The Most Useful Features of Amazon Prime Video That You Should Know

Amazon Prime Video started as a simple streaming service but today it is a major industry player along with Netflix. After purchasing MGM, the service is home to a much wider range of on-demand content, some of which even dates back several decades. The service comes with many original TV shows and movies that are available for no extra charge. For a smooth and interruption-free experience on Amazon Prime Video, all you need is a reliable internet network such as Charter Cable. And of course, a subscription to Amazon Prime to access your favorite content from anywhere in your home. The service has an impressive content library that you can share with friends or other family members too.

There are many features of Amazon that you may not even be aware of. Creating separate profiles on a single account, using the shuffle feature, setting parental controls, and customizing captions are only a few of these. If you want to have a more rewarding viewing experience on Amazon Prime Video, check out these useful features below.

Watch Stuff for Free

Amazon Prime Video contains free as well as paid content. However, you may find it annoying to go through a lot of content suggestions to find what you’re looking for. You can filter them out by tapping on the “Free to Me” toggle. This is present on the top right corner of the screen. Movies and TV series that are a part of Prime Video will have a small “Prime Video” banner on them.

Use the Shuffle Feature

If you’re binge-watching a show you previously watched, you may want to get creative with it. Amazon provides the “shuffle” feature on some of its TV series. With this feature, Amazon can play an episode from one of your favorite shows at random. Most of the new shows do not have this option yet, so you will need to check if your desired show has this option or not. Note that this feature is not available on iOS yet. However, it takes away the trouble of contending with too many choices.

Download for Offline Viewing

Amazon Video took the initiative in 2015 to allow customers to view videos while they’re offline. This is a great feature if you are going on a long trip and have limited or no internet access.  The download button is usually located next to the videos. You can also select the video download quality of your choice from the ones available in the drop-down menu. Access these videos in the “Downloads” section on both iOS and Android in the Prime Video app. Once you start watching the video, it will remain available for the next 30 days.

Create Separate Profiles

Amazon allows users to create up to five distinct user profiles on a single account. The benefit of this feature is pretty obvious. Each unique user can create their very own personalized watchlists. As a result, your viewing preferences will remain private and tailored to your own preferences. Otherwise, your recommendations may include content that other users watch, but you have no interest in. This can often impair the quality of your experience in terms of discovering new shows and movies relevant to your taste. You can make a new profile by clicking on the “Account Profile” and tapping on “Add a New Profile”.

Share Your Prime Video Access with Others

Amazon allows adult users to share a membership with another adult. However, it may be a good idea to only share your credentials with a person with whom you have some rapport. They will share payment data and therefore, have as much right as you to the account. You can add people such as family, roommates, or partners by navigating to the “Amazon Household” and clicking on “Add Adult”.

Set Parental Controls

Certain TV shows and movies are not intended for children. They may explore adult themes such as violence, politics, and romance. This is why the rating system exists. But kids may still have access to content that is not appropriate to their age unless you take additional measures. Set up an Amazon five-digit PIN to prevent any unsupervised access to the whole On-demand library  Without the right code, kids will not be able to use the service. You can also use this to restrict unauthorized users from making any purchases using your Prime credentials.

Customize Captions

You can customize the way closed captions appear during shows and movies. Access the “Subtitles Settings” by clicking on the captions chat bubble on the top right corner of the screen. An on-screen menu will appear. On this menu, you can find options to adjust the size and color of the font. You can even change the font type to something easier on the eye.

Turn Off Auto Play

The Next Up feature will show you a small box at the bottom of the screen when an episode is about to end. However, this can get annoying, and can also eat into your data plans. Luckily, you can turn off “Auto Play” so that it doesn’t begin playing itself. To do this, just go to “Video Settings” and click on “Player”. Now, simply toggle the “Auto Play” feature off.

Add Subscriptions

Did you know that you can add a subscription to other streaming services to your Amazon account? Yes, you can, and its very convenient! With all your subscriptions and channels in one place, you can add networks like HBO, Showtime, and Starz to your account. Just access the “Channels” tab on Prime Video to find the service you want to add.

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