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My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Release Date: Andy Wu Is Coming Back?

Love stories can never be a bad watch but love stories between boys are something that is not only changing the existing set patterns of love stories but has also become pretty popular and new favorites among the audience. Among the several popular series like these, My Tooth Your Love has gained a lot of momentum since its release which cannot go unnoticed and has been gaining a lot of attention.

Jiang Rui Zhi directed series My Tooth Your Love released in 2022 is a Taiwanese romantic drama that is getting praised and acclaimed by fans and critics which is only leading to the viewers and fans wondering not just about the yet-to-be-released episodes but also the future season of the series. Thus, we are here to give you some answers and clear the air.

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Release Date

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Release Date

Though the series has just merely begun, the fans are already anticipating and are in hopes for another season of the series. However, it is pretty difficult to say right now when the series still has not been fully released whether the series will have a second season or not because the ending is still not known. The makers have also not yet revealed any plans for the second season considering the fact that the series is still on the run. So, for the time being, we will have to wait for the series to be fully released to see how it ends and what the makers have to say about future plans. But whatever the case will be, you know we are here to update you with all the information as and when they come. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the series because we are keeping our eyes on the announcements.

Name of the ShowMy Tooth Your Love
Season NumberSeason 2
My Tooth Your Love Season 1 Release Date14 October 2022
My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Overview

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My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Story

The love story of the newly released romance drama is based on the love story between boys. A love tale that starts budding between the dentist and his patients. The story follows Jin Xiun An who is an achiever and has become a chief dentist at his clinic from a young age because of his talents. He is even called Master Prince of Dentistry.

On a fine day, he is asked by his senior to treat her brother named Bai Lang, who is an owner of the bar-restaurant and is pretty scared of dentists and has always tried to find a dentist who does not scare him. Once Bai encounters the doctor he is drawn to him but then finds himself running away from the clinic. Though this is not the first time the doctor has faced something like this Bai for him was one of the toughest cases to handle in his entire practice of being a dentist.

Now to find out how he treats his patient and what happens between the two, you will have to tune in to the series now as the story is still progressing with the episodes being released one by one. Also, this is not the only love story that you will come across another relationship building up but not without hurdles. To find out what we are hinting at, make sure to watch the series without fail.

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Cast

The cast of the romance drama on the love story of boys includes some really dashing and talented actors who have swooped away the ground beneath the viewers with their talent and on-screen delivery doing justice to the script, the story and the roles. The cast includes Andy Wu playing the role of Lang Bai, Snoopy Yu playing the role of Xun An Jin, Alex Chou playing the role of Cheng Hao Chou, Wei Yeh Cheng playing the role of Yu Wen Gao, Xu Jing Hong playing the role of Xiao Gao, Esther Huang playing the role of Ching Bai, Michael Chang playing the role of Cing Tian He and Aggie Hsieh playing the role of Tong Xiao. It also includes Kelly Cheng, Hung Chien, Iling Kao, Jae Hoon Kim, Jason Hsu, Jui Chih Chiang, and Yi Jung Wu.

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Trailer

The second season of its release plans has not been released yet which also includes the plans for the shoots, which means that there is no trailer for the second season. However, you can watch the trailer and get a glimpse of the series especially if you are new to the series on the official YouTube channel of Viki called Viki Global TV.

Where To Watch My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Online?

Like what you read here and after getting a look at the clips and want to watch the series? then let us guide you. The Taiwanese drama My Tooth Your Love is available for streaming on Rakuten Viki, and, Line Tv. The series as of now is running its first season and consists of 12 episodes. All the episodes have not been released yet and will be released soon, so all the viewers who would like to watch the whole series in one go would have to wait for a little for the whole season to be released.  

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