My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 2 Release Date: Renewed?

My family’s Deadly Secret is an American crime Documentary by Investigation Discovery that first aired
on the 10th of May 2020 Sunday. The series consists of only three episodes with an average runtime of 42
minutes. The whole series is based on stories of actual murders committed. There may be something
sinister behind the faces of the people trusted the most by us. My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 1 was
broadcasted on Sundays at 9 pm on Investigation Discovery. Here’s what we know about My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 2 Release Date.

In the series, regular people narrate their experiences and true stories of how someone they were familiar with was trying to kill a member of their own family and how they bought justice for the Killer. From police interviews to phone recordings the investigation exposes one truth after another which helps to solve the case. In short, the series explores the world of horrible and shocking crimes. These real people faced the surreal horror of losing their loved ones to vicious crimes. Exploring the psychology of cold-blooded killers the documentary series takes you on a journey of notorious cases.

My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series premiered on 12th May 2020. The current status of the series is
unknown to date. The viewers will be informed once the Series is renewed or canceled.

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My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 2 Story

Stories of violent crimes with mysterious ties to families are depicted in the documentary. Investigations of
murders, and sudden disappearances turn the communities upside down. The detectives dig for the truth
behind the puzzling cases. The documentary is about families whose members have deadly secrets to
hide and nothing would stop them to keep those secrets hidden not even murder. The story revolves
around a small town in suburbia where Feuding families, illicit relationships, and deadly secrets are
hidden from investigators. The detectives have to dig deeper to find out about the murders taking place
in the town. In the first episode, Michael and Rebecca Hargon have suspiciously vanished with their
four-year-old son named James Patrick from their home in Vaughan Mississippi. They went missing on
Valentine’s Day in the year 2004. The investigators look into the case and discover that Michael had
recently inherited which might be a probable reason behind his disappearance.


As Michael’s family had been victims of violent crimes for over ten years which led the detectives to confirm the good fortune to be associated with the family’s sudden disappearance. Their bodies were found thirteen days later. The detectives found that Michael’s cousin Earnest Lee Hargon was behind the murder and was sentenced to death but was killed in the prison by another inmate. In the second episode Who Killed Cathy? A 20-year-old student Cathy Torrez was found to be dead in the trunk of her car. Cathy disappeared after her shift at a local drugstore in California so a desperate search for her begins in the town. Shocked by the death her family wants their daughter’s killer to be caught. Later the truth behind Cathy’s murder is disclosed after breakthroughs in DNA Technology and finally, the killer is caught and put behind the bars. The last episode which aired on May 24th, 2020 shows the murder of Nathan and Krystal Maddox. They were opened to gunfire after leaving a remote Texan Church in January 2014. The brutal murder of the couple in the House of The God leaves the community unsettled. These murder mysteries reveal shocking connections to families. It raises the disturbing question “ Do you know the people you live with” or just trust them blindly?

My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 1 Cast

My Family's Deadly Secret Season 2 Release Date
My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 2

The main character of the documentary includes Mary Bennett played by CC. Claudia Coulter, Earnest
Lee jargon played by DK. Dominic Kinnaird, SS. Scott Smith who is the Detective., AW. Aidan White as a Police Detective, KE. Kosha Engler is the narrator. The supporting actors include Nathan Maddox, Krystal
Maddox and Paul Westfall.

Where To Watch My Family’s Deadly Secret?

You can stream all the episodes of My Family’s Deadly Secret on Amazon Prime Video, FuboTV, Discovery+, Investigation Discovery, TLC, or by purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.


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