Nardo Wick Net Worth And Lifestyle!

Nardo Wick is famous for his Rapping and songs. He faced early success but behind that success, there was a huge story of struggle nearly in 2021 he started his career but his passion and hard work made his way towards success. In the beginning, his first project was all composed and sung by him. He is not only a rapper but also a Hip Hop star.

But before the success for several years 10 his days in darkness. He faced a lot of difficulty before starting this career. It was next to impossible for him to think about this career. But he got his father back and his father supported him. He always gave credit for his successful career to his father.

Nardon Wick Net Worth 

Nardo Wick Net Worth
Nardon Wick

His fans were curious about his life, and deliberately wanted to know about him full stop, so here are the answers to your questions. Here is the information about his life, career, net worth, and every other detail. 

Nardon Wick is famous for his rapping and music composing. Pardon Wick started his career at a very early age of 19 and within 1 year he made his name and fame. His fans want to know how much growth he made and how much he earned from this profession. Here is the answer to the question. He made quite good figures from this profession, according to the sources Nardon Wick made an estimated net worth of $ 2 million. 

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Nardon Wick’s Early  Life

Nardon Wick is famous for his songs and his early success. Nor do Wick also known as Horace Bernard Walls III. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the U.S.A on 30 December 2001. 

There is a lot you know about his early life. The most painful part of his life is his childhood; he was brought up in a broken family. When he was a child his mother separated from his father and him. The reason for the separation was their mother’s working style, his mother got pulled into a case of fraud.

After that at a very small age for survival and to take care of his father he had to get involved in drug dealing on the street. There was nothing good in his childhood to mention. He grew up and came through this struggle. Never got a normal childhood but that doesn’t shape his future. When he was 14 years old he started to take interest in music and soon he felt his passion for music.

 Music is not the only thing he was interested in but there is another thing that excites him: football. But unfortunately, at that time, he couldn’t afford a football by himself so sometimes he used to sneak out and take other football and play matches from which he also used to earn some money. Somewhere in some interview he also mentioned that he got this interest in music from his father when he was a kid his father used to bring him tapes and records of Lil Wayne, and Chief Keef.

 Nardon Wick Career 

Nardo Wick Net Worth
Nardo Wick

Horace Bernard Walls III famously known as Nardon Wick. He is famous for his wrapping style. Whenever anyone sees his age they are curious about his career when it was started, how he gained success, and so on. Yes, Norton week is a young early rising artist he is just 20 years old but he made an impressive fan base and impeccable popularity. But behind the success, there was a struggle not only his struggle but also his father’s struggle and support. When Nardon Wick started his career in 2019 he didn’t have proper instruments and needed things.

The only thing he had was his passion and talent for music. After he found his real passion he started to write songs and started to practice wrapping by seeing YouTube videos. When his father saw this he forwarded his hand for help. He got him a mic and made Him a place for making music in his room only and taught him some music composing techniques and styles.

After that, he started to sing and make his song with full dedication. Ultimately after spending several months practicing and polishing his work in 2020 he was all ready to make his debut with his first song Loli in a gap of a few months and released his second song Slid and Face Shot.

Ultimately he got his first breakthrough which is in the third song Who Want Smoke?

After this, he made great progress in his field.

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