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Malika Andrews Boyfriend: Who’s That Lucky Boy?

There is no doubt that people love to give attention to sports and any particular athlete of a particular sport but surprisingly people are also drawn toward the public figures that follow sports or any other stuff like that. We know that we all have different choices and we follow different people so just like that there are actually many people that follow Sports journalists or reporters.

The above-mentioned thing must have stuck in your mind, right? You must be thinking why I am uttering all these words, well, lowkey you also know what exactly I am concluding. Malika Andrews is now the center of attention because of her Profession. This sports journalist and reporter has been getting hyped up because of her profession and her fan following is slowly making a long list. There are many people who love and support this American journalist for her skills and there are also many fans that started stanning Malika because of their interest in Sports. As Malika is at the peak of her career, many fans want to learn all the little things to big things about her, so we have mentioned all the factual information about Malika and her life, so do not get tired of reading the article. 

Malika Andrews Boyfriend

Malika Andrews Boyfriend

There are so many things about Malika that have caught the attention of the public but there is one particular thing that has grabbed the attention of most fans. “Who is the boyfriend of Malika Andrews?” This question is not just a question for the fans of Malika now it is a big headline for them. The answer is kind of difficult to share because there is no official statement about the relationship status of Malika Andrews but according to the sources, she was living with her boyfriend when the pandemic started for now we do not have any particular information. But there were also rumors that Malika and Dave McMenamin who is also a very popular reporter. These rumors started to get the attention of the fans of both reporters but still, fans were kind of disappointed because there was no confirmation regarding this topic. For now, we are still stuck with these rumors and fans also hope to see these rumors be true one day. 

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Is Malika Andrews Single?

We can say that she is single but we can not say anything confidently. Maybe she is single or maybe not but according to the sources, it seems like Malika is still single. Many fans out there are speculating that she is in a relationship but as we know Malika is very secretive about her personal life. She usually does not comment on anything about her dating life. 

Malika Andrews Early Life

Malika was born on January 27, 1995, in Oakland, California, United States. She is also known as Malika Rose Andrews. Malika went to the Head Royce School and later she joined a birding school. Andrews graduated from school in the year 2017. She attended the University Of Portland. Before joining the university she even started working at the law firm of her Maternal Grandfather. Andrew has only one sibling and her younger sibling is also popular like her. Kendra Andrews is also a reporter and she works for ESPN.

Malika Andrews’s Personal Life

If you are here to learn factual information about the personal life of Malika Andrews then you will kind of end up getting disappointed because there is no actual information about her personal life as she is very private. But you must have already read the whole information about her dating life above. But if you are also curious about her dating history you can read the whole content below. 

Malika Andrews Dating History 

There is no official statement regarding the dating history of Malika Andrews. We have only heard of some rumors that have not yet been confirmed by her. So many fans assumed that she was dating Dave and many fans still believe that she is in a relationship with Dave but nothing has been confirmed till now. We also do not have a tab on her dating life because she does not mention that much about her personal life. 

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