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Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Release Date Finds Here!

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the newly released k-dramas and J-dramas.  With the new year, a lot many dramas are making their way for new renewals, and new releases. How many did you watch? 

Also known by the name, Mystery to Iunakare is a newly aired J-drama or Japanese drama to be precise. The drama is adapted from a manga. Yeah, this manga stirred the interest of the drama makers. Generally, you will find that most manga has either an anime or a drama adaptation. So, if you enjoy reading the story, what more can make it fun than watching it after! 

The J-drama is also known by the name of, Do Not Say Mystery. Rated 8.0 by My Drama List (MDL), piqued the attention of many. The 10-volume manga written by Yumi Tamura was a huge hit. June 2021, saw the announcement of the manga being serialized into a drama. Further, the drama will be broadcast on Fuji TV. Till now, the drama has aired only one episode. If you want to know about the next. The release date and other updates then, keep scrolling. 

Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Release Date

Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Release Date
Mystery To Iu Na Kare – Drama and Manga Character

The J-drama aired its first episode on January 10th, 2022. Yeah, a few days back. The next episodes will air on; January 17th and 24th respectively. Yes, it’s airing pretty fast. The second episode will come by at 5:30 pm on the 17th. The countdown is on! Just after the second episode is aired the third will air after a week. On the 24th January 2022. Ones who are amazed by the first episode keep watching as more is yet to come.

The drama will have a total of 10 episodes. And complete its air by March 2022. So, within these three months you will have the entire drama available. 

Where is the hurray, can’t hear it? Shout along! Ahem! I mean enjoy guys! Each episode running for 54 mins gained popularity of #9139. Don’t forget to add the drama to your watchlist and then do watch this wonderful adaptation.

Do watch this mystery drama, which will make you binge-watch for sure. Since, the drama status is, ‘still on air’. So, going into the episode spoilers will just ruin the flavor right. So, I am not getting into it. I will just give you a light synopsis for you to have an idea about the drama. 

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Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Story

Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Release Date
Mystery To Iu Na Kare

This is a mystery drama which will run around the life of a college student. Brought in for questioning, as a suspect for murdering his classmate; is a real thrill giver. Watch the first episode as you wait for the update and if you want read the manga available online. The investigation and the incidents following it will pull you further into the plot. Do, give the manga adapted drama a watch!

Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Cast

The drama stars Suda Masaki in the main role of a high school student, Kuno Totono. In the supporting cast you will get to see; Ito Sairi (Furomitsu Seiko), Onoe Matsuya II (Ikemoto Yuto) and Tsutsui Michitaka (Aoto Nariaki).

Where To Watch Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3?

Mystery To Lunakare Episode 3 Release Date
An Image From the Manga

Stream the drama online on Dramacool or even in Kissasain. It’s available for free on both these platforms.

That’s all folks! Bye for now, till we meet again.

Happy Watch! 

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