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Lularich Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Returning?

The Lularich Season 2 TV series is telecasted by Amazon studios on prime videos and produced by Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason is documentary series based on the scandal considering the marketing company Lula Roe for being a pyramid scheme.

The series has 4 episodes with a run time of about 45 – 47 minutes. It has interviews of the owner- Mark Stidham and Deanne Brady and also with the sellers and various former employees. The series is a classic example of how people are now more interested in watching documentaries, especially the comedy ones like this. The trailer as well can be found alongside the episodes on the prime videos application.

The series shows how the whole company rose to that position for their peculiar fashion and advertisement scheme and how due to a series of funny mistakes or loose ends the scheme rebounded and the company was exposed as a pyramid scheme.

The creators created the show to help people understand what really went through and see it in the third person when all the details have now been discovered. The fans of the show want another season but as of now, no update has been made.

If you want to know more about it say no more, kindly read along and discover all that we have collected for you.

Lularich Season 2 Release Date

Lularich Season 2 Release Date

The season one was released just this year in September. Although people are excited to see more it seems very early to say something about the next season. As of now either of these things can happen. They will renew it or they will cancel it. But whatever they decide about the show’s future it is still very early for them to make an announcement to the public and fans as they must be still evaluating the factors responsible and also gauging the overall response They might come back with the same story or maybe something else.

It might be slightly possible to get an announcement by end of the year but if they are to launch another season we can be sure it is not happening this year as the creators need time to formulate the story check for a new cast and shoot the same. So, the air time of season two if it is made shall be close to the end of the year 2023.

Name of the ShowLularich
Season NumberSeason 2
Lularich Season 1 Release Date10 September 2021
Lularich Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Lularich sLularich Season 2 Cast

Lularich Season 2 Release Date

Some of the regular cast or the people who are the mains in the show shall definitely appear again. Some of them are Roberta Blevins, Lauren Covey Carson, Asheleigh Lautaha, Paul Ivanovsky, Tiffany Ivanovsky, Aine Cain, Jill Drehmer, and Jill Filipovic. But as the story is still unfolding, we do not really know what is in store for us. We can for sure understand that there shall be many new characters who shall be introduced and might play a major role.

What was the LulaRich case about? Is Lularich Real?

Lula Rich is a clothing company.  The main area of work is in America and it was launched in the year 2012. Its founders are the couple Mark Stidham and Deanne Brady. The company hires independent or self-dependent sellers who sell the products of the company usually through social media. The company helps the small-scale seller eliminate middlemen or store systems and directly procure and sell stuff. It made a profit of about a billion dollars in 2016 and was almost about to be the largest multi-level industry. By 2017, just 5 years after the company was launched it had close to 80000 sellers.

The company was doing good until it was caught up in lawsuits by various sellers regarding the business model and consumers regarding the different styles and qualities of the material they were providing.

The final straw was the class action lawsuit from October of 2017 and the one filed by the Washington state attorney general accusing the company of a pyramid scheme.

Lularich Season 2 Trailer

We do not have any information available regarding the second season of the show. So, clearly, there is no trailer for the second season, but do not worry guys, we will update this section whenever we get the official information. Till then if you have not watched the first season, go and must watch it. You will get to know many things regarding business and money. Maybe you also got some unique ideas.

Where To Watch Lularich Season 2?

We don’t know where the second season would stream, but if you want to watch the first season, you can catch it up on Amazon Prime.

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