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Most Hated Marvel Actors: From Doctor Strange To Shuri!

“Marvel” who does not know about this particular name? We all are aware of this name and how popular it is, Marvel has always served us the best films ever, we all know the popularity of the films that are created by Marvel, some of the popular films of Marvel are Avengers: Secret Wars, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, Captain America: New World Order, Blade, The Marvels, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Thor: Love And Thunder, and many more are there.

Marvel has also provided us comics and there is also the official merchandise of Marvel characters what is more interesting is that fans don’t even have a second thought before buying the official Merchandise which shows their craziness for the characters, fans have always showered their love for the characters of Marvel, whether it is a comic character or movie character, fans never fail to show their support to there since the day Marvel started producing the films and comics but there is something that has been bothering the fans of Marvel, there is one particular thing which is making them dig out more information about The Marvel film series and all the characters of Marvel, do you know what it is?

Well, it is not new for us to know that Marvel is trending a lot lately, it is always the center of attention, isn’t it? But what is the exact reason why it is trending a lot recently? Do you know why? Well, I feel like you know but even if you do not know let me tell you, fans are curious to know about the most hated marvel characters or more like the actors that have done playing the role of some particular characters.

We all know how much love and support fans shower to the characters of Marvel but we always look at the one side we never pay attention to the other side, now fans want to see what is happening on the other side, if I put it in simple words, fans want to know the most hated Marvel actors.

Well, it is not like we do not have any knowledge about it but most of the time we care for the characters that we love, some of the most popular characters of Marvel are Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Natasha Romanova, Dead Pool, Groot and many more there. Fans don’t only love these characters but they also love the actors and actresses that have played the role of these characters, they love Tom Holland so much because he played the role of Spider-Man, Robert Downey Jr, played the role of Iron Man, Chris Evans, played the role of Captain America and many more are there.

It is kind of impossible for an individual to hate a character in Marvel but it is quite surprising that there are actually many characters that fans hate in Marvel and they don’t only hate hated the characters, they also hate the actors and actresses that have played the role of their respective characters. Most of us know the most loved characters of Marvel but many are curious to know about the most hated Marvel actors and actresses.

Here is the list of most hated Marvel actors, the names are not according to the ranks or anything like that, these are the names that are considered to be the most hated marvel actors according to the sources.

10. Doctor Strange

Most Hated Marvel Actors
Doctor Strange

You must be quite surprised to find the name of Doctor Strange here, right? Well, I found it surprising too because I thought that most of the viewers love his character but the thing is actually not like that. Doctor Strange is indeed a popular character of Marvel but according to the sources he is also one of the most hated marvel characters which is why viewers also hated the actor who played the role, Benedict Cumberbatch, well many fans are saying that there is no point in hating the actor but eventually the viewers started hating him too.

Fans love Doctor Strange but in some parts of the Marvel movies, they feel like Doctor Strange’s power is wasted, whereas he is very powerful and capable of being a part of the fight and defeating the villain but his character did not shine that much in many parts of the Marvel movies. Some fans are still arguing that Doctor Strange does not deserve the hate but we can not do anything about this as everyone has their own opinions obviously it is wrong if they keep trolling him and his character.

Even Doctor Strange has his own movie but fans think that it didn’t do that well like the other movies of Marvel, they found his solo movie not that interesting and catchy like the other solo movies of the other characters of Marvel. Many fans feel like Doctor Strange shines in the Avengers movies more than in his solo one but there are also some fans that liked the solo movie of Doctor Strange.

If you are curious to know the name of his solo movie then let me tell you the name of the solo movie of Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness and the other one is Doctor Strange but overall we can say that both movies are quite good and enjoyable, if you want to watch it you can find it on any streaming sites. And we should also appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch for portraying the role of Doctor Strange really well. What do you think about this character? Is he your favorite character? Or do you also feel the same?

9. Thor


I know you must be quite shocked to read the name of Thor here just like the way you found it quite surprising to see the name of Doctor Strange above, as I have said that this list is not based on the rankings.

Thor is one of the most popular characters of Marvel and this is an undeniable fact, we all know how popular Thor is but most of us are unaware of the fact that Thor is also considered one of the most hated characters although he doesn’t receive that much hate from the audience that does not mean he has been always receiving love from the viewers but why does he be here on this list? This question must be going on your mind, right?

Recently we got a solo movie by Thor and I am sure you know the name of his solo movies if you do not know then let me tell you the name of the movie, Thor: Love and Thunder got released not long ago, but fans expected a lot from this movie, many fans are disappointed too, we can not say that this movie is not that good but most of the fans are not satisfied with this movie, Thor: Love and Thunder have received a mixed reaction from the fans and also this is not the only solo movie of Thor.

There are more movies of Thor and fans have different tastes, some like his previous movies more than the new ones, and some likes him in Avengers more than his solo movies. As fans have been seeing Thor for a very long time they have witnessed different sides of him so most of the fans prefer him in Avengers than in his own solo movie, there are many more reasons that are similar to the reasons that I have mentioned above but for now, fans have been showing a mixed reaction, as I have said, Thor is a very popular Avengers character but he does not receive love from the viewers all the time. What do you think about the role of Thor? Overall we can say Thor is a very good character of Marvel and without Thor, the Marvel series will be quite boring. Do you feel the same too?

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8. John Walker

john walker
John Walker

We all know about the Marvel character “John Walker”, well we all know the characters of Marvel so it is impossible for the fans of Marvel not to recognize the name of John Walker, this character has received love but mostly it has received hate. We have witnessed the presence of John Walker in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and this film got released in the year 2021, most of the fans did not like the portrayal of the character as well as having the Mantle of Captain America, we all are aware of the popularity of Captain America and we also know that he is one of the most loved characters of Marvel but when the mantle of Captain America was given to John Walker in the movie Falcon and The Winter Soldier many fans were disappointed with this and they kind of did not expect to be very disappointed with the movie and the character.

Fans also find that character very violent arrogant and full of himself, these are not the only reasons why John Walker received a lot of hate from the audience. But we can also say that the character was good too but mostly it received a lot of hate which is why John Walker is considered one of the most hated characters of Marvel.

Wyatt Russell portrayed the role of John Walker and got a lot of fame too but overall he received hate for playing the role of John Walker, if we try to understand from his side then it is quite clear that it is not his fault, all he did was playing the role of John Walker. The character of John Walker also received support from the fans but if we compare it to the hate he has received then the love and support are quite less.

What is your opinion about the character of John Walker? Are you impressed by the acting skills of Wyatt Russell? Share your thoughts on this character with us and let us know what you think about John Walker as well as Wyatt Russell.

7. Moon Knight

Most Hated Marvel Actors
Moon Knight

The popular Guatemalan as well as American Actor, Oscar Isaac Hernandez Estrada portrayed the role of Moon Knight in the 2022 Marvel series, Moon Knight that got aired on 30 March 2022, and the final episode of Moon Knight was released on 4 May 2022, fans enjoyed the series overall but they expected more of Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight.

We can not say that Moon Knight is one of the most hated characters but it is not the most loved character too, fans are more disappointed because they were waiting to see Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight but they did not get to see them like the way they expected, Moon Knight in the series is way more different than that of the comic one. Fans also noticed that Moon Knight did not appear in its costume that much.

Many fans also did not like the fact that Oscar was going to play the character of Moon Knight. The series is indeed very successful, obviously, it is created by Marvel Studios so there is no way that this series would not be successful but there are some viewers that feel like the series did not deserve the hype that much, it could have been a better one.

For now, Moon Knight is not the most hated character of Marvel but it is also not the most loved one too as I have mentioned above. What do you think about this character? Oscar Issac also received love and more support from the fans for working hard for this role, they have shown mixed reactions and they are still showing mixed reactions till now.

Did you enjoy seeing Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight? Or you wanted someone else to play this role? If you have not seen Moon Knight then you can watch it on Disney Plus Hotstar, all the episodes are available there. Watch the series and let us know what you feel about Moon Knight and whether you liked the story or not.

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6. Sersi


The main actress in the 2021 movie Eternals is a part of the Marvel movies, the fans were very excited to see Sersi, or in simple words, fans were very much excited to see Gemma Chan as Sersi in the movie Eternals but they didn’t get what they wanted? Well, if we try to be more specific then we will understand what exactly the fans wanted and why they started hating Sersi.

This particular character in the comic is way too powerful and a very well-written character that fans have ever witnessed so they were eagerly waiting for Sersi in the movie but they did not get what they wanted, the Sersi in the movie is way too different than the Sersi in the comic which leads to the fans to hate the character Sersi as well as the actress who portrayed the role of Sersi, Gemma Chan.

Fans have many reasons to hate this character but the main one is mentioned above, Sersi in the movie was also good but not on the same level as the comic character which is why fans really started disliking Sersi and Gemma for playing that role. Fans have also noticed that Sersi with the other MCU characters is very unnoticeable like the other characters are so well portrayed in live action that Sersi doesn’t stand out that much besides them.

Fans wanted to see Sersi like the comic one, they expected that Sersi will be better and more powerful than the Sersi in the comic version but nothing like that happened. What is your opinion about this character? Do you think Gemma Chan portrayed the character very well or she could have done better?

5. Captain Marvel

Most Hated Marvel Actors
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the most well-known characters in Marvel movies but it is kind of sad to see her name here. Fans do have reasons to hate her but sometimes those reasons are truly not considered as reasons because the sources it has mentioned that fans hate Brie Larson and that is why they also dislike the character, Captain Marvel.

If we try to be more specific then it is actually not a good reason to hate someone and also the character but many fans feel like she did not portray the character really well, they feel like her character was kind of Bland in Captain Marvel, the way fans expected to see Captain Marvel they did not get to meet their expectations but overall the movie did really well and most of the viewers enjoyed the storyline, there is one more interesting thing about Marvel movies is that the movies are very interesting, we will never feel bored of watching the film series that is created by the Marvel Studios. Did you like the character of Captain Marvel? If you want to watch Captain Marvel then you can watch it on Disney Plus Hotstar without having any ad issues.

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4. Hawkeye

Most Hated Marvel Actors

It is kind of hard to hate this character, as we have witnessed the popularity of Hawkeye and how well the character got recognition, many viewers are finding it quite weird to see this name on the most hated Marvel actors list.

As I have already mentioned, these names are not based on any ranking or voting, these are the names that we got from the sources so do not feel that bad for the characters and also do not get pissed at the reasons. We all have different opinions and choices, most Marvel fans love the character of Hawkeye a lot and some of them also hate certain characters and Hawkeye is one of them, this character not only received love from the audience but has also witnessed hate from the viewers.

The reason why Hawkeye gets hate is kind of similar to the case of Sersi and Captain Marvel, fans find the Hawkeye in MCU not that similar to the Hawkeye in the comics, they think that Hawkeye in the comics is way more powerful and brave than the Live-action one. But despite getting hate from the viewers, the character still managed to win the hearts of many fans.

Clint Barton played the role of Hawkeye and it would be a lie to state that he did not do well, Clint definitely pulled the character very well it is just the viewers that are not satisfied with the character.

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3. Star-Lord

Most Hated Marvel Actors
Star Lord

Star-Lord should not be a part of this list because most Marvel lovers did not expect to see this name here but now that the name is already mentioned over here then you should know the reason why Star-Lord is here, he is indeed one of the most popular characters but he got hate too, some fans found his character way too confusing and complicated and Thanos got his hands on the Infinity Stones because of his hasty actions, which is why fans started disliking the character and cursing it out.

Overall, Chris Pratt played this role very well but because of him fans also started trolling the character as well as Chris on social networking sites.

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2. The Wasp

Most Hated Marvel Actors
The Wasp

The Wasp is the most hated character of Marvel, there are tons of viewers that hate this character too much, as The Wasp is the part of the movie The Ant-Man and The Wasp, many people did not find the movie that interesting and they also did not like Evangeline Lilly playing the character, The Wasp.

1. Shuri


Shuri is one of the most beloved characters of Marvel and as she is from one of the most popular Marvel movies, Black Panther, many fans loved her character so much but later their love for the character started to fade away as the actress Letitia Wright got involved. The controversial fans started showing hatred toward the character as well as the actress.

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