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My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Is Not Annouced Yet!

If you are a Japanese light novel fan then you must have heard this name in the past years and are still drilling on it. In the past year, Japanese light novels came into the market which not only took the market toll but also the hearts of the readers. This Japanese light novel also had been released in the form of a Manga series. It gained immense popularity and received a lot of love from readers and fans. The Japanese light novel My Happy Marriage was my greatest novel among all the Japanese light novels. The storyline comes up with its unit and the sweetness in every line makes your day brighter and more beautiful. Here’s what we know about the My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date.

The story of Happy Marriage is very long. It has so many points to view aspects and of looking at the things which have the essence of life in the plot. Love is never easy nor the marriage but marriage is more tour than love, it is the feeling of marriage only that comes with responsibilities and feeling your life change after marriage. 

Then the title of the novel could be My Happy Marriage. Where one man suggests another man not to get married while women consider life to end after marriage. How could marriage be a happy marriage? But sometimes love is enough to be continued with any situation. I think that’s what this novel comes with: love, sweetness, a strong Bond, trust, loyalty, and every other feeling which reflects on you being in love.

This story is full of youth for teenagers because it comes with love feelings and sweet songs, relaxing and tension-free feelings which cannot be part of adults who were too much into their jobs in making their house and getting the promotion. This story had been illustrated and made for the youth who were looking out for love.

After getting such a beautiful light novel and then into a Manga series now the makers of the writer come with the biggest gift for their fans. A few months ago the makers in the production announced the Anime version of the famous Japanese light novel series My Happy Marriage.

This announcement was like the biggest announcement of the Year. But after this announcement also many fans are very curious about the tiniest details they can get. They won’t get updated with every information about the upcoming anime series My Happy Marriage. So here we come with the most awaited update and information about the Anime series My Happy Marriage.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date
My Happy Marriage Anime

The Japanese novel series My Happy Marriage published in 2019 has been so famous among the Japanese novel’s serious fans that it received unexpected praise and love from the Reader. This Japanese novel series also had been published in the form of a Manga series. 

The Manga series has many volumes in it. And recently in April 2022 the biggest announcement of the Year came. The announcement was made by the Kinema Citrus Studio. On Twitter, the cinema citrus studio grandly announced their upcoming anime series but the most special thing is this anime series has been adapted from the Japanese novel series My Happy Marriage.

The production house was so joyful by sharing this news with their fans and their viewers because after seeing the success of the Japanese novel series My Happy Marriage the expectation from the Anime series adapted from the story of My Happy Marriage is high. The reaction and the response they received from the fans in the views were commendable. The likes and comments on the announcement post are enough to reflect the excitement and joyfulness of the fans.

But giving such a joyful and grand announcement not only increased the happiness of the fans of My Happy Marriage but also boosted the anxiousness among the fans for the upcoming anime series. Now the fans and readers of My Happy Marriage desperately looking forward to the release of the Anime series Happy Marriage. The fans are looking for updates that can relieve their anxiety. So here we come with the update after the announcement made in April 2022 the estimated release date is scheduled for 2023 but a particular date has been given because the anime series is still in production. It might be mid-2023 or by the late 2023 when the anime adaptation will be arriving before us.

However, to keep up the audience engaged with My Happy Marriage, the creators are coming up with a live-action film releasing next year. On 25th April 2022, it was officially stated that the film will be coming to Japan on 17 March 2023. This film is helmed by Ayuko Tsukahara and the script credit goes to Tomoe Kanno.

Name of the ShowMy Happy Marriage Anime
Season NumberSeason 1
My Happy Marriage Anime Release DateNot Announced Yet
My Happy Marriage Anime

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My Happy Marriage Story

Not everyone is born with a happy faith. In the same way, not everyone lives a happy life. Some people have sadness and grief from the moment they take birth in this world. Someone had to breathe all through their life in that grief and sadness. In this type of life, we have two options left: either we have to make our own life happy or destiny will send someone who will change our life from every aspect into a most positive and beautiful life.

Something similar to this is the female protagonist of the story born in a family where everybody has some Supernatural abilities but she is the one who doesn’t have any Supernatural abilities. The female protagonist of the story is Miyo Saimiri. She doesn’t have any Supernatural powers because of which she had been discriminated against from the time she was born in this world. She had been tortured and loathe by her stepmother, her siblings, and her cousin don’t care about her they treated her like she doesn’t even exist. 

It looks like one around her doesn’t even acknowledge her existence. She spent half of her life in grief and sadness. It is not only grief but immense pain she had gone through all her life because she didn’t want to have some Supernatural abilities just like her other family members. After having so much pain in her life she always thought that she will get a loving partner who will love her and that his love will fulfill her craving for the love she craved all her life.

But situations turn like these only wishes of hers also couldn’t be fulfilled. Her marriage is fixed with the ruthless and Emotionless Soldier who isn’t even interested in marrying her. After a big war inside her she decided to leave everything to a destiny she doesn’t want to fight with her destiny anymore. She decided whatever will happen she will accept it the way it is.

 She has no energy left in herself to fight against every bad thing happening in her life without her consent. Miyo Saimori gets ready to marry someone whose face she has never seen. She doesn’t know the man, she doesn’t know about his family, about his profession, anything, not even his face but she is going to marry. After the marriage, she realizes that her husband is nothing less than a monster, a ruthless monster.

 On the other hand, her husband Kiyoka Kudou is a soldier and has a cold demeanor. He doesn’t care what is happening around him. He lives in his world. He has a painful past which makes him hate the fact of love. He doesn’t believe in marriage and love. But at the end of everything he gets married to a new person. In the starting they only face hate for each other, disliking, and uncomfortable. But with time, they grow close to each other and realize what love is.

My Happy Marriage Characters

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date
My Happy Marriage Anime

The biggest announcement in the world not only comes with a post but also a special gift to the fans. The production and the makers gifted the fans with the one-minute-long trailer of My Happy Marriage. After getting the thriller the fans were not only curious about the release date but also the cast and the character that will be shown in the story of the Anime series Happy Marriage.

There is very little information available about the characters that will be shown in the anime series My Happy Marriage other than the two main characters. The information about the two main characters that are the protagonists of our story is revealed. So the main characters of My Happy Marriage story that have been revealed are  Miyo Saimori, the voice has been given by  Reina Ueda, and Kiyoka Kudo, the voice has been given by  Kaito Ishikawa.

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My Happy Marriage Trailer 

My Happy Marriage is a beautiful Japanese novel series written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. The writer did an excellent job in bringing out all the emotions through every line and scene between the main protagonist of the story. And when these beautiful stories of Japanese novel series are coming into an anime series, it is all exciting moments for the fans and the viewers.

After the fans and the viewers got the announcement regarding the upcoming anime series Happy Marriage they were so happy but this was not the end the biggest announcement came with a special gift for the fans they had been gifted with a trailer also. Yes, the production house already uploaded a trailer for My Happy Marriage. The trailer is available on YouTube.

Where To Watch My Happy Marriage Online?

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

The anime series My Happy Marriage hasn’t been released yet but it might available on Crunchyroll after the release. You can also catch it up on Anime-Planet.

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