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Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Release Date: When To Expect?

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a popular Japanese manga series that has grabbed a lot of attention from readers. With the epic and interesting storyline that the manga follows, it became a best-seller series and is getting a lot of positive reviews from its fan base.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is also all set to have an Anime Adaption series by A-1 Pictures and is coming out in 2023. Now as chapter 125 of the manga series was released. While readers are predicting how will the story go in chapter 126, We will discuss the release date, spoilers, predictions, and everything we know about Chapter 126

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Release Date

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Release Date
Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126

With the release of the recent chapter of Mashle: Magic and Muscles: ORTER MADL AND THE OPPONENT UNSEEN, which was released on the 25th of September, fans are highly looking up to the release of next the chapter of the series.

While the author hasn’t revealed the official release date of Chapter 126, judging by the release date of two previous chapters of the manga which were released on the 19th of September (Chapter 124) and 25th of September (Chapter 125) which had a gap of a week, we can expect the next chapter to release on 2nd of October.

Name of the MangaMashle: Magic and Muscles
Chapter NumberChapter 126
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Release Date2 October 2022
Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Overview

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Story

In a world where magic is used for everything, Mashle: Magic and Muscles follows the story of a Young Man who can’t use Magic and lives deep in the forest with his adoptive father

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To live a peaceful life, he needs to get the title of Shinkakusha(Divine Visionary), a title, which is given only to exceptional students from Easton Magic Academy, Though the Young Man doesn’t have any magical powers, he goes to magic school with the resolution to survive and show the world that he can beat magic with his muscles.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Characters

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Release Date
Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Who can’t notice the gorgeous-looking characters of the manga, though the storyline of our main character is what readers love to read about, there are some other characters that managed to grab the attention of the viewers too after their appearance?

While the character changes in every chapter we read, these characters are the ones we are going to see in chapter 126.

Mash Burnedead, the main character of the manga and the first-year student of Easton high school who defined the normal gene-pool of the manga’s world and birthed without magical powers unlike any other person Orter Madl, a Divine Visionary and a member of the Bureau Of Magic’s subdivision, known as the Magical Power Administration Famin, the second of innocent Zero’s son and a major antagonist in the Eclipse arc due to his actions

Let us know about your favorite characters!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Story

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 begins after Orter Mald learns about The Circus of Death and Clown Face in a duel with Famin. The match continues after Mald uses Whirl sand to drown Famin, who has decided to make The Circus of Death more interesting and avoid making the Clown Face angry. Orter Mald vs. Famin hasn’t played out yet, though Famin has taken big hits. But he pulled out the trick to puncture Mald. Orter Mald is about to witness the biggest surprise of his life as the battle continues. Famin hadn’t accepted defeat yet, and Mald had yet to unlock the hidden sand power.

The chapter continues after Famin liberates Transparamercy Thirds: Declination and acquires a new form of combat. Mald noticed something about Famin’s new technique, and Famin lunged toward his target. Mald and Famin cancel each other’s attacks, but Mash is almost injured, and his jacket is ripped off after Famin’s blow hits him in the chest. Mald announces that Famin is nowhere to be found. But Famin appears on Mald’s head with two slender swords and prepares to behead Mald. Mald dodged the attacks, and Famin disappeared. He realizes that he can only hear or feel Famin when attacking.

Mald hears Famin’s voice warning of the dangers of Transparamercy Thirds: Declination and Mald has nowhere else to run, but he will soon RIP. Famin adds that he will free Mald by killing him, and he can make it quick and painless by accepting defeat and dying. Mald defends without fighting back and notices that he is bleeding, but he is not afraid because bleeding is part of the battle.

Mald hears something telling him he can’t dodge what he can see or predict, and that’s the end of “Four Eyes.” Mald looked down and moved his eyeglasses up and down, knowing that once he did, he would become serious about the battle.

 Where to Read Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 126 Online?

You can Read the upcoming Mashle: Magic and Muscles manga series Chapter 126 or any previous chapter on Viz Manga and MangaPlus Viz also has started its printing publications so you can even buy it on Amazon or local stores near you.

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