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Marriage of Convenience chapter 106 release date

The Marriage of Convenience chapter 106 release date of the renowned romantic and historical manhwa “Marriage of Convenience” are not available here. To stay informed about the latest chapter, please check official sources, publisher websites, or fan communities.

In the previous chapter, Marceau and Catherina’s flashback depicted Marceau initially convincing her to marry. Catherina expressed gratitude for his invitation to stargaze, emphasizing that the experience of witnessing the comet was special and attributed it to him. If you’re a fan of the “Marriage of Convenience” manga and eagerly await Marriage of Convenience chapter 106 release date, find comprehensive coverage here.

Marriage of Convenience chapter 106 release date

Marceau asserted that he requested an opportunity to acquaint Catherina with himself, although the truth revealed he had little to showcase, being no different from an orphan. He acknowledged that without the assistance of others, he wouldn’t have mustered the courage to propose, but vowed to give his best. Marceau also maintained his confidence in effectively serving the Davoville family.

Exciting news for fans: the release date for Chapter 106 of the romantic and historical manhwa “Marriage of Convenience” is January 30, 2024. You can access the chapter at the following times:

  • Pacific Time: 11:30 AM PT
  • Mountain Time: 9:30 AM
  • Central Time: 11:30 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 11:30 AM ET
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 4:30 PM
  • British Summer Time: 4:30 PM
  • Central Daylight Time: 09:30 AM

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Marriage of Convenience chapter 105 Recap

In Chapter 105 of “Marriage of Convenience,” Marceau finds himself compelled to act on a critical choice mandated by the Third Aunt, the very aunt who facilitated his communication with Catherine. This pivotal moment brings the two protagonists face to face, with Marceau’s initially politically influenced intentions becoming apparent.

Despite Marceau’s less-than-pure motives at the start, spending time with Catherine begins to alter his intentions. The female lead of the side story remains steadfastly loyal, causing Marceau to feel guilty about involving her in his political maneuverings.

Upon learning the complete truth, Davoville’s family expresses dissatisfaction with Marceau’s actions. Under the pretext of a private tea meeting, the Third Aunt urges Marceau to come clean and part ways with Catherine permanently. This prompts him to approach Catherine and request a divorce.

The archbishop aspired to wield control from behind the scenes and desired significant influence in politics. However, the unfolding circumstances suggested that maintaining control in the long run would be challenging, with numerous factors working against him. The Archbishop aimed for his preferred prince to ascend to the throne, but the Pope’s interference created obstacles, making this outcome less likely.

Marriage of Convenience chapter 106 Spoiler

Marceau responded, expressing his request for a chance to reveal more about himself to Catherina. The stark truth emerged that he, akin to an orphan, lacked much to showcase. He acknowledged that becoming her fiancé wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of others, yet he pledged to exert his utmost effort. Marceau asserted his confidence in effectively serving the Davoville family.

In the aftermath, Catherina, invoking the comet’s wish, desired to witness it together again after 76 years. However, Marceau, returning the ring to her in the present, departed the house. Reflecting in his modest room, Marceau remembered his initial determination to face this moment courageously. Yet, witnessing Zach’s lack of qualifications for the title of count left him feeling weakened.

Marriage of Convenience Overview

Marriage of Convenience Chapter 105, Marceau’s heart-wrenching choice leaves Catherine trembling and unable to contain her tears. The revelation of the male lead’s secret, part of his ploy against Davoville to protect Catherine’s dignity, forces him to take action as her husband, shattering Catherine and leaving her with no one to turn to.

The Third Aunt, instrumental in conveying Marceau’s intentions to Catherine, becomes a key player. Despite Marceau’s impure motives involving politics, the family of Davoville expresses dissatisfaction upon learning the entire truth. In response, the Third Aunt orchestrates a private meeting with Marceau under the guise of having tea, aiming for him to confess, part ways with Catherine, and never see her again. This leads to Marceau’s decision to request a divorce from Catherine.

Where to Watch

Readers can access Marriage of Convenience Chapter 106 on Tapas and Kakao Webtoon. The raw scan of the chapter is set to release by January 29, 2024. In the next installment, Marceau will experience sadness upon contemplating Catherina’s remarriage. Simultaneously, Catherina will muster the courage to go and meet Marceau.

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