Magical girl site season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Talking about another anime series, magical girl site season 2 has a unique sensation among its teen fan following with an amazing story of a girl who has suddenly come across a website that provided her with magical powers which were really misused by her but made her realize that she is not a normal girl and led her to a totally different arena.

This Anime is really a satisfying feast for those who are always in want of some dark fantasies as the whole story revolves around the girl who is severely depressed and abused by her schoolmates and brother too, provoking her suicidal tendencies and the turning point of the story was the website which led her to become the cause of some murders making her feel as she has done something really wrong. But the ending of the story was better than expected while watching the whole series, and ended with some confusion and questions making its viewers expect a season 2 from it.

Overall, the 12 episode run was really worthy of watching making its viewers excited about the really dark and horrifying scenes coming in the way. I would personally suggest that these series should be watched only by the viewers above the age group of seven years old as some scenes may be really provoking their old childhood fears which may not prove to be good for the healthy state of mind of kids. And I will definitely recommend the series to those teens wanting something dark, having plenty of horror scenes and a comparatively decent ending. Here we will discuss the series Magical Girl Site Season 2.

Magical girl site Season 2 Release Date

This Anime series was announced on September 8, 2017, and was premiered on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS on April 7, 2018. From mid of the year 2019, it was being expected that the announcement regarding season 2 will be made at the end of the year or in the first quarter of 2020, but still, in 2021, no information about this is available out there yet. But as the trend is observed by the viewers of anime, the anime production house will launch its second series till they have reached the target set by them of sellings, viewership, and the demand of its second season. This unpredictability of the Anime World of releasing other parts of the Animes, sometimes soon, or sometimes never, makes it really hard to depict but it is expected that they may clear all the doubts about it till the end of the year or maybe at starting of 2022.

Magical girl site season 2 Story

The story projected in Anime is about a high school girl named Aya Asagiri, who is abused by her brother Kaname very often at home, taking his anger out at their father on her. She is bullied by a student named Sarina, Ai, and Erika at school also very badly. Like every other night, she was lying on her bed wishing she was dead, a pop up of a website called “ Mahou Shoujo Site” appeared on her screen claiming to offer her magical powers but is dismissed by her as she thought, it was just a sort of a prank. The next day, she found a gun in a shoe locker. After being skeptical about it, she decided to carry the gun with her. She came across her bullies again and that was the point when she decided to use the gun. This made all of her assailants transported on railroad nearby and being run over by a train.

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She was really unable to digest the fact that she had murdered her classmates by misusing the magic. She pretended thereby, to stay calm by knowing what exactly happened. As time passed, she met tsuyuno yatsumura, who had a special magical power to freeze time. Both realized that their destiny had brought them together to fight other magical girls, and they have to disclose the truth behind the strange website and they have to save the world from an upcoming apocalyptic event known as “The Tempest.”

Magical girl site Season 2 Cast Details

Aya Asagiri

She is a young girl who is really depressed about her life and having suicidal tendencies as she is brutally bullied at school and also abused by her own brother at home. Her brother beats her just to distress himself. She is fed up with her life and wants to end but everything around her was going to be changed forever from the day she discovered the website “ Mahou Shoujo Site “ which appeared one day on her laptop. After that, she again faced the bullies but this time, something really unusual happened to her which was one of the darkest moments of the anime series.

Tsuyuno yatsumura

Tsuyuno yatsumura also have magical powers just like Aya and has also faced very hard times in his past which have somehow created a feeling of being isolated from the world in them . Tsuyuno has the special magical power to freeze time and have full control over her magical powers. She walks with a cold expression on her face and has blond hair. But after companionship with Aya, she has started to be more open and less cold towards other people.

Rina shioi

Rina had also struggled in her school days which really compelled her to the verge of hanging herself. But the same website that popped up on her desktop provided her with the ability to mimic the appearance of others. She is showed in the series as a famous killer in Japan. She gradually acquired magical sticks and has been able to use those to kill her enemies or someone who she thought her enemy.

Sarina shizukume

Sarina is one of the bullies of Aya who wanted to take revenge for her friend’s death. She plays a victim card that she just wanted to kill Aya as an act of self-defense, but it’s her guilt deep inside which drives her to become truly vengeful and hypocritical. But as the series continues, she becomes really impressed and deeply touched by Aya’s kindness so much so, that gradually she develops a soft corner for her and later in the story, dragged herself in danger to save her life.

Magical girl site season 2 Trailer Details

The announcement of season 2 has not been done yet, and the status of the trailer to date. Just wishing that hopes of the viewers and die heart fans of this Anime series may come true soon and they may be able to witness the amazing trailer of season 2 just as in the previous season.

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