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Lupin Part 3 Release Date Netflix: When Is Omar Sy Coming Back?

Are you a Lupin fan? Have you been waiting for the new part of the series? Well, if your answer is yes to these questions then you are at the right place because we are covering exactly this today. We know all the fans who are reading this right now are all excited and cannot keep calm to know all the information and you can keep up the spirit because the article is filled with whatever you want to know.

The French series, Lupin which was released on January 2021 took all the viewers by surprise because of the story, performance, and all the aspects you can talk about. The series is based on Arsene Lupin which was created by Maurice Leblanc. The series has been written by George Kay, Francois Uzan, Eliane Montane, and Sumerah Srivastav. The series has been created by George Kay and Francois Leblanc and directed by Louis Leterrier, Marcela Said, Ludovic Bernard, and Hugo Gelin. It is a mysterious, thriller and criminal series and when it was released, the series received a lot of positive reviews and acclaim.

In fact, in just its first month the series was streamed by almost 70 million households which has been recorded as the most-watched series of non-English origin on the platform. It is also the first ever series from France that has ranked in the top ten list of Netflix in the US and other countries. It even bagged some prestigious awards and nominations including Black Reel Award for Television, Television Critics Association Awards, African-American Film Critics Association Award(won), Edinburgh TV Awards (won), Gotham Awards, Location Managers Guild International Awards(won), Rose d’Or Awards(won), Satellite Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards and many more. The series was not just praised for the 1st part but the praises and the accolades continued to the second part as well and at the end of part 2, all the viewers were left with loads of questions as the second part has an incomplete ending.

Speaking of the cliffhanger that was shown in the second season, one thing that has been going in the minds of the fans and the viewers is when is the series coming for the next season or part and how will the story move forward now, what will Assane do now and what is his plan now? Well guess what one of the things has been answered already by the team that the series has been renewed but now the question is when and with what is it coming back. To answer all these, we have got this article for you which includes all the important points that you would like to know.

Lupin Part 3 Release Date Netflix

Lupin Part 3 Release Date Netflix

Lupin, one of the most popular and demanding series to date had left all the fans and the viewers with a cliffhanger and the urge for a new part as soon as possible. And guess what the new part has been announced. We know you are excited to know what the date is going to be but we have to give you the news that the date has yet not been announced for the release. But something is better than nothing right? So, do not lose hope or get sad because we are going to keep you up-to-date about the show and the release date as soon as the officials announce it. Since the updates are being announced pretty quickly, we can expect the makers and the distributors to share the information on the release date soon. So, stay connected with us to get all the latest updates and to get all information about the show.

Name of the ShowLupin
Part NumberPart 3
GenreMystery, Thriller
Lupin Part 1 Release Date 8 January 2021
Lupin Part 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Lupin Part 3 Overveiew

Lupin Part 3 Story

Lupin Part 3 Release Date

The story of the thrilling and mysterious series Lupin by George Kay and Francois Uzan is based on the man named Assane Diop and his adventures which he got inspiration from a gentleman thief named Lupin. He is a thief, actually a professional thief. He is the one and only son of an immigrant and they have come from Senegal to France with the motive of making their life better especially for making the son’s life better. But things do not turn out to be the way they wished for. Assane’s father gets framed for a high-class theft which included the stealing of a very expensive necklace made of diamond. The necklace belonged to powerful and rich Hubert Pellegrini who also happens to be his employer.

Being framed for the theft, Assane’s father was sent to prison which he could not take because he was quite ashamed of it, and as a result, hanged himself to death. This incident left his alone son an orphan with no one in France but himself. After twenty-five years of his father’s death, Diop gets highly inspired by a book that his father gifted him on his birthday. The book was of none other than Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief. He gets inspired and decides to get revenge for his father’s death from the family of Pellegrini. He uses his intelligence and all his skills which include his knowledge of disguise, clean and quick stealing, and his amazing charisma so that he can expose the culprit. In terms of part 3, nothing as such can be made out yet as nothing specific has been shared yet.

But after watching the series one thing can be understood this part is more than thievery because this time he is trying to disappear but with a bang because he never does anything simply. He will again disguise himself but everything to disappear. In order to find out what is he exactly planning to do and how will he do everything, make sure to catch up on part 3 of the series without fail and the teasers and trailers because they are going to give you an adrenaline rush.

Lupin Part 3 Cast

Lupin Part 3 Release Date
Lupin Part 3

The cast of the most popular and critically acclaimed French series Lupin includes amazing and power-packed members which you all have already witnessed if you have seen the series. The cast is not just power-packed but filled with amazing acting skills which they have delivered on screen making the series super-hit everywhere. The cast includes Omar Sy playing the role of Assane Diop, Mamadou Haidara playing the role of young Assane Diop, Ludivine Saginer playing Claire, Ludmilla Makowski playing young Claire, Clotilde Hesme playing the role of Juliette Pellegrini, Lea Bonneau playing the role of young Juliette, and, Nicole Garcia playing the role of Anne Pellegrini.

It also includes Herve Pierre playing the role of Hubert Pellegrini, Antoine Gouy playing the role of Benjamin Ferel, Adrian Valli de Villebonne playing the role of young Benjamin, Fargass Assande playing Babakar Diop, Souifiane Guerrab playing the role of Youssef Guedira, Vincent Londez playing the role of Captain Romain Laugier, Shirine Boutella playing Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem, Vincent Garanger playing Gabriel Dumont, John Dionnet playing young Gabriel and Etan Simon playing the role of Raoul. Apart from the list of main cast members, the list also includes supporting actors who have played a pivotal role in making the series hit. The supporting cast list includes Anne Benoit playing Fabienne Beriot, Adama Niane playing the role of Leonard Kone, Nicolas Wanczycki playing the role of Pascal Oblet, and Stefan Crepon playing the role of Philippe Courbet. In terms of part 3 of the series, till now the new cast members have not been announced officially but we will keep you updated if something is announced.

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Lupin Part 3 Trailer

Do you want to get a sneak peek of what the smart thief is up to and what is he going to do this time and with whom, then guess what you have the chance to witness that because the teaser has been released for the series. The teaser is available on the official YouTube channel of Netflix and we can say one thing once you watch the teaser, you will not be able to wait to watch the series because it is that good. It just increased your excitement for the series because this time Lupin is coming back only to get disappeared. You will know what I mean once you watch the teaser.

Where To Watch Lupin Part 3 Online?

Lupin Part 3 Release Date Netflix

We know all the fans out there already know where they can catch the thief and his tricks but still let me tell you once again. Part 3 of the Lupin will be released on Netflix and will be available to watch there. If you are new to the show or would want to watch the series once again to recapitulate everything then you will get that too on Netflix exclusively.  in total consists of 10 episodes currently or I should rather say 10 thrilling episodes with a running time of 40 to 52 minutes. So catch up on the other two parts now before the new part is released and get prepared with the platform to catch up on the new part.  

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