My Mister Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

Love to watch South Korean dramas? Then you are at the right place. We have brought one famous south Korean drama season 2 update. My Mister is a famous South Korean drama series that premiered in 2018. This series was created by Studio Dragon. This series is also titled My Ahjussi. Park Hae Young wrote this series. My Mister is directed under Kim Won Seok. The main cast of this drama includes Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Ji Eun. The first season was comprised of a total of 16 episodes. Cho Hyung-jin, Kim Sang-Heon, and Park Ho-sik are the executive directors of this drama. This drama series was produced by Park Ji Hyun under the production company Chorokbaem Media. This series was aired on tvN and released its first series on March 21, 2018.This article cover information about My Mister Season 2 Release Date and other related updates.

My Mister Season 2 Release Date

This South Korean drama was released on 21, March 2018 airing on tvN network. Well, season 1 ended on such a cliffhanger that fans can’t wait for the updates regarding the season 2 release. But as of now, there are no such official updates from the makers regarding the season 2 release date. The second season is most probably expected to be released around the starting of 2022. As soon as any official updates will be out we will update this section soon.

The first season’s performance was tremendous and was rated 9.1 on IMDb.If you haven’t watched this series first season yet, then what are you waiting for, binge watches it, and do share your reviews and excitement for season 2 in the comment section below.

My Mister Season 2

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My Mister Season 2 Cast Details

The cast of this series is expected not to change in season 2. The cast will be the same as season 1 and it includes Lee Sun-Kyun is in the role of Park Dong-hoon.Lee Ji-eun is in the role of Lee Ji-an. Kim Gyu-ri is in the role of child Ji-an, Go Doo-shim is in the role of Byun Yo-soon. Park Ho-san is in the role of Park Sang-hoon, Song Sae-byeok is in the role of Park Ki-hoon, Lee Ji-ah is in the role of Kang Yoon-hee. Jung Young-Joo is in the role of Jo Ae-ryun. Son Sook is in the role of Lee Bong-ae as playing the character of Lee Ji-an’s deaf grandmother, Jang Ki-Yong is in the role of Lee Kwang.

Ahn Seung-gyun is in the role of Song Ki-bum, Lee Young-Seok is in the role of Choon-dae, playing the character of Kwang-il’s partner, Kim Young-min is in the role of Do Joon-young, Shin Goo is in the role of Chairman Jang Hoe-Jang, Jung Jae-sung is in the role of Executive Director Yoon Sang-Tae, Seo Hyun-woo is in the role of Head of Section Seo, Chae Dong-Hyun is in the role of Kim Dae-RI, Kim Min-Seok is in the role of Yeo Hyung-kyu, Ryu Sun-young is in the role of Jung, Chae-Kyung, Kwon Na-ra is in the role of Choi Yoo-ra, Park Hae-Joon is in the role of Gyum-duk, Oh Na-ra is in the role of Jung-hee, Shin Dam-soo is in the role of Director Jung Chang-mo, and Park Soo-young is in the role of Je-Cheol.

my mister season 2 release date

My Mister Season 2 Plot Expectations

The story revolves around three brothers of some age between 30-the 40s. They were struggling together for their life to fulfill daily basic needs and lead a good life happily and peacefully. Then there comes a woman who was leading a tough life alone and meeting all the basic needs of daily alone. They come in contact with each other and they shared all their past and everything. Park Dong Hoon is the main character of this series who lives his life with his two brother. The lady who was also struggling was Lee Jian and she was in the lead role. Well, this series has no creepy drama, a total family show, and the audience can relate scenes it with other people’s lives too. The second season will be expected to cover a scene between Park Dong Hoon and Lee Jian scene. Let’s see and wait for the second season more excitedly and if any news related to season 2 will arrive, we will surely update you guys with that. Stay tuned with Live Akhbar.

My Mister Season 2 Trailer Details

My Mister season 2 has no release updates as of now. It is expected that the trailer for season 2 will release around the starting of 2022. We will update this section as soon as any official updates regarding this will be out by the makers. You can watch season 1 on tvN network if not watched yet.

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