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Maid Season 2 Release Date And Other Updates!

“A mother is the bravest warrior in the world”, being a maid wasn’t a choice for Alex but the only skinny branch left for her by fate to hold on to with her daughter Maddy. Every girl dream of university, job, family and hopes to make them true with time, Alex was an aspiring writer but she got pregnant while she was still completing her honors, so she had to move out with her boyfriend Sean. The turn out of events after a few years leads her to leave him, and run with her two-year-old daughter, eight ball she wouldn’t be able to afford to give Maddy a bright future so she starts working as a maid. The Maid season 2 is awaited by the fans and is voracious for a hunt.

Maid Season 2 Release Date

After the release of its first season this October, the upcoming sequels are to be expected by the end of this year. As of now, Netflix hasn’t officially declared the date of release of the same but taking into account the mass appraisal for such a touching and naive plotline, the fans are asked to raise their expectations for an update from them at the earliest.

Maid Season 2 Story prediction


As the story ends with Alex and Maddy boarding the ferryboat to Montana, a new beginning awaits them. A set of adventures could become the lead in the upcoming season, and maybe Alex would accomplish her dream to be a writer after she completes University and maybe one day would write her own story reflecting upon her struggles of motherhood and the challenges she battled against amidst her job as a maid.

Since the age of adolescence stirs upshifts in teenagers’ behaviors, an adolescent version of Maddy could start developing stiffness towards her mother, adding an edge of emotion. A return of Sean as a better father and family man could not be brushed off the ridge either along with a return of Paula into their life.

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Maid Season 2 Cast

The protagonist of the series is played by Margaret Qualley as Alex, the naive and loving mother who by fate turns out to be a maid after running away from her abusive boyfriend for her 2-year old daughter.


Nick Robinson plays Sean Boyd, a dipsomaniac boyfriend of Alex and Maddy’s father who gets violent after getting wasted. In an interview, he had also shared that one of his greatest fears about this project was that he would have to step out of his comfort zone and play the role of a character who is kind of a villain. He also appreciates the fact that it was such a well-written character and since the producer (Molly Smith Metzler) had spilled it all out on the page, it made his task a lot easier to define than it could ever be possible. Anika Noni Rose plays the role of Regina, a wealthy customer of Alex who gradually develops a liking for her cleaning and is currently on the verge of divorce with her husband James. Tracy Vilar plays Yolanda, a woman of great experience in real life, runs a well-managed organization Value maids, and also provides Alex the job of a maid.

Andie MacDowell is Paula, who is an aged woman suffering from extreme mood swings due to undiagnosed bipolar, and also Alex’s mother and Maddy’s granny.
The mother-daughter duo in this series seems to have caught the drift from the volatile plotline with a pure magical talent of acting. In an interview with Andie MacDowell, she opened up about her experience of struggle acting cold and rough with Alex (her real-life daughter Margaret). And when her daughter had been the first one to suggest this role, she was intimidated for a second to think if her daughter had actually built an image similar to this character in the story inside her head. But I knew that wasn’t true. BJ Harrison plays the role of Denise, a bold woman of great character as she runs a domestic violence sanctuary and shelters, Alex and Maddy after they fled from Sean. Rylea Nevaeh Whittet plays the role of Maddy, a happy little 2-year old without a clue of the hardships her mother had to face to afford a meal of the day. It also happens to be her debut role. Raymond Ablack plays the role of Nate, a former colleague of Alex, and also develops a love interest in her.

Maid season 2 Trailer

As there is no official news regarding season 2, so, it is difficult to assume the date of the trailer for season 2. But you can watch the whole series on Netflix. Also, we have dropped the trailer for season 1 so that you can decide whether you should watch the series or not.

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