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10 Movies Like The Hangover: Chronological Order

Hangover is an American comedy film which was released in 2009. This comedy film received a lot of appreciations from the audience as well as from the critics. Through this article, I will be mentioning a few films which are just like “Hangover”. If you have been a fan of this film then I would refer you to watch these films as well.

Tag (2018)

Movies Like The Hangover

This is an American comedy-drama film that was released in 2018. This film has been directed by Jeff Tomic. Mark Steilen and Rob McKittrick are the writers of this comedy film.

 Hogan “Hoagie” Malloy, Bob Callahan, Randy “Chilli” Cilliano, Kevin Sable, and Jerry Pierce are playing tag since 1983 during May, with Jerry being the sole member of the group who has not been tagged. Hoagie recruits Bob, Chilli, and Kevin for one last try to tag Jerry, telling them that Jerry plans to retire after this year’s game due to his upcoming marriage. Rebecca Crosby, a Wall Street Journal reporter doing a chunk on Bob, joins them and decides to write down writing on the buddies. They’re also in the midst of Hoagie’s wife Anna. Once in their hometown, they locate Jerry and make an effort to tag him, but are quickly overwhelmed by Jerry’s skill. Jerry introduces his fiancee Susan. While the others express disappointment over not being invited to the marriage despite their close relationship (Jerry knew he would almost certainly be tagged or a minimum of targeted during the ceremonies), they conform to not play the sport at any wedding-related events in exchange for invitations to the marriage. Despite this, the group makes several attempts to tag Jerry but comes up short, with one in every one of the attempts leaving Hoagie, Chilli, and Kevin in painful traps, set by Jerry. During the rehearsal dinner, Susan reveals to the fellows that she is pregnant. Defeated, the group attempt to build a replacement plan. After checking out Jerry attends nongovernmental organization meetings, the group conceive to strike his next meeting, which is on his day. They create their move and almost tag Jerry, but once he finds himself trapped within the church, Jerry retreats to the communion wine storage. He stays there for hours because the guys besiege the space, until Susan comes by, with the marriage just some hours away. Susan berates Jerry for risking their wedding for a childish game but suddenly appears to own a miscarriage. Jerry comes dead set help. Chilli is convinced that it’s a ruse, but the case seems authentic, and Jerry himself also tells them he’s not kidding and therefore the two leave.

Due Date (2010)

Movies Like The Hangover
Due Date

This is an American black comedy film that was released in 2010. The director of this film is Todd Philips. Actors such as Robert Downey Jr, Jamie Fox, Michelle Monaghan, Juliette Lewis, and Zach Galifianakis were part of this film. 

Peter High man a successful architect, is because of flies home from Atlanta to l. a. to be together with his wife Sarah who is on the point of giving birth. On the thanks to the airport, he incorporates a chance encounter with Ethan Tremblay along with his dog Sonny, who goes to l. a. to be an actor and is getting to scatter his recently deceased father’s ashes at the Grand Canyon. When Ethan misuses the words “terrorist” and “bomb” while reprehension Peter, they’re both escorted off the plane. Peter, now on the No Fly List and missing his wallet, agrees to drive with Ethan to la. Ethan stops to shop for marijuana, and Peter discovers that they’re nearly out of cash. Since Peter has no I.D., he gets his wife to wire money to Ethan but discovers Ethan had the cash wired to his nom de guerre rather than his legal name. When the Western Union employee (Danny McBride) refuses to just accept Ethan’s “Stage name I.D.” it results in a violent altercation. After an evening at a layby, Peter decides to dispel and abandon Ethan, but realizes that he has forgotten to unload the ashes of Ethan’s father when he left. This causes him to wrestle together with his conscience, before deciding to return and covering for his absence by saying he had gone shopping for breakfast. Peter calls his friend, Darryl for assistance and decides to give Ethan, but Darryl persuades Peter otherwise. They gain Darryl’s house for rest. During their conversation, Ethan discovers hints that Sarah may are unfaithful, triggering Peter to question Sarah’s timely pregnancy. Darryl throws both of them out after mistakenly drinking a number of Ethan’s father’s ashes, which were stored in an exceedingly coffee tin.

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Vacation (2015)

Movies Like The Hangover

Vacation is also an American comedy film. This film was released on July 25, 2015. Jonathan Goldstein is the director as well as the writer of this film.

Rusty Griswold is now an adult working as a pilot for a coffee budget regional airline called Econo-Air, living in Suburban Chicago and shares a stale relationship. The gloating from his friends Jack and Nancy Peterson a pair of family trip they’d in Paris doesn’t help his situation. These memories prompt him to abandon his family’s annual trip to their cabin in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (which the remainder of the family secretly hated), and instead drive race from Chicago to Walley World, like he did along with his parents and sister.  Along the way, the Griswold’s take many detours. The primary stop is in Memphis, where it’s revealed that the otherwise mild-mannered Debbie was an extremely promiscuous Tri Pi sorority sister in college nicknamed ‘Debbie Do Anything’.  While staying at a motel, James meets Adena, a lady his age that he saw while driving on the highway, but she is scared away by Rusty’s failed attempts to be a “wingman”. In Arkansas, they’re led to a supposedly hidden fountain by a “helpful” local, eventually realizing that it’s a raw sewage dump. They return to their SUV, only to work out that it has been broken into and sprayed with graffiti, yet as finding their luggage and cash stolen.

This Is The End

This Is The End
This Is The End

This film was released on June 3rd, 2013. This is an American comedy film. “This is the end” has been directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Actors such as Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson were the part of this film.

 Jay Baruchel arrives in l. a. to go to their first love and fellow Canadian actor Seth Rogen, who invites him to a housewarming party hosted by James Franco. There, Jay is uncomfortable at the crowded party, so Seth accompanies him to a store for cigarettes.  An earthquake strikes, and also the crowd rushes outside, witnessing a sinkhole opening up in James’ yard. They take inventory of their supplies, founded a ration system, cover the house, and await help. The next morning, Danny McBride, who crashed the party and fell asleep, wakes up first and wastes much of the group’s food and water thanks to his ignorance of the crisis. He disbelieves what the others tell him of the previous night’s events until an unseen creature decapitates a person outside. Tensions rise thanks to various conflicts, including Jay and Seth’s growing estrangement and also the others’ scepticism of Jay’s belief that the disaster can be the Apocalypse predicted within the Book of Revelation. However, she believes the group is about to rape her and leaves with the group’s remaining water thanks to a misunderstanding. Craig goes for water stored in James’ cellar, but he encounters an unknown being, causing him to believe Jay’s theory. Jay and Seth dig through the ground and find water, but Danny wastes most of it out of spite, and therefore the others kick him out of the house. Before leaving, Danny reveals that Jay was in town two months prior but stayed at a hotel rather than with Seth due to their strained friendship. Jonah annoys Jay, who then punches him within the face. The possessed Jonah attacks Seth and James, but Jay and Craig subdue Jonah and tie him up. During an exorcism attempt, Jay and Seth fight and upset a candle, starting a fireplace that engulfs Jonah and also the house and forces the others outside.

Hall Pass (2011)

Movies Like The Hangover
Hall Pass

This is an American comedy film which was released on February 25th, 2011. Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly are the directors of this film.

Best friends Rick and Fred are in stagnant marriages with their wives, Grace, and Maggie. The 2 discuss how they miss their single days, so Grace and Maggie give them a “hall pass”: per week during which they’ll do it with other women. Rick and Fred attempt to obtain women with their friends Gary, Flats, and Hog Head while Maggie and beauty decide they must get hall passes, too. On day one of laissez-passer week, Rick and Fred plan to eat before visiting a neighborhood bar but become too tired after eating to remain out longer. On day two, they eat hash brownies and play golf but get too high and wreak havoc on the course. On day three, Rick and Fred move to a bar with their friends but fail to impress the ladies there. They get drunk to relax but finish up going into a bar fight. They spend day four laid low with hangovers. On day five, Rick goes to his favourite restaurant, where he flirts with the attractive waitress named Leigh, angering her co-worker Brent, who wants her for himself. Rick and Leigh later meet at her gym and she or he invites him for a beer after they see. Rick falls asleep in the tub for several hours, leaving his muscles too weak to use; two naked men must help him leave. Meanwhile, Grace and Gerry catch up, and Maggie finds herself drawn to Gerry’s coach. On day six, Rick and Fred head to a bar with their single, womanizing friend Coakley, where Rick meets his children’s babysitter Paige, who has just turned 21 and is partying together with her aunt Meg. Paige is interested in Rick, but he turns her down to dance with Leigh. Later, Rick parties at Coakley’s while Fred takes a lady to his sleeping room. However, she feels sick and, after a minor incident within the bathroom, is shipped zero in a taxi by Fred before anything happens. Later that evening, Meg shows up at the space and mistaking Fred for Rick, seduces him.  Grace, on the opposite hand, has sex with Gerry but tells him she can’t see him again; he agrees, saying she is just too old for him. On her way back home, she feels guilty about cheating on Fred and encompasses a car accident.

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Neighbours (2014)

Movies Like The Hangover

Neighbours is an American comedy film whose director is Nicholas Stoller. Actors such as Ike Barinholtz, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen, and Chloe Grace Moretz are the part of this film.

We Are The Millers (2013)

Movies Like The Hangover
We Are The Millers

We Are The Millers was released on August 3rd, 2013. This is an American crime comedy film. Actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Ed Helms, Nick Offer man, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Kathryn Hahn, and Emma Roberts are part of this amazing comedy film.

  A low-level marijuana dealer living in Denver, David Clark is robbed of his money and stash, several of which he owes to his drug supplier, Brad Gurdlinger. Realizing that one man attempting to urge through customs would be suspicious, David hires a stripper neighbour stage-named Rose, a 19-year-old runaway named Casey. When the Millers reach the compound, they understand that the quantity of marijuana they’re memorizing isn’t “a smidge” as Gurdlinger had informed them, but two tons’ worth. The Millers are stopped by a law officer, who surmises that they’re carrying drugs. David pays him a bribe, and also the Millers persist their way.  Because of the additional load of marijuana on the RV, one of the radiator hoses breaks. A family called the Fitzgeralds that the Millers had encountered at the border catches up to them and tows their RV to a shop. On the thanks to the shop, David learns that Don Fitzgerald could be a DEA agent. Kenny develops a crush on Melissa. After Kenny reveals that he has never kissed a woman, Casey and Rose give him kissing lessons; Melissa sees them. It seems that Gurdlinger misled David, and he plans to steal the marijuana from cartel boss Pablo Chacon. the following day, when the Millers head to the shop to select up the RV, Chacon and his henchman, One-Eye, are watching for them and preparing to kill them. The Millers tell Chacon that they don’t seem to be a true family which they didn’t know they were stealing from him. Rose is allowed to prove that she could be a stripper by dancing, and when she gets near Chacon, she turns a steam vent onto him. The Millers then escape within the RV, with Kenny behind the wheel.

22 Jump Street

Movies Like The Hangover
22 Jump Streets

This is an American cop action comedy film. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord is the director of this comedy film. This film was released on June 4, 2014.

Top of Form Two years following their success within the 22 Jump Street program, Schmidt and Jenko are back on the streets investigating narcotics trafficking. However, after falling within the pursuit of a gaggle of drug dealers led by The Ghost, Deputy Chief Hardy puts the duo back on the undercover program to figure for Captain Dickson – now located across the road at 22 Jump Street. Their assignment is to travel undercover as college students and locate the supplier of an artificial drug. Jenko starts attending parties with the jocks who don’t take as kindly to Schmidt. Meanwhile, Schmidt gets the eye of an student, Maya, by feigning an interest in slam poetry. After hitting it off immediately, the 2 sleep together; to the chagrin of Maya’s roommate. Despite sleeping together, Maya tells Schmidt to not take it seriously, and he starts to feel not noted as Jenko bonds more and more with Zook who encourages him to affix the team. When Schmidt and Jenko are unable to spot the dealer, they visit Mr. Walters and Eric in prison for advice), and Walters points out a singular tattoo on the arm of the dealer within the photograph. Whilst hanging out with Zook and Rooster, Jenko notices that Rooster doesn’t have the tattoo but sees it on Zook’s arm. Schmidt and Jenko are invited to hitch a fraternity led by the jocks, but Schmidt refuses, furthering the strain between the 2 as Jenko passes their requirements. They later realize that Zook isn’t the dealer but rather another customer. Soon afterward, they find The Ghost and his men on campus, but The Ghost again evades them. Jenko reveals to Schmidt that he has been offered a football scholarship with Zook and is uncertain about his future as a lawman. Afterward, Schmidt reveals his true identity and moves out of the dorm, angering Maya.

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