Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Will Win A Fight?

Naruto and Monkey D Luffy are not just mere characters but an emotion, right? The fight between them has always been the talk of the anime town since the series’ inception. The discussion and debate have soared up even more. Recently both the loved characters Naruto and Monkey. D Luffy had been transformed into a powerful embodiment. Their avatar does not just look striking visually but is striking as a personality too as they have got the power to drain the life energy of the user. Naruto has been transformed into Baryon Mode and Luffy has been transformed into Gear 5. Whose side are you on? Naruto Vs Luffy?

Both Boruto and One Piece have been famous and loved shows among anime viewers because of their, fun, adventure, style, story, and design. Both manga and series have got popularity beyond imagination and are famous globally. They are not just mere anime but a trend that is always trending on social media. One of the most trending topics among the several topics related to the series and manga is their protagonists Naruto and Luffy.

And they have been discussed since they appeared as characters putting one questing in the fan’s mind that who is stronger among the two. Who will win and who will lose? They have transformed and evolved a lot since the start and thanks to the makers we have seen them in amazing ways. But the makers have kept one thing prominent always that is the curiosity among readers that who is the best between the two.

The debate between who is the best and who is going to win the fight first and lose first is something we are here to talk about because we know our readers want to know this burning question’s answer. We are talking especially about this now since both the characters have transformed into the ultimate which is both good and bad for them. We know the ones who watch the series or have been following the two characters are highly curious to know who and how they are now right? And we cannot disappoint our readers at any time so here we are with everything you need to know about Naruto and Luffy. And the most important answer that who will win if put against each other. However, before you start reading, we want to tell you that the article contains some spoilers, so before reading be prepared. Now let’s just dive into the fight and the result because I know you cannot wait anymore.

About Naruto and Luffy Transformations

naruto vs luffy
Naruto And Luffy

Monkey D Luffy as Gear 5 was revealed in Chapter 1044 of One Piece. The chapter disclosed Luffy’s Devil Fruit is Hito no Mi: Model Nika which is a Mythical Zoan class fruit. The big thing is that the power of this fruit can only be limited by the imagination of the user. Naruto on the other hand as Baryon Mode transformed character was revealed in chapter 51 of Boruto. He is a character who applies scientific principles and sticks to them. This was seen when he sacrificed the chakra that belonged to him and Kurama so that it can be used as raw materials to create energy.

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Who Is Naruto?

naruto vs luffy
Naruto As Baryon

Naruko is the Seventh Hokage and a shinobi of Konohagakure’s Uzumaki clan. Hokage Naruto in Baruto was forced into Baryon mode so that he could fight Isshiki Otsutski in the battle. The new mode increases Naruto’s speed, reflexes, and power which is enough to surpass the capabilities of Isshiki. This transformation helped Naruto to seize the black rods of Isshiki before they could enlarge. He even without any effort attacked him with just one arm. The powers that he has got from the new change have Naruto quite equivalent to Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Super.

The striking feature is that his one punch has the ability to reduce the lifespan of the other party with whom he is fighting. The mode is a helpful tool for Naruto especially to fight Isshiki because he was commanding over Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke because of the powers he had. But thanks to the new mode Naruto was able to end all the domination by killing Isshiki Otsutsuki. The mode definitely is advantageous for Naruto but everything has a good and bad side and so does his mode.

The transformation can turn out to be too dangerous if he uses it too recklessly and for a long time because it will drain the user’s lifespan of the user who uses it. In episode 217 of Boruto Kurama shared the tip to use and maintain this mode. He made it clear that the user should use move calculatedly that is limit the movements to necessary ones only. But then it does not work in or will help in the case of Naruto or Luffy in any way.

Well, the warning given by Kurama was not actually followed which *spoilers* killed Kurama as this version was used more than required. Kurama died for saving Naruto as both of them gave their Chakra as I mentioned earlier. . Naruto in this mode cannot use ninjutsu except Rasengan.

Who Is Luffy?

naruto vs luffy
Luffy As Gear 5

Monkey D Luffy is the major protagonist of the famous series One Piece. Monkey D Luffy in One Piece has power, items, and abilities that are ridiculous including his Devil Fruit. Luffy’s new mode just increased it to another level. With the Devil Fruit coming into the forefront that changed reality too. The Hito Hito no Mi: Niko, a venerable fruit gave Luffy the advantage to increase his strength and freedom in his body which as I mentioned earlier can only be reduced by the imagination of the one using it.

Well, who would like to limit the imagination when they can get so much strength right? This power gives the user the opportunity to make other people happy and the user is called the embodiment of freedom. The funny thing about this power is having the power to create effects like that of the carton which Kaidou got. Luffy also has got a happy smile and his confidence and exhilaration have increased.

But even his ridiculous power has some disadvantages too. If the nutrients of the body are used up then his mode automatically be deactivated. It will even leave Luffy paralyzed and he would not be able to use Haki from the Haki power system for straight 10 minutes. He will be turned into a chibi form.

The Similarities Between Luffy and Naruto

naruto vs luffy
Luffy And Naruto

Both the characters have several similarities like both of them are very cheerful and both have the zeal to be the best. Both of them openly express their emotion when they are sad, angry, frustrated or when they lose something. They are even immature and act childish sometimes which even annoys their teammates. They are goofy in nature and they love to be like that be it in terms of pranks or being chaotic. They are mischievous and this brings out their fun side too. 

This side of them is what can bring energy to a room of seriousness. Both of them are undeniably smart but they do not seem to be. They are ignored by their team because of their immature and mischievous nature but then they are not ignorant of what is taking place around them and choose what is important and what is not and act accordingly. Both love and enjoy meat. Both of their birthdays fall on a holiday, isn’t it great? Both were highly inspired by their brothers.

Both know when to use their power and strength so they are not completely childish and this proves that they apply their smartness where it is needed especially when it involves their dear and near ones. They are caring about their friends and love them. Both of them are reckless and will put themselves into danger willingly. They do not see who the opponent is and how strong they are or the situation is, they will not back down at all.

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Who Will Win The Battle?

Naruto and Luffy’s comparison is not easy as it seems because both have quite immense powers with this transformation. However, the Gear 5 version of Luffy is having the upper hand because he can manipulate his body whenever he wants to because of his durability. That is why he easily defeated Kaidou’s attack just by simply stretching himself and his surrounding, thanks to his durability. But then Luffy is still at risk against slash attacks. The baryon mode of Naruto is not any less because he can reduce the lifespan of the opponent easily with just a contact. So, this shows that he also has quite an immense strength.

But the catch is, that Naruto can only reduce the span of life if the opponent has a chakra and the user has to come in contact with the chakra of the opponent. And you cannot deny no matter how much you like him that not everyone owns chakra. This means that Luffy’s immunity side is heavier. Now the follower of Naruto and Luffy has several things to say but considering their power, many have the opinion that Luffy will win. But then the problem with the quarrel between both of the famous characters is that this mode can be the ultimate mode which might be the final resort because these modes of both the characters lead to a drain in the lifespan of the user if not used properly.

Both the characters have amazing speed and that is why they were able to easily dodge light-based attacks. This means that even the viewers and fans have to see who will win and stick till the end and who will give up first. As you read that Naruto has the disadvantage of not using ninjutsu but Luffy has the advantage of using his Haki but then his arm which is like rubber will be at risk of getting damaged.

Naruto is neck to neck in many aspects except stamina. This means that Luffy will have to stretch the battle but he himself is at a loss because he uses high-level combat that will exhaust him. Both the characters cannot keep up for a longer time but then the disadvantages the Baryon mode has is higher than that of Luffy putting Luffy with more chance of winning in the fight between Luffy and Naruto.

About One Piece

One Piece

One piece is one of the longest-running mangas which is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It was adapted into an anime series in 1999 making it even the longest series that is still being loved by anime viewers. The anime is directed by Satoshi Ito currently. One piece Follows the story of Luffy and his explorations until he becomes the Pirate King.

This makes it even the most popular series now because of its story, design, and humor. And it’s not just to say but the show has proved by winning lot of praises and awards. One of the prestigious ones is their entry in the Guinness Book of World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author. It is globally a very popular show thanks to the internet and globalization. It has currently 102 volumes and 1024 episodes in the series

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About Boruto


Boruto is manga series written by Ukyo Kodachi and Masahi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It is both a sequel and spin-off to Naruto. It is an adventure and fantasy based-manga that is being loved equally as Naruto by the fans. It has been adapted into an anime series that started in 2017 and is still continuing. The series is directed by Masayuki Koda currently. Currently, the anime has 257 episodes in anime and 17 volumes of the manga. It follows the story of the exploitation of Naruto’s son Boruto and his team of ninjas.

Both the characters are different and similar to a great extent making them both unique and competitive from the start. In this transformed version Luffy might be victorious because of his unpredictability against his opposition Naruto who is grounded. But Naruto also has the ability to win against Luffy if he can reduce Luffys’s span of life. This means that all of us have to wait, as we might be quite right or wrong and for that, we need to observe both of them until the end because you know twists always happen in anime and I hope it happens because who doesn’t want their favorite character to win.

We all can predict wins at the most the makers are the ones who will reveal the reality. They have never disappointed the fans in any aspect of entertainment related to the characters or the show or the manga and that is why they are still popular and continuing. We hope that some twist happens because fans wouldn’t want the characters to end just like this right? Their ultimate forms might have some catch that can change anything.

After all, it’s a fantasy anime, which means anything can happen beyond imagination and thought and we also want that right? The time will only tell that who will win but considering everything now Luffy can win but again we don’t know what is in the store for us in the future.

Where To See One Piece and Boruto?

Luffy And Naruto

If you are interested to know more about Naruto and Luffy and want to witness yourselves who will win and who will lose then you have to see. You can watch One piece on Netflix, and, Crunchyroll. You can Boruto on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and, Amazon Prime Videos. If you want to read the manga then you can read One piece on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and Manga Plus Platform. To read Boruto you can get your hands on Viz Media, and, Manga Plus Platform

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