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Movies and Shows like Friday night lights You Must Watch!

You just pack up watching Friday Night Lights. You are not able to get over how awesome the Movie was. You don’t need to despair if you have finished watching Friday Night Lights. Do you want to watch such type of great masterpieces again? Here is the list of similar movies and shows like Friday Night Lights that you must watch and add to your watchlist.

Friday Nights Lights is a sporty drama movie based on the same title book and has earned the affection of lots of fans due to its unique style of presentation. It is about a high school football team based in Texas. This series was based on Dillon town based on the outskirts of Texas.

Friday Night Lights similar drama covers everything related to small-town intrigue Like Riverdale. This show was basically based upon Archie comics and focuses on a small town with some secret hidden in the background.

If you are wondering that there are no such masterpieces like Friday Night Lights then you are wrong we have compiled the best fancies that fans will love to watch after Friday Night Lights. If we will talk about Take Heather then this movie was also based on a small-town high school drama mixed with suicide, murder, terrorism, etc but will surely be preferred by Friday Night Light fans for sure.

List of Movies and Shows Like Friday Night Lights

1.One Tree Hill

IMDb Rating :7.7 Duration:60 Minutes

movies and Shows like Friday Night Lights

One Tree Hill is a sport romantic drama. It was released in 2003. Its target audience is mainly teenagers. This teen drama explains the story of two half brothers who have just the last name in common and nothing else was common between them. Lucas was a talented street-side footballer whose football skills were only appreciated by his river court friends. Whereas Nathan worked at the start of his high school as hero worship of that town.Lucas and Nathan their father was Dan Scott, the former college ballplayer. A long time ago Dan Abingdon Lucas and his mother Karen and go with his new wife Deb and his son Nathan. As of now, Dan was able to manage his both sons staying away from reality. But this last was visible when Tree Bill’s Basketball team coach selected Lucas and was disappointed by Nathan and his dad Dan.After thus both the siblings see actually become enemies, even more, when they had started trying on the same girl Peyton Sawyer. Both last and future were totally dependent on these two siblings’ relation. Tree Hill roam around the plot of two brothers, their friends, and their family.

2.Make It Or Break It

IMdB Rating : 7.5/10 Duration :45 Minutes

movies and Shows like Friday Night Lights

This drama is basically based on a group of 4 teens who are preparing and focusing on the Olympics as gymnastics. It was released in 2009. In the whole series, the group of 4 teens work hard to achieve and make it to the Olympics. The passion and sporty look showcased in this drama by the female athletes is something very different. The drama focuses on how to follow your dreams through there are so many hurdles you will face but how to overcome them.

3 .The Final Season

IMDb Rating : 6.7/10 Duration :119 minutes

The Final Season is the real story of Kent Stock.Kent Stock in his early 90,s quite his job,and ditched from his marriage and dedicate his whole life as a baseball team head coach of Norway High School Baseball team.He want to prove in his players eyes actually that he is perfect to take the position of his former coach and wanted to convince them for this that he deserves and is prepared now.At the end in 1991 summers ,Norway Baseball team ended up winning the match . The Final Season was released in 2007.

4.Hometown Legend

IMDb Rating-5.6/10
Duration:120 Minutes

tv series like Friday Night Lights

The story is of Alabama based High school where football was vani shed when a tragedy yoon place 12 years ago in a football state championship Hometown Legend is basically based on a teenager boy who joined a football tem in his school.After his decision of joining football team he start seeing his life can fully be changed if he will be more focused in the sport under such a strict and dedicated teacher.Combination of a fierce teacher and a dedicated student was depicted in the movie.Hometown Legend was released in 2002.

5.When the Game Stands Tall

IMDb Rating;6.7/10
Duration-115 minutes

Under the production of David Zelon When the Game Stands Tall released on 4th August 2014.High school football coach Bob Ladoucer along with his De la Salle Spartans achieved 151 consecutive victories and also state championship straight 12 times.All the senior team members git offers from all over the best colleges and also the juniors started making their way out forward in their life.
This is all poibbke because of their coach Lad and his dedication whi turned this breaking team into the position of achieving such number of victories continuously .

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IMDb Rating-5.9/10
Duration-102 minutes

animated movies like Friday Night Lights

Directed by Dough Dearth Available on Netflix in which a young man Amadeo set his goal of a unique adventure with his favorite football team players. This fil. Is actually based on try events that often happened in Canton Ohio. Logan Huffman was the promising quarterback struggling for his High school football team. Vincey D Antonia as D B Sweeny was a former college football player who resigned and joined as a coach in the high school football team seemed to demand good players the team needed urgently. Underdogs took place in Ohio the birthplace of football.


IMDb Rating:7.5/10
Duration:1h 55min

This movie was titled Hoosiers because Indiana University athletic team nickname us Hoosiers. Directed by David Anspaugh and written by Angela Pizzo. Normal Dale’s role was played by Gene Hackman as a coach of the high school basketball team. The team prepared for the basketball championship in the movie. He was hired as a coach by the principal of the high school who was his old friend too also gave him the role of civil and history teacher. The people of that gown are very passionate about basketball and were not satisfied with the Dale recruitment. He explained to them that he used to play in his old days and will coach the team with full dedication. The team has 7 players and Dale was not much satisfied by their performances. He decided to invest all his time in preparing the team members for the state championship and helps them polish their game much efficiently.

8.The Bronx is Burning

IMDb Rating:7.9/10

Based on Jonathan Mahler’s book titled Ladies and Gentlemen The Bronx is burning directed by Jeremiah Checkik casting Oliver Platt, John Turturro, Daniel Sunjata. A mini tv-series consisted of 8 episodes. This movie is based on a baseball match between turmoil and the hysteria of 1977 New York City. Released on July 2007

9.Crooked Arrows

IMDb Rating:6/10
Duration:105 minutes

movies and Shows like Friday Night Lights

Jo Logan lead of the movie wanted to expand on the given piece of land of his ancestors. But before that, he needs to prove himself in front of his father by fulfilling his father’s condition of meet his challenge is training the lacrosse team of Hugh school who were competing against the Prep School trained players Now somehow accepted but he was nervous from inside as he had lost his confidence years ago when he was a star player in lacrosse team. Now he was quite confused about how to convey with the players and trained them hr opted for the traditional sport’s future heritage. To secure the pride of his team he joined.

10.The Slaughter Rule

IMDb Rating:6/10
Duration:1h 56 min

Released in 2002 under the direction of. Andrew J. Smith and. Alex Smith and starring Ryan Gosling and David Morse. The niche portrayed the story of the Hugh school football team and their strict coach Morse. Roy Chutney a teen whose self-esteem was crunched down when he was rejected from the high school football team. His football skills were noticed by Gideon who coaches an unsanctioned high school team and approached Roy to join his team. Roy wonders why he has approached only him to join the team.

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11.Glory Road

IMDb Rating:7.2/10
Duration:1h 58min

Shows like Friday Night Lights

Under the direction of James Gartner Glory Road is an American sporty drama released in 2006. Based on the try incidents that took place after NCAA University Division Basketball Championship 1966. Texas western coach role was played by Don Haskins. Don Haskins played a vital role in the movie. He decided to choose the team players on the basis of their skills rather than race. The townspeople targeted him on his decision instead of seeing the victory results of the team achieving. The twist came when the black player Bobby Joe and the captain of the team Harry Flournoy dominated the basketball court and showcased their polished skills over the game and change the whole match results in few minutes. Though the situation was quite stressful for the viewers too who are in support of racism.

12. MC Farland USA

IMDb Rating:7.9/10
Duration:2h 9 minutes

Starring Kevin Costner, Mc Garland is a sports dramatic series based on the real story of American Mexican cross teams.Kevin worked as a coach who was training farmer kids of the rural area for the state’s first cross country championship. He was preparing them with his full dedication. Most of the boys are hardworking belonging to intergenerational families. Many boys face different issues in the family though the coach helped them to cope up between family drama and their sports. This is what displayed in the theme.

13. Believe in Me

IMDb Rating:7.1
Duration:2h 11m

Under the direction of Robert Collector starring Samantha Mathis, Brice Dern, and Jeffrey Donovan. Believe in me is based on a novel written by Harold Keith titled Brief Garland. Keith describes the story of his nephew in this novel. Jeffrey Donovan as Clay Driscoll who was hired as a school coach for the higher classes girls basketball team targeted state championships and make all the team members prepared for this. But the twist came when Bruce Dern became an obstacle between them and their dream.

14. We are Marshall

IMDb Rating:7.1/10
Duration:2h 11 m

The football team of Marshall University along with the coach died in a plane crash in November 1970. It was crashed near the outskirts of their hometown, Huntington. For the team, football is more than sport, it’s actually part of their life. Jack Lengyel one of the team members was left because he didn’t join the team due to some illness and found hope and cheerio everyone and started a football program in the university again to heal all the losses of the community and the families who have lost their loved ones in the plane crash

15. Playmakers

IMDb Rating:8.5/10
Duration:11 episodes

movies like Friday Night Lights

Playmakers are the movies based on football players who are not authorized as a football player but was very excellently poLished in the football skills. They faced pressure in how to deal with football professionals. This TV series consisted of 11 episodes in total available on Netflix. This sports drama was created by John Eisendrath starring Marcello Thedford, Omar Gooding, Russell Hornsby, Dennison, Anthony John, Christopher Weihl. Till now Playmakers was the highest-rated show on ESPN network other than Sunday night NFL and Saturday College Football Games

18. Remember The Titans

IMDb Rating:7.8
Duration:2 hours

Under the direction of Boaz Yakin and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer This movie was basically based on racial difference. Herman was appointed as the high school coach for the school team. He was a native African American. This movie basically deposits the real story of Herman Boone whose role was beautifully carried by Dene Washington. Portraying the racial discrimination, the black face usually was depicted in the film.

19. Hurricane Season

IMDb Rating:6.6/10
Duration:102 minutes

Hurricane Season was based on a true story of State Championship 2005-06 of John Shrey High School. Basically titled Hurricane because of the hurricane Katrina hit the town so hard still Al Collins the coach of the Hugh school basketball team gathers courage and restart building the team by finding all the displaced team members. The Patriots were combined by all the members of 5 different schools but still, he trained them and develops courage in them to fight and participate as a team in the state championship and bring glories for the town and for their families.

20. One on One

IMDb Rating:6.5/10

tv Shows like Friday Night Lights

Under the direction of Lamont Johnson in which a basketball star name Henry Steele won a scholarship. He got a scholarship for studying at Los Angeles University. He belongs to a small town. He worked so hard to impress his coach, teammates, and professors with his skills. This 1977 sports drama’s main leads were Robby Benson and Anettle O Toole. Henry was multiple times bullied by his classmates but didn’t distract from his goal and always worked on his weakness under the guidance of his coach. He was assigned under the hands of beautiful Jenet because of not coping up in studies due to his low performance in reading skills. The movie goes on with his tremendous basketball performance and cooing up with studies toi with the help of his senior Jenet Hays.

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