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My Master Has No Tail Episode 3 Release Date Announced For Audience!

My master has no tail is a Japanese manga series that is written and also illustrated by TNSK. It has been very well serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine. It is directed by the famous and absolutely talented director Hideyo Yamamoto. As we all love watching anime these days, this one would definitely be loved by most of us as it presents a totally different angle on a supernatural story.

My Master Has No Tail Episode 3 Release Date

To all the excited and enthusiastic viewers who have been eagerly waiting for the third episode of the amazing Japanese manga series My Master Has No Tail, finally, the wait is over. The third episode is said to be released on 14th October 2022 at 10 pm JST which means only 2 days to go. So the countdown has already started for most of the excited viewers so we all need to now quickly manage our schedule and make time to enjoy the most awaited episode.

My Master Has No Tail’s first episode was initially released on 29th September 2022. It received huge popularity with just 2 episodes. After watching just the first episode fans are eager to know what would happen in the next so the writers have announced that the third episode would go live on 14th October 2022. With the lockdown in 2020, the craze for online web series has been the most recent trend for binge watchers. It has connected all of the worlds as people living in India like watching Korean as well as American shows and vice versa. My Master Has No Tail is one such web series that has been on the list of many of these binge-watchers.

Name of the ShowMy Master Has No Tail
Episode NumberEpisode 3
My Master Has No Tail Episode 1 Release Date30 September 2022
My Master Has No Tail Episode 3 Release Date14 October 2022
My Master Has No Tail Episode 3 Overview

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My Master Has No Tail Episode 2 Recap

The first episode is all about a clash between tradition and modernism. Mameda is a long-lived supernatural creature who was much well used to the old days of superstitious villagers and spirits. When she packs her bag for Osaka she gets a rude awakening. In Osaka, no one falls for the old tricks of any tanuki (a raccoon-like dog), so Mameda’s old tricks backfire upon her. She keeps trying but finds no success, she also feels overwhelmed by the sounds and sights of a Taisho-era city with street lamps, cars, trolleys, etc. The only option left for Mameda is the art of a comedy theatre or rakugo. She then sits in the audience in awe as she saw a dark-haired, black-robed woman called Bunko sitting on the stage. Her clever work play and amusing stories make the audience burst with laughter. Instead of feeling jealous, Mameda decides to befriend Bunko and try to learn some things from her.

This helps to drive the plot forward and adds Mameda as a go-getter which makes her more appealing. She decided to live in the bizarre city and live up to his father’s reputation as an amazing trickster. At first, Bunko looks down on Mameda for being a naïve, incompetent trickster. Bunko also hates it when Mameda retrieves her lost hat. When Mameda falls to death that night, Bunko rushes to her aid. Bunko explains a few things like rapid modernization to Mameda on her flying wooden ship. Bunko adjusts to the rapidly changing times and embraces the familiar art of Rakugo. Mamada realizes that she must make a career for herself if she wants to be successful. The episode ends with Bunko asking Mameda to board a steamship to return home.

In the second episode, Mameda tries to become an apprentice to Bunko but is turned down. She immediately goes to Fumitsune’s house and finds a forgotten fan. Does he quickly go to return it to her thinking that will it be able to make him an apprentice? But is suddenly interrupted by the thought about Mameda.

My Master Has No Tail Episode 3 Characters

My Master Has No Tail Episode 3 Release Date

The different characters are Mameda voiced by MAO, Bunko voiced by Hibiku Yamamura, Shirara Tsubaki voiced by Lynn, Bayakudanji Tsubaki voiced by Takuya Eguchi, Sakujiro voiced by Ayumu Murase, Omatsu voiced by Natsuki Aikawa, Koito voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa, Rakuda voiced by Yuichiro Umehara, Enshi Kirino voiced by Ayana Taketatsu and Mameda’s father voiced by Junya Enoki.

Where To Watch My Master Has No Tail Online?

This series is streaming on Crunchyroll whereas in some countries in addition to helping bypass Crunchyroll Geoblocks one need to use VPN which requires a subscription. It can also be watched on Hidive.

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