Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Based on the Japanese manga series which is written and illustrated by Riichi Ueshiba, the anime series Mysterious Girlfriend X follows the romantic yet the odd hilarious journey of Akira and Mikoto as they navigate through the mysterious journey of their relationship. Filled with interesting characters including the supporting ones and a unique and well-written plot the series leaves a unique mark on its viewers. The depth and details behind the supporting characters and their deep involvement in the main plot and story alongside the main characters make the anime even a more enjoyable rollercoaster ride.

The series is filled with odd aspects that doesn’t make sense under normal condition sometimes or becomes questionable at some point for the mystery surrounding it but that’s the point of the entire show as evident from the name itself and it also takes it’s time to explain certain things which bring a more wholesome twist and also allows the viewer to have a better understanding of what’s going on. The series does a wonderful job in providing a wide spectrum of romantic aspects while keeping it’s mysterious aura intact which is a pretty hard thing to do and it is no surprise that fans all over the world hold a deep admiration for the anime series.

Here’s what we know about Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2 Release Date.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 2 Release Date

The anime series even with only 1 season has an enormous substantial fan base and over the past years, fans have tried their level best and signed petitions to bring back the anime. However, nothing has seemed to work so far as there is no news regarding a second season of this anime series from the creators as of now. 

Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 1 Recap

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Season 1)
Mysterious Girlfriend X (Season 1)

Love is a complicated and sometimes mysterious thing. People can’t control whom they feel for and when they start having feelings for someone. Love is a beautiful thing to happen to someone it brings happiness, a warm feeling and helps other romantic emotions to surface.

However, loving someone and being in a relationship isn’t that easy at all, to begin with. Especially teenage love is the most complicated of all since it’s during this age a person male or female goes through several changes both physically and mentally. Their psychological standpoint and their social outlook fluctuate a lot during this time making it hard for them to be in a relationship sometimes. One must go through several obstacles that fate provides in order to preserve their love or to prove their dedication towards the relationship. To overcome such obstacles one must be aware of their partners. In order to have a more concrete and substantial relationship, a person should know what kind of person they are in the relationship with.

Knowing each other and taking care of each other creates the backbone of the relationship. But what happens when you are dealing with someone mysterious? What do you do when you know almost nothing about your partner? How do you deal with their emotions or communicate with them?

Well, the anime series Mysterious Girlfriend X deals with such a complicated situation. In this series, we get to witness the relationship between two high school students Mikoto Urabe and Akira Tsubaki. We never know what kind of turns life can take when encountering someone but it sure brings the possibility of new experiences. The first encounter of Mikoto and Akira however took a romantic one.

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A series of strange events following their encounter made Akira grow feelings for Mikoto which lead them into a relationship that more or less was a mysterious one at the beginning. What made their situation more hilarious and complicated is the fact that Mikoto was an introverted girl who also got transferred to a new school not too long ago with a cold composure who choose to remain aloof and avoid interaction with others. This attribute of her’s made her almost inapproachable and gave her a more mysterious vibe. On the other hand, Akira had no prior experience dealing with girls. So as a result both of them found each other in an awkward position since none of them was able to communicate properly initially.

To their rescue comes Ayuko Oka and Kouheu Ueno from the same school as they were in. Ayuko and Kouheu are a couple who were dating for a while then and kept their relationship a secret which only Akira and Mikoto came to learn about later on. One day after school Tsubaki came across Ayuko and Ueno as they were kissing each other, however, Ayuko wasn’t really bothered by that.

Later on, Ayuko approached Mikoto to be friends with her even though Mikoto was initially reluctant. But gradually they became close friends and that’s how Ayuko became the first friend the introverted reserved Mikoto ever had. Later, Ayuko started guiding Mikoto regarding the ways of a relationship to help Mikoto improve her depth of relationship with Akira. On the other hand, Ueno who was Akira’s classmate was helping out Akira to improve Akira’s relationship with Mikoto. The series then follows the evolution of the unique and mysterious chemistry between Akira and Mikoto as their relationship proceeds with a slight bit of aid from Ayuko and Ueno. 

Mysterious Girlfriend X Season 1 Characters

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Season 1)
Mysterious Girlfriend X (Season 1)

Mikoto Urabe- Japanese voice actress Ayano Yoshitani from Chiba Prefecture, Japan provides the Japanese voice for Mikoto from the anime series. She was born on Sep 26, 1991.

Akira Tsubaki- The Japanese voice of Akira in the anime series is provided by the widely acclaimed Miyu Irino who also played a lot of iconic roles such as Haku from the legendary movie Spirited Away, Minato from Naruto series, Sugawara from Haikyuu, Tadakuni from Daily Lives of High School Boys and many more. 

You can watch the show on Crunchyroll.

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