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My Dearest Season 2 Release Date

My Dearest Season 2 Release Date: The historical-romance K-drama My Dearest is sure to win us over! Yu Gil Chae, a noblewoman who lived in Neunggun-ri at the Qing invasion, is the subject of the television program. She is a haughty woman who becomes humble after the conflict. During this time, she meets Lee Jang Hyun, an unknown man, and grows feelings for him. 

Lee Jang Hyun is a multifaceted individual who is concealing some dark secrets. Since he has nothing to lose, he lacks sincerity and love didn’t ever in his plans. But after meeting Yu Gil Chae, he becomes a different person.

My Dearest Season 2 Release Date

The prolongation of My Dearest Part 2 has been announced by MBC. 

With this wonderful announcement, fans will be able to enjoy one more heartbreaking episode of Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin’s journey.

On November 9, MBC declared that they have given great thought to whether or not to air My Dearest Part 2 again. In the end, they have chosen to broadcast one more episode. 

Since its October 13 launch, My Dearest Part 2 has consistently received the highest audience rates for its time slot. One of the most talked-about programs of the final half of 2023 is the K-drama. 

My Dearest Part 2’s eighth episode aired on November 10.

My Dearest Season 2 Story 

The first season ended abruptly when it was revealed that Jang-Hyun was the officer who had betrayed the crown of the prince and been exiled by the monarch. The second section will probably examine the fallout from his acts and how they will likely impact his relationship with Joseon and his allegiance to him. 

Part 2’s teaser suggests that Jang-Hyun and Gil-chae will encounter further difficulties and perils as their love is tested by the conflict and the secrets they share. She is going to have to work through the realities of his background, and he will have to decide between duty and love. A few deaths, sacrifices, and lying that will have an impact on the main characters are also hinted to in the video.

My Dearest Season 1 Recap

Part 1 of the 10-episode series concluded with the shocking news that Jang-Hyun was the officer who had betrayed the crown prince and was subsequently banished by the king. Part 2 of the series is anticipated to look deeper into the fallout from his actions and how they have impacted both the connection with his partner and his loyalty to the kingdom.

The revelation that Jang-hyun was the officer who had betrayed the ruler of Korea and that the monarch had also banished him made the conclusion a bit unexpected. Additionally, he kept his true identity a secret from Gil-chae, who, although being engaged to Yeon-jun, fell in love with him. The last shot shows Gil-chae running after Jang-hyun while yelling his name as he is seized by the Qing soldiers.

My Dearest Season 2 Characters 

The main cast of My Dearest Season 2 are- 

  1. Namkoong Min- Lee Jang Hyun 
  2. Ahn Eun Jin- Yoo Gil Chae
  3. Lee Hak Joo- Nam Yeon Jun
  4. Lee Da In- Kyung Eun Hae
  5. Kim Seo An- Young Rang
  6. Lee Chung Ah- as Bounty Hunter
  7. Kim Yoon Woo – as Ryang Eum
  8. Ji Seung Hyun – as Goo Won Moo
  9. Moon Sung Geun – as Jang Cheol
  10. So Yoo Jin – as Jo Soyong
  11. Park Jeong Yeon – as Jong Jong Yi
  12. Kwon So Hyun –  as Bang Du Ne
  13. Park Kang Sub – as Gu Jam
  14. Kim Moo Joon as Crown Prince So Hyun
  15. Choi Young Woo as Yong Gol Dae
  16. Kang Gil Woo – as Jung Myung Soo
  17. Yang Hyun Min – as Pyo Eon Gyum | Eunuch
  18. Lee Ho Chul – as Kkeut Soe
  19. Lee Tae Young – as Choi Do Ri
  20. Kim Tae Han – as Ningguchin

There are several other characters in the season 2 of this K- drama 

Where to Watch My Dearest Season 2

Every Friday and Saturday, MBC in Korea will show the original series My Dearest. Later, fans from other countries will be able to watch the show on Viki in a few other areas. It may take some time for subtitles to appear on Viki. That is often possible up to a day following the publication date.


What is the release date of Season 2 of this K-drama?

The confirmed dates of Season 2 of this K-drama is 13 October 2023. 

Where can one watch My Dearest Season 2?

The season 2 will be streamed on MBC and Viki.

Has the trailer of My Dearest Season 2 released?

Yes, the trailer of this season has been released. 

What is the cast of My Dearest Season 2?

The Characters of My Dearest Season 2 is much similar to season 2 and 1.

What is the release date for My Dearest Season 2 episode 8th ?

The 8th episode of Season 2 aired on 10 November 2023.


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