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Naughty Babe Season 2 Release Date: Will their be another

In recent years, the popularity of Thai BL drama series has surged significantly. These shows have garnered widespread attention and acceptance worldwide. Naughty Babe Season 2 Release Date is when? Today, we delve into another beloved romantic BL drama series that encompasses elements of romance, drama, and a luxurious business backdrop. Past experiences have demonstrated how such shows have captivated audiences and critics alike, owing to their compelling storylines and well-crafted plots.

In this article, we explore this series in detail, covering every aspect and providing the latest updates. We understand the anticipation surrounding the future of the show and aim to offer insights to eager viewers.

Naughty Babe Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show premiered on September 2, 2023, and concluded on October 21, 2023, captivating audiences with its intense storyline. Geared toward mature audiences aged 18 and above, the series features themes of violence and profit alongside romance as its central focus.

As for the renewal status of the series, no official announcements have been made at the time of writing. The production team has remained silent regarding the prospects of the show. For those eagerly anticipating the series, our article offers insights and details about the show. While awaiting updates, we encourage viewers to explore the official trailer for the series to stay informed about the latest developments.

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Naughty Babe Season 1 Recap

Naughty Babe centers around the tumultuous relationship between Hia Yi and Nong Diao, characters from the popular series Cutie Pie. As their wedding approaches, Nong Diao begins to question the sincerity of Hia Yi’s love, pondering whether it stems from genuine affection or merely familial obligations.

Overwhelmed by uncertainty and loneliness, Nong Diao decides to escape to Switzerland. Meanwhile, a twist of fate occurs when Hia Yi experiences an accident that erases all memories of their separation. With a clean slate before them, the couple faces the challenge of rebuilding their relationship.

The question remains: is Hia Yi truly committed, or does deceit lurk beneath the surface? To unravel the mysteries and discover the depths of their naughtiness, viewers are encouraged to tune in and follow the gripping storyline.

Naughty Babe Season 2 Plotline

The official synopsis of the show offers a glimpse into the complexities of relationships and the unexpected turns they can take: Thacha Wong Teerawit finds himself engaged to Phayak Chatdecha Chen due to a mutually beneficial business arrangement. However, the seemingly sweet love story of Hia Yi and Khondiao takes a dramatic turn when Thacha is left alone on their engagement day and even when he moves into Hia Yi’s place. As the wedding date approaches, Thacha must navigate the challenges alone.

Meanwhile, Khondiao, despite his name suggesting otherwise, does not desire to be alone. Overwhelmed by distress, Thacha decides to flee to Switzerland to escape the impending wedding, unaware that Hia Yi will pursue him and become involved in a car accident. The plot thickens as Hia Yi wakes up with amnesia and accuses Thacha of being the one against marriage. The unfolding drama begs the question: What lies behind Hia Yi’s sudden change of heart?

As the mysteries unravel, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the twists and turns that await in Naughty Babe’s storyline.

Stellar Cast

The series is expected to feature all the major characters from its first season, each reprising their significant roles. The cast includes:

  • Nat Natasitt Uareksit as “Khondiao” Thacha Wongtheerawit
  • Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan as “Yi” Phayak Chatdecha Chen
  • NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong as Kuea Keerati / “Kirin”
  • Zee Pruk Panich as Lian Kilen Wang
  • Est Supra Sanga Worawong as On
  • Jab Penpetch Benyakul as Makorn Chen [Yi’s father]
  • Bie Teerapong Leowrakwong as Sattha
  • Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa as “Syn” Sinsamoe
  • Tutor Koraphat Lamnoi as Nuea
  • Tawan Putthisun Tiyapiboonchaiya as In [Khondiao’s friend] (Ep. 6)
  • Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti as Foei
  • Mae Methakarn Anektanasuwan as Tam
  • Bosszo Thawatchanin Darayon as Chen
  • Chun Pachchun Hiranprateep as Chun
  • Fung Tussaporn Pattanapasai as An An
  • Gems Jassada Janmano as Thames
  • RoodBus Pakapon Tanphanich as Yi [Young]
  • Chane Tawatson Plengsiriwat as Sathaphon
  • Thanyaporn Waikittipong as Khim [Secretary]

Where to Watch

If you’re eager to watch the show, you can stream it on iQIYI. Fans of the drama series are eagerly waiting to catch the series, so if you’re interested, head over to the official website of the streaming platform and watch it there. Additionally, there are plenty of amazing BL drama series available on the platform for viewers to enjoy.

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