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My Love From The Star: Season 2 Release Date, Predicted Story, And More!

Korean series is the most interesting one and the best-scripted these days.w With their romantic and fun genres, they have stolen the hearts of all their audience. More and more people are now falling in love with kdramas. Now stories like The Twinkling Watermelon, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay have set a standard that not many other shows can beats, and this is the beauty of it. The stories usually revolve around the leads and a second lead who is loved by everybody. The series in discussion today is one such masterpiece that we have all fallen in love with.

My Love From The Star is a wonderful kdrama that is based on the genres of comedy and fantasy. While romance is the main aspect, the story revolves around an alien and a girl. The story revolves around their love and their struggles, hardships and everything else that tried to break them apart. While they stood strong, the first season has come to an end.

For years, the audience has been wondering about a second season of My Love From the Star and this article is the one for you! We are going to discuss about the second season, the potential release, the story, and a lot more!

Read further to know about all of it!

My Love From The Star Season 2 Release Date

The series My Love From The Star is a story by Park Ji-Eun and directed by Jang Tae-Yoo. The first season is a wonderful one that captured the essence of the show and we are so excited to know all bout the next one. The first season ran from December 18 2013 to February 2014. Being a wonderful show, it aired on SBS for its entire run in South Korea. The series consists of around 21 episodes of 60 minutes each.

The series received thrilling recognition and the first season was loved by the audience immensely. We are yet to discuss about the next season and we have seen a lot of predictions that say the show is going to return in 2021 and 2022.

As of now, the show has completed its ten-year wait and I think it is safe to say that the show is not going to release anytime. The series has been cancelled for sure and there will not be any further season as well. Usually Korean Dramas only have one season, the exceptional ones receive a few seasons. Even the best of the best series do not go further than season two or three.

It seems wrong to even wait for another season after ten years have passed and the show has ended with just the run of a single season. most Korean Dramas do not even receive a cancellation notice and there is no information for the audience. While this is wrong, after a few years have passed, the audience will understand themselves.

If by a miracle something is announced, we will let you know!


My Love From The Star Season 1 Recap

While the second season of My Love From The Star has been cancelled, let us look back at the first one. The story is set in 1609. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, the story focuses on an alien named Do Min-Joon who lands on Earth. While he has missed his trip trying to rescue a girl off a cliff, he is forced to stay on Earth for the next four centuries. There is nothing much that differentiates him from us in the matter of looks, he is just like a normal man but with extremely powerful powers. He is very strong and has a very good hearing ability as well.

The magic is that the man does not age at all. While has worked a lot of jobs like doctor, lawyer, etc., he is currently working as a professor. The story later focuses on Cheon Song-Yi and her life of stardom and the jealousy of her brother towards her. After almost his entire time is over on planet Earth, there are just three months left. He has met Song-Yi and in some angel, he feels like she resembles Yi-Hwa and remembers how he fell in love with her 400 years ago. The story continues with 

his resentment but how he finally falls for her.

Stay tuned for more!


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