Monsterland Season 2 Release Date Updates

Official Trailer to Season 1

Should I shriek loudly? Ahhh!! Probably I shouldn’t. How many of you love the horror genre and spooky things excite you? It certainly excites me although sometimes I do get goosebumps. But what about you? 

Today our topic of discussion is per views on this genre only. So let’s start!

The American drama is based on short stories written by Nathan Ballingrud. The Horror drama anthology was created by Mary Laws. Produced by Kat Landsberg, the drama came out in October 2020.  With a total of 8 episodes and runtime being 42 to 53 mins, it was originally networked by Hulu

The drama is widely watched among its horror fans and enjoyed by its viewers. The series ranked a score of 5.6 from IMDb and 82% from Rotten Tomatoes. The season was enjoyed and loved by almost all the viewers, many are wondering whether the series will return for a new season. 

Then, keep reading to find out.

Monsterland Season 2 Release Date

The first thing that I want to point out is that the drama aired in 2020, it’s been almost a year. And after the show premiered on Hulu and Disney, no news of renewal reached our ears. The renewal is most likely uncertain. With no news of release from their side even we can’t draw a conclusion for the time being.

Another most important thing that we have to keep in time is the pandemic situation. A certain haunch is maybe the Covid 19 situation might be a reason for the delay. But a green signal from the producers to work on it might as well be there. 

But better not draw conclusions immediately. Since they have not yet called off the show and it has only been a year or two since the last season aired. Let’s wait till the end of 2022 or by the mid of 2023. If things turn better and the team shows any interest to move on, we might get the season very soon. 

Monsterland Season 2 Expected Story

Monsterland Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 showed a city that was way before the pandemic broke in North America. So, while writing the next script for the new season, they would have to keep in mind the new normal life. 

There is no story or script that we heard is written by the scriptwriters following the renewal. So, they will have to prepare a new script if they wish to move forward with the story. 

But what we are expecting and assuming is, the new season might focus on the both past and present situation of the characters. They might also explore the various psychological factors of the characters’ involvement as well.

Let’s wait and see how the characters’ life affects them and what the future holds for them. We might also get something quite outside the box if the creators think of making the story more interesting.

While you wait for the announcement of season 2 give this one a rewatch if you loved it. 

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Monsterland Season 1 Story

Monsterland Season 2 Release Date

Featuring otherworldly and fantastic creatures watch the encounter of humans and these beasts. As their world meets will it crash or the feeling of loss, regret, broken life, desperation; draw a thin line between them? 

Hell is about to set loose. Not like really but, when their world crashes these encounters will take a new turn.

Stream this horror drama now and don’t miss this interesting story. 

Monsterland Season 1 Cast

The show features; Kaitlyn Dever as Toni, Charlie Tahan as Nick, Adria Arjona as Mermaid, Jonathan Tucker as Alex. There are many more characters which I will leave to you curiously as you meet them while you watch the show. 

Where To Watch Monsterland Season 2?

The series is available on Hulu and Sony Liv. Stream it now. 

Monsterland Season 2 Trailer

Only Season1’s trailer is available which I have already attached. If you’re interested to watch more teasers or trailers for the following season. You will find them on YouTube and other links and pages

Well, that’s all folks. Enjoy this series while we get back to you ASAP, as we get to hear about the announcement. Enjoy the shows while we are at different updates for you. 

Happy Watch! 

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