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Lucy 2 Release date Expectations!

Lucy 2 Release Date

Lucy is a science fiction action French movie. Luci was written by Luc Besson and also directed by him too. This Movie was produced by Luc’s wife Virginie Besson Sillie. Themis movie was shot in different locations mainly Paris, New York, and Taipei. Lucy was famous for his masterpieces like The Fifth Element, Leon The Professional. In 2014, when Luc introduced a sci-fi series, Lucy, he introduced a female character, Scarlett Johansson. We have never imagined such a good response from an unorthodox superman character. Luc Besson is famous for his visualizing power of strong female characters representing uniquely through his movies.

Because of Luc Besson’s extra efforts and unique approach, Lucy has not proved it as more than a sci-fi action drama. Lucy actually uses the plot scientifically as humans presently use only 10% of their brain, but what if they can use 100% of that. That is what he tries to display through Lucy’s character. Though Lucy’s theme was not that much accurate but its approach towards the was quite appreciable.Yes we can say that it was not scientifically accurate thing.

Lucy 2 plot

Lucy 2 Release Date Updates

The last official meeting regarding Lucy 2 was organized 3 years ago is in 2017. It was the time when Reason totally denied regarding the Kuch 2 but Shamuger gave some hints regarding it. So there are no such updates after that regrading its sequel. If Lucy 2 has given a green flag we can expect it to release in the year 2023. Lucy 1 was released on 25 July 2014 and rated 6.4 out of 10 by IMDb

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Lucy 2 Cast Updates

Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman are in lead roles. Scarlett Johansson is playing the role of Lucy. Morgan Freeman is playing the role of Professor Samuel Norman. Mr. Jang’s role was played by Choi Minsik. Pierre De Rio’s role was played by Amr Waked. Lucy 2 is going to be the sequel and it’s obvious that Kuch will again be in the lead role mos probably the character will be played by Scarlett. And if the movie continues with the old plot then Lucy’s role is surely going to be characterized by Scarlett Johansson. It is also possible for the return of Morgan Freeman and Pierre De Rio. Choi Minsik will return but Jang was shot dead in the ending so he will not return. So the antagonist for part 2 will be changed. Also, it is possible that a new cast will be introduced.

Lucy 2 cast

Lucy Season 2 Plot Details

In the movie, Lucy will use her extra powers and capabilities to access all the knowledge present in the universe. She will gain superpowers like telepathy, mental time travel, telekinesis, etc. She tool helo of Professor Norman to discover her powers and how to utilize them and to discover all the mysteries of the universe with the help of her unique capabilities. She then tries to take revenge on those who let her down due to her condition what was he was in with these powers.

Lucy was not that equipped with her powers and how to use them efficiently, then she decided to opt for sharing her power and spreading and pass it on. Then the film ended with Lucy’s disappearance and also strain ghat she is present everywhere. So the movie presented the Lucy’s character very beautifully but the ending has made everyone think about whether Lucy will return in her human form or with special abilities in part 2.

There were so many unanswered questions in the first part ending. Whether she controls the world? Is she is present everywhere? How Professor Norman uses and spreads her knowledge.Let’s wait for part 2 for all the answers to such queries of yours.

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