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My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2: Will Thiu Come Back Alive!?

Drama series are the new trend of today. Known for their romantic series, their genres have now spread across and look very interesting. Initially Korean dramas were a huge obsession but now, it has expanded. The audience loves Thai series, Chinese Series and a lot more. The one in discussion today is also a gem that we have loved lately.

My Dear Gangster Oppa is a Thai drama series based on a webtoon of the same story. Written by Ken and Nod, this story is a huge hit and the audience is more interested in its plot. The story revolves around a nerd who is in love with his best friend.

The first season has rendered all of us speechless and we are all now craving for more. The first season has ended and we are all curious to know more about the second season and its arrival. This article discusses a lot about the release date of My Dear Gangster Oppa season two, the predicted story, where to watch and a lot more!

Read further to know everything that we have in store for you!

My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Release Date

My Dear Gangster Oppa is a Thai drama series based on a webtoon by the name “ The Ideal Relationship”. It is very common for best friends to fall in love with each other. This story was written by Ken and Nod and converted into the drama series of today. The story revolves around Guy, who is a nerd in love with his best friend Wal. But he knows that this going to be a dream. To cope up with the loss of his love, he goes online to play games. There, he goes on to meet a sister named Yuri, but there is a suspense he does not know.

This Yuri turns out to be a young gangster named Thiu. As expected, Guy starts falling in love with Thiu and gets to know a lot of details about his past and everything he has gone through. Though this past is dark and dangerous, Guy is more curious to learn about the kind of man that Thiu is.

The first season of My Dear Gangster Oppa aired from October 26 to December 24, 2023. Yes, it has just been a few weeks since the first one ended and this is surely too soon to be thinking about the next season. The series is available to stream on iQiyi.

After receiving a lot of positive reviews, the show won a lot of awards during the Asian Drama Awards of 2023 as well. Let us now address the elephant in the room.

The positive reviews and the love from the audience have reached the makers. Usually, dramas do not receive a second season and the stories end in just one season. just the most perfect one go on to receive a renewal and My Dear Gangster Oppa is one of them!

Yes, the show has received an official renewal from the makers and is said to be in the works. This surely does mean that the story will take at least a little time to come on screen. We can expect it to release in late 2024 just like it did last year or early 2025, at least.

The makers will surely make announcements about the release date as soon as they are ready with the product, so let us wait and watch to know more about it!


My Dear Gangster Oppa Plot And Recap

The first season of My Dear Gangster Oppa revolves around Guy being in love with Wal, his best friend. To cope up with the loss of love, he goes to play online games. To his wonder, he meets Thiu there who is a gangster with a dark past. He starts to learn a lot about his life and the story proceeds. The story is very sweet until the plot line hits. The ending of the season leaves us with a cliffhanger.

Thiu is shot by Kenji, a rival gangster who is craving justice for his brother’s death. There was a story about the death of Kenji’s brother. When he tries to abuse Yuri, Thiu kills kenji’s brother in self-defense. Yuri was actually Thiu in disguise, trying to learn the secrets of the gang.

Guy rushes to Thiu’s side as soon as he is shot. As he is following the gangster, he knows all the secrets and is also prepared to nurse Thiu. He confesses his love for Thiu and begs him not to go away to a land far away. After Guy also confesses his love for Guy, they are planning to run away. Guy is crying for help in the ending as Thiu is unconscious and they need help.

The story is a very interesting romantic crime drama that consists of eight episodes. The show has a runtime of 45 minutes per episode and is available to watch on iQiyi. As soon as the makers give us more information, we will let you know!

Until then, stay tuned for more updates!


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