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Will The Comedy Anime, Maesetsu Season 2 Release Date Ever Come?

Maesetsu is a comedy anime series directed by Yuu Nobata. The first season of the show was jointly animated by AXsiZ and Studio Gokumi. This was the first time both the production houses have jointly produced a showroom. The first season of the show was premiered on 12th October 2020 and it 12 episodes in total. The finale for season 1 was premiered on the 27th of December 2020. But the show wasn’t able to gain as much popularity as it should have.

Before the show was released, fans had great expectations from Maesetsu but the show wasn’t able to stand on all the Expectations. At starting the show was definitely very great but as the episodes continued the show started to lose its storyline and it became boring in the last few episodes.

Though the show has not gained enough fanbase there were some viewers for the show. Now for those people who watched the show and liked it are waiting for season 2. Some are even thinking to give a show another chance so that it could bounce back to something great. So will there ever be Maesetsu season 2? will Maesetsu season 2 will get renewed? l will you be able to see any more seasons for this comedy anime? Here are all the details we know about Maesetsu Season 2 release date.

Maesetsu Season 2 Release Date

Maesetsu Season 2 Release Date

If you are one of the people who like the show you might be wondering when you will get to hear about season 2 of the show. So, let me tell you what the viewers who watched the show think about it. The show received a mixed response from the viewers and in addition to that, the critics also didn’t find the show that interesting.

If we talk about the ratings of the show it has a score of 5.77 on myanimelist. The show doesn’t even have 10000 members in the MA group. These were some of the flaws in the show and that’s why we haven’t heard about season 2 till now.

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Will Maesetsu Season 2 Ever Come?

So if we calculate the factors that could result in the new season, then Maesetsu season 2 is highly unlikely. We are coming to this prediction, because for the following reasons

  • The first and the most important factor is the fanbase of the show. As I mentioned earlier the show got a mixed response from the viewers where most of them didn’t like it. In addition to this critics also didn’t find the show much interesting. The show hasn’t gained a great response from the otaku all around the globe and that’s why the fan base for the show is not sufficient to renew itself for a second season.
  • The second important point is the source material. So, do Maesetsu season 2 have source material? For those who don’t know, the storyline of the show is originally created and is not driven from any Manga series. This means that the show doesn’t have any source material to promote itself.
  • Usually, animes are adapted from different Manga series All around The World. And those Manga series help the Anime to promote itself. But this is not the case with Maesetsu. If we talk about the storyline the writers have to do very hard work for the second season to be liked by the audience.
  • The third factor becomes the ending of the first season. Those who already watched season 1, already know that the ending of the first season had a decisive ending. This means that if the show doesn’t get renewed for season 2 it won’t affect the audience that much. So, Maesetsu season 2 is near to impossible.

Fans should not raise their hopes very high because Maesetsu you had very little chance to return for season 2.

Maesetsu Season 2 Release Date

But if in any case, the original makers of the show decided to give the show another try, then we could predict the release date. Although, the show is highly unlikely. But if in case it gets a green flag we might see the Anime coming within two years. If Season 2 is happening then the show might fall at the beginning of 2023 or at the end of 2023.

For further updates on the show keep visiting the page. Maesetsu Season 2 release date will be updated as soon as official information is released.

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Maesetsu Season 1 Review

Maesetsu Season 2 story

If you are looking for how the show was, here is how it went. If you understand what is a ‘typical anime series, you would definitely consider Maesetsu as one. The show has explored many parts, but all the parts had “cute girls doing cute things”. usually, anime have these things but this show has had “cute girls doing cute things” a lot more than we expected.

But the main part is, the show would be focusing on standup comedy. There are very few anime made that are precisely made on stand-up comedy. Not just stand-up comedy, to be precise, it’s Okarai. This means you have to perform in front of an audience but not alone but as a duo.

So the Anime is focusing on 2 duos which means there are a total of four characters in the show that are in lead. What happens next? the show explores how many difficulties they face and how they keep getting better with time.

As I mentioned earlier the first four episodes of the show were brilliant but as the show continued the storyline became quite boring. As it is a comedy show, jokes are the most important part. In the beginning, the jokes were very great but then they were not funny and it went quite Bland. The Anime is definitely inspiring. The character’s story in the show will definitely inspire you. Though the show wasn’t a masterpiece it could have been better if the storyline in the ending episodes were written in a different way.

What’s The Show About?

Maesetsu Season 2 Release Date

The show is all about stand-up comedy and to be precise, it’s about Okarai, which is a famous actor in Japan. It means standing in front of the live audience and performing your act, but not single, as a duo. So the story revolves around four girls who perform stand-up comedy as a duo. They are struggling to achieve their dream in full bloom after youth.

The show is very inspiring for the people who want to achieve their goals. It’s shown brilliantly how you can follow your dreams and become like the girls in the show. That’s what the show is all about, struggling with their career, trying to focus on their career and how they achieve what they want to. Though the show wasn’t a great hit, many viewers loved it.

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