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Man In A Veil Season 2 Release Date Brings Bad News For Fans!

Revengeful series is always something that gets a lot of attention among the viewers because of the drama, the trials, troubles, and fights and among various such series, the Korean drama series Man In A Veil has been one of the famous series. It was released in September 2020 and ran till February 2021 with amazing viewership and ratings leading to a huge fanbase both for the series and the actors.

The series was directed by Shin Chang Seon and written by Lee Jung Dae and received amazing reviews from all the viewers and critics for the performance, storyline, and other elements. In fact, Kang Eun Tak and Lee Chae Young won Excellence Award in Daily Drama in the KBS Drama Awards in 2020. Being such a famous series, it is easy to assume that it must have been in demand for a second season, and let me tell you it is true. But what about it, when will it come and where and who will be there? In order to tell you about season 2 of the series, we have got this article so delve deep to know everything.

Man In A Veil Season 2 Release Date

Man In A Veil Season 2
Man In A Veil

Man In A Veil which has been one of the most famous series from KBS productions among several series has been in the discussions among the fans who are very eager to know about the future of the series that is its new season. And, we feel bad to announce that till now nothing has been released or announced in terms of the renewal of the series or about the new season since the end of the first season. The makers have yet not revealed anything about the series which brings us to the conclusion that for now there is no season two of Man In A Veil.

Name of the ShowMan In A Veil
Season NumberSeason 2
Man In A Veil Season 1 Release Date7 September 2020
Man In A Veil Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Man In A Veil Season 2 Overview

Man In A Veil Season 2 Story

The story of the melodrama series Man In A Veil by KBS Drama Productions is based on the story of a man who after meeting an accident is left with the intelligence of a 7-year-old and two women who have quite lovely and happy-going personalities. She has a dream to become an announcer but she cannot fulfill that because of her family’s poverty. To take her family out of the poor condition she starts earning so that she can feed and help her family in any way possible.

But that is not all that she has to tackle, the list gets another guilt that she also has to deal with because of the wrongdoings that her twin sister commits. In terms of season 2, we do not have any information about the story or assumptions because nothing has been released by the team of the series yet on the confirmation of release which makes it hard to predict anything about the story as well. But we will keep you updated about the series and the story if we get to know about anything.

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Man In A Veil Season 2 Cast

Man In A Veil Season 2 Release Date
Man In A Veil

The cast of the award-winning series Man In A Veil included some of your favorite and renowned actors of the industry who have made the series so successful and popular with their skills and performance along with other aspects. The cast includes in the major roles Kang Eun Tak, Uhm Hyun Kyung, Lee Chae Young, and Lee Shi Kang. In the list of supporting roles, there are Yang MMi Kyung, Lee Il Hwa, Chae Bin and Lee Myung Ho are from the Lee Tae Poong family in the series; Choi Jae Sung, Kim Eun Soo, Jang Tae Hun, Ian Cho, Seo Woo Jin and Bae Do Hwan who are from the family of Han Yoo Jung and Han Yoo Ra.

In the family of Cha Seo Joon, there is Hong Il Kwon, Kim Hee Jung, Kim Yoon Kyung, and Lee Jeong Yong. Apart from them, there is Kim Jong Don, Choi Ji Young, Na Woo Ho, Song Seung Ha, Kim Ga Ran, Baek Jae Jin, Lee Chae Hyun, Yoo Yong, Kim Kyung Min, Choi Min Geum, Hong Seung Bum, Yoon Duk Yong, Na Suk Min, and Lee Seong Jae. The series became even special because of some special appearances that took place in several episodes. These appearances were made by Eru, Lee Jin Woo, Hong Seok Cheon, Yun Da Yeong, Park Hyeon Jeong, Kim Hyun Jeong, KIN Hyun Sook, Lee Joo Eun, Kim Do Kyeong, Ryu Ji Kwang, and Lee Sang Joon.

Man In A Veil Season 2 Trailer

As you have already come to know that there is no information about the release of the second season of the popular series yet, this also means that there is no trailer currently available for the series. But if you all want to watch the trailer of season 1 to know about the series if you are new to it then you can watch the trailer on the official YouTube channel of KBS World TV, Viki, and Kocowa.

Where To Watch Man In A Veil Season 2 Online?

We do not where season two will be released currently as the release date or any other update has not been provided for the series yet. But to watch the first season of the series you tune into KBS World TV, Viki, Apple Tv, and Roku. The series consists of 105 episodes each of them running for around 40 minutes.  

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