching on Netflix is the most common leisure for today’s generation. Online platforms are in the craze these days. Talking Lucifer can be watched on Netflix, and the full-fledged series is available on Netflix.

Some of its previous seasons that were telecasted on the FOX channel may be found on Netflix, but the full episode guarantee is not for YouTube.

Lucifer is an engrossing series, which when once started, there is no going back, if you still have not completed the series, there is a suggestion, cancel all your weekend plans and just roll on your bed with some snacks and binge-watch the series. It is a luring series that draws the complete attention of the person watching it, the concept is so unique, that no one has ever heard of or seen it. Displaying the Devil King, who is not so bad from the heart makes everyone falls in love with his character, the character of Lucifer has gained numerous female lovers as well as a huge fanbase. The storyline of each episode is so much fun. There is no chance of getting bored while watching the show.

Winding up my article here, I hope reading it was fun and it gave a picturesque view of the series. Hoping that the article finds the answer to all the questions of the reader. For more and more latest updates stay tuned to our website.

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