Melancholia Episode 11 Release Date And Spoilers!

Created by Kim Jae- Hyun, Melancholia is an ongoing South Korean television series that tells the story of corruption in private high schools in Gangnam. The show is directed by Kim Sang-hyeob and written by Kim Ji-Woon. The producers of the show are Moon Seok-hwan, Oh Kwang-hee, Yoo Beom-sang, and Ham Geun-ho. Sun Woo is appearing in a series after so long. She was last seen in the 2014 series called Family Secret. During the filming of the show, it was reported that 4 staff members are COVID-19 positive and the production has to be suspended. They were asked to follow the safety guidelines. Due to this airing of the first episode was postponed for a week. The filming began when the situation became normal.

The show received a lot of popularity within the premiere of a few episodes that the show already has been renewed for the second season. The popularity of the show is reflected in its ratings too. The show has quite good ratings on various platforms.

Melancholia Episode 11 Release Date

Melancholia Episode 11 Release Date
Melancholia Episode 11 Release Date

Most of the fans are curious to know about the release date of the next episode of their favorite television series. Well, we have all the information about the new episode that you need to know. So, we suggest you keep reading the article until the end. The show was originally released on the 10th of November 2021. The new episode of the show is all ready to be aired on 15th December 2021. There are just 14 days left for the 11th episode of Melancholia to come out. The last episode of the show has made the fans curious to know what happens next.

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Melancholia Episode 11 Cast

As the show involves two main characters, it has two main characters. These characters have been played by familiar faces. Im Soo- Jung was seen as Ji Yoon- soo who is a very passionate math teacher and Cha Jung-Hyun was seen as young Ji Yoon-soo. Lee Do-Hyun portrayed the role of Baek Seung-yoo who is an introverted child and soon became a topper of the class. He has a dark past which no one knows about. Choi Seung-hun was seen as young Baek Seung-yoo. The other characters of the show include Jeon Jin-ki, Jin Kyung, Woo Da-vi, Oh Hye- won, Choi Woo-sung, Kim Mi-Hye, Lee Sang-jin, Son Jin-hwan, Kim Ji- young, and Lee Da-Yeon.

Melancholia Episode 11 Story

Melancholia Episode 11 Release Date
Melancholia Episode 11 Release Date

The show tells the story of Ji Yoon- soo who is a mathematics teacher at a highly rated private school called Ahseong High School which is also a center for corruption. She is a person with good nature but can be stubborn once she makes up her mind for something. She is very passionate about Math and often encourages students to find their own answers. She notices a student called Baek Seung- yoo who is at the bottom of the class. However, Ji Yoon notices his potential in math, and with her attention and help his grades began to rise. Soon, he was the topper of the class. He is a very reserved student who does not like to talk much but likes to click pictures with his camera. He has no friends in the school but he has a shocking past. He won many mathematical Olympiads in his childhood. He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. He suddenly disappeared at the age of 12.

Yoon-so had no idea that her attention and interactions with Seung- yoo would create rumors of her sexual contact with a child. This resulted in her being fired from her job. After a few years, Yoon-so and her student meet again. This time, her student, too, as an adult. They decided to unite to expose the corruption in the school and to regain Yoon-so’s reputation as a teacher.

Melancholia Episode 11 Trailer

We looked on YouTube but to our disappointment, we were not able to find the official trailer of the show. However, if you wish to stream the show, it is available to stream on iQIYI and Viu in selected countries.

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