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Is Nashville Season 7 Release Date Cancelled?

Nashville is the American musical soap opera television series that was created by Callie Khouri. It premiered on ABC on October 10, 2012. Since the release of the first episode, the show has managed to get positive responses from everyone including critics which reflects in its ratings.

The show has won many awards and is even been nominated for many. It managed to win Critics’ Choice Television Awards in the category of Most Exciting New Series in 2012, Guild of Music Supervisors Awards in the category of Best Music Supervision in a Television Musical or Comedy in 2014, CMT Artists of the Year Awards in 2015, Voice Awards in the category of Strengthening Families through Hope and Help – Television Productions in 2016 and many more. It has been nominated for awards like Glaad Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, People’s Choice Awards Prime Time Emmy Awards, and many more in different categories.

Nashville Season 7 Release Date

Nashville Season 7 Release Date

Fans are waiting eagerly to know the renewal status of the 7th season of Nashville since the 6th season has already been ended. If you are one of those fans who wants everything related to the 7th season of Nashville, keep reading the article till the end as we will give you all the information related to it. Fans would be disappointed to know that the makers of the show have already canceled the show. Yes, you read it right. Nashville will not return again for the seventh season and the sixth season was the last season of the show.

The sixth season has its own fanbase but according to the fans of the show, the first few seasons were amazing. However, after the third season, the level of the show dropped. According to us, ABC must have sensed this which might lead to the cancellation of the next season. The show could never go back to its olden good days but the last few seasons did not disappoint the fans that much. They still admired this show.

Nashville Season 1 Release DateOctober 10, 2012
Nashville Season 2 Release DateSeptember 25, 2013
Nashville Season 3 Release DateSeptember 24, 2014
Nashville Season 4 Release DateSeptember 23, 2015
Nashville Season 5 Release DateDecember 15, 2016
Nashville Season 6 Release DateDecember 19, 2017
Nashville Season 7 Release DateYet To Be Confirmed

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Nashville Season 7 Story

Rayna Jaymes is a famous country music singer. Unluckily, she is losing her popularity among fans very easily. There is a competition between her and Juliette Barnes who is an upcoming young star. Rayna’s latest album did not meet her expectations and her live shows also did not go well. On the other hand, Juliette is very sexy and the young best-selling singer but she notices that Rayna is consumed by her fame and does not acknowledge her fans enough. So, she decided to maintain her distance from herself but Rayna does not like Juliette’s way of singing and rejected the proposal. The competition begins between these two stars. No more spoilers now!

Nashville Season 7 Cast

The main cast of the show includes Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O’ Connor, Eric Close as Teddy Conrad, Charles Esten as Deacon Claybourne, Jonathan Jackson as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, and many more. It seems like these actors have put lots of effort to make their characters look real. The fans or the audience can not even imagine others in their respective roles.

In the show, there appeared several actors in the supporting roles. The noticeable actors were Judith Hoag, Chaley Rose, Aubrey Peeples, Sylvia Jefferies, Brette Taylor, Charlie Bewley, Jay Hernandez, Alexa Pena Vaga, Laura Benanti, and many more. Even the supporting cast has done hard work for their roles to make it look perfect.

Nashville Season 7 Trailer

Since season 6 was the last season and the show has not been renewed for the 7th season, there is no trailer available for it. However, the trailer of the 6th season is available on YouTube. If you are interested to take a look at it, all you need to do is just click on the link given above and you will be able to watch the trailer of the 6th season of Nashville. In case you liked the trailer and are interested in binge-watch the full show, it is available on Hulu. You can watch this amazing show there. Let us know your opinions about the show after watching it in the comment box. Happy Watching! We will get back to you very soon with the news article.

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