Nano Machine Chapter 110 Release Date Updates

Nano Machine (魔神喇勞 魔神奈米魔神某天成为魔神) is a Manhua (Chinese webtoon equivalent of Manga) written Han-Joong-Wueol-Ya and illustrated by Guem-Gang-Bul-Gae. The manhua was released back in 2021 with chapter 1. The story comes under the sci-fi/martial arts genre. Reviews from various platforms show that it is popular among fans and is received positively.

It is a well-received manhua with the chapters still going on and updated regularly.  With the last chapter being 109, it is most likely that fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Read on to find out the release date for the next chapter and where you can read it. And keep yourself updated on Nano Machine here @Poptimes.

Nano Machine Chapter 110 Release Date

The latest Chapter 110 of Nanomachine is set to release on 16 or 17 June at around noon. However, keep in mind that the time differs according to the time zone.

Now that we have the information, read on to find more about the upcoming chapter and even a recap of the last chapter, in case you need a briefing before the next.

Nano Machine Story

Nano Machine Chapter 110 Release Date
The Nano Machine

The plot follows the story of Cheon Yeo-Won, who is the son of a king but his mother was a slave who dies from poisoning when yeo-won is little. Due to him being a son of a slave and still having a chance for the throne,  the other 6 queens are jealous and hatred for the boy boils in them. This leads to these queens attempting on Yeo-won’s life since he is little. But they are unsuccessful. After growing up and joining the Demonic  Cult where he becomes excellent in Martial arts and also having being implanted by Nano Machine (Nanomachines from the future that gives abilities to their host body when inserted inside) which gave him extraordinary skills like self-healing, scanning texts and movements of an opponent to better understand in a matter of seconds, he is finally skilled enough to defend himself from any attacks and also ensure his position of being a king or a minor priest in the demonic cult.

Nano Machine Previous Chapter 109 Recap

In the last chapter 109, there was a feast being held for a gathering between the demonic cult and the Yulin Cult. A woman named Sohee also joins the feast. She seems suspicious from the start. Yeo-Woon gets assaulted. But what happens afterward is not known and will be covered in the next chapter.

Nano Machine Chapter 110 Story

There is a chance of a battle between the two parties gathered for the feast. And in the next chapter, there might also be an explanation for the reason behind the as

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Nano Machine Characters

Nano Machine Chapter 110 Release Date
Nano Machine Chapter 110

Cheon Yeo Woon (천여운)

The protagonist of the story, Yeo-Woon, is a son of the King of Cheon family (One of the families in the Demonic Cult) and a slave woman called Lady Hwa. Being a son of a slave, makes life harder for Yeo-Woon, as all the other queens want him out of the way to the throne. After many attempts on his life, he finally joins the demonic cult around age 15/16 and starts his training where he proves to be excellent in martial arts he also has a nanomachine implanted inside him which makes him have extraordinary abilities.

Seob- Meng (섭맹)

Skilled in the use of the blade. He is Yeo-Woon’s first martial arts teacher and he is also the guardian of the demonic cult. Known for heavy drinking but possessing excellent skills in martial arts.

Lady Hwa

She is a slave who is greatly liked by King Cheon, he falls in love and marries her and makes him the seventh wife. He also bears a son (Cheon Yeo-Woon) with her. But due to anger and hatred by one of his other wife, she becomes a victim of poisoning and dies when her son is very young.

Il-ryeong Hwang-Heol (이령 황헐)

Servant of the Blade Lord, he is the most trusted by the Blade lord and Blade God. Hwang-Heol is an elder of the ‘Blade God Six Martial Art’.

Where to Read Nano Machine Chapter 110?

Nanomachine Chapter 110 will be available for reading on Manhuazone, Naver, etc.

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