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Madam Secretary Season 7 Release Date: Will We Be Able To See Henry McCord Again?

Madam Secretary is an American political drama series that was directed by Barbara Hall. It was broadcast on CBS, which is from September 2014 to December 2019. This series aired 120 episodes.

Madam Secretary Season 7 Release Date

We all know that the series was finished on December 8th, 2019. They broadcast the final season as the 6th season. They concluded the plot in the 6th season, so we can’t expect the next season. If there is a chance of taking this into the 7th, there must be a new story with a new plot. Unfortunately, director Barbara Hall was not able to script the 7th season. If there is a chance to make this season seven, it will be a new story with a new plot and new characters.

Name of the ShowMadam Secretary
Season NumberSeason 7
GenrePolitical Drama
Madam Secretary Season 1 Release Date21 September 2014
Madam Secretary Season 7 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Madam Secretary Season 7 Overview

Madam Secretary Season 7 Story

 The Season 7 story is not announced yet because this show’s producers have concluded the 6th season and have no idea how to start a new season. There must be a new plot. So, the 7th season will never be released. If there is a chance of a season 7, then this season will be a brand-new season and some of the characters will be introduced. The storyline must be new and the plot must be different from the last season. Finally, we can conclude that the 7th season maybe released but an exact date is not confirmed.

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Madam Secretary Season 7 Cast

Madam Secretary Season 7 Release Date

The character announcement has not been released yet because they never renewed the show for a new season, but if there is a chance of getting a new season, there must be a new character in season 7 and also the main character. This season’s cast will remain the same, except for a few characters who will be replaced or killed.

Téa Leoni as Elizabeth “Bess” Adams McCord, who is the President of the United States and former Secretary of State. Bess spent twenty years as a CIA analyst before becoming a professor of political science at the University of Virginia.

Tim Daly played Henry McCord, Bess’s husband of 25 years and now First Gentleman of the United States. As a theology professor and a former Marine captain during Operation Desert Storm, his unique skills are sought by the National Security Agency, which engages him as an operative in combating religious extremism. At the end of the 3rd season, Henry is promoted to the head of the CIA Special Activities Division.

Bebe Neuwirth played Nadine Tolliver (seasons 1–4), Bess’s senior staff member who had a six-year affair with the deceased Secretary of State, Vincent Marsh, beginning when he was a senator.

Ivanek plays Russell Jackson, the White House Chief of Staff. His primary objective of keeping the President politically secure at home and abroad set him up for occasional confrontations with Secretary McCord’s unorthodox diplomatic maneuvering. Bess appoints him as her White House senior staffer for 98 days into her presidency.

Bess’s assistant, and the only member of her staff that she hired rather than inherited, is played by Erich Bergen. He began a job in finance on Wall Street after graduation, but he despised it.

Patina Miller played Daisy Grant, Bess’s press coordinator. In the first season, Daisy dates Matt, but following their split, she dates other guys. In the third season, she dates Kevin, who turns out to be an undercover operative for the CIA investigating the State Department. He was killed in a weapons-trafficking conspiracy, and Daisy finds herself pregnant with his child. In the 4th season, Daisy gives birth to her daughter, named Joanna Grant.

Geoffrey Arend played the role of Matt Mahoney, Bess’s speechwriter. In the first season, Matt dates Daisy.

Elizabeth and Henry’s first-born child, Wallis Currie-Wood, played their elder daughter. Stevie studied at Lovell University, Georgetown University, and Harvard Law School. Stevie worked as an intern for Russell Jackson and was engaged to Jareth Glover for a while. In the fourth season, she has a secret affair with Dmitri Petrov, which puts her in danger.

Kathrine Herzer played Alison McCord, Elizabeth Bess’s and Henry’s younger daughter.

Jason McCord was played by Evan Roe. Henry’s adolescent son and the youngest kid is a self-proclaimed anarchist who is suspicious of governmental structures in general, yet he gets expelled from his school in an earlier season for assaulting a classmate who insulted Elizabeth. He eventually meets up with Piper Boroumand.

Keith Carradine featured Conrad Dalton, the President of the United States (the major character in seasons 2–6; a cameo character in season 1). Conrad was a junior officer in the US Marine Corps during Vietnam and the Chief of the CIA’s Central Intelligence Agency. After Elizabeth’s service at the CIA, As in the third season,

Dalton is re-elected as an independent candidate after just failing to win his party’s candidate, thanks in part to an unpopular political shift supported by Elizabeth. During his agenda, he proposes Elizabeth Bess for the position of Vice President but ultimately picks Teresa Hurst to significantly boost his campaign. Elizabeth continues to serve as Secretary of State.

Sebastian Arcelus starred as Jay Whitman, Elizabeth Bess’s new senior staff and past senior foreign policy adviser (the prominent role in seasons 3-6; cameo in seasons 1-2). Jay’s intense job working for the new secretary is shown to have affected his marriage in the third season. He files for divorce from his wife, Abby, who has possession of their baby, Chloe. After Nadine Tolliver exits in season 4, Jay is upgraded to the chief of staff. While trapped at an airport with Elizabeth and her team in the fifth season, Jay meets Annelies De Run (Marissa Nietling), a universe chess player, and they have feelings for each other.

Sara Ramirez played Kat Sandoval (seasons 4–5), Elizabeth Bess’s policy advisor and former chief of staff to the UN Ambassador.

Kevin Rahm played Michael “Mike B.” Barnow (the main character in season 6; repeated seasons 1–5), a necessary political operative who is said to move between US Cabinet offices. He is a Rhodes Scholar who transformed his great legal career into a bright political career that was cut short six years before his first appearance by a sensational divorce before settling into his current role.

There are many repeating characters and cameo characters in this previous series. If there is a seventh season, there may be a chance of getting them back as a repeating cameo character in this seventh season.

Madam Secretary Season 7 Trailer

We cannot expect the season 7 trailer because, as the officials announced, there will not be the 7th season. So, we can watch the sixth season on an online platform like YouTube, etc.

Madam Secretary Recap

Madam Secretary’s first five seasons Elizabeth McCord’s life as the ambitious US Secretary of State is highlighted. As she tries to negotiate global issues, she promotes international negotiation, challenges workplace relationships, and breaks protocols when necessary. The show also concentrates on the individual lives of the characters. McCord launches her candidacy for president at the conclusion of her fifth season. The viewer discovers that Hillary has won the election as the sixth season begins, and the remainder of the television series follows her becoming America’s first female president.

Where To Watch Madam Secretary Season 7 Online?

There is no announcement for the seventh season of the show. Still, we can watch all the previous seasons on Amazon Prime. If the next season is announced, updates will be covered in the media.

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