Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 2 Release Date Cast, Plots

Tatsunoko animation’s Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 2 is an anime tv series. It is an apocalyptic, psychological drama series that got along well with the viewers. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a famous anime also known by the name of Shinseki Evangelion in the country of Japan. It was a very favorite series and a persuasive one of its time, which still has its mark on the minds of the people. A total of three people directed the anime, which are Hideaki Anno, Masayuki, and Kazuya Tsurumaki. Hideaki Anno was also the one who wrote the series.

Neon Genesis First was broadcasted in the year 1995 and continued its stint till 1996. It was one of those series that whenever the history of the anime writes, will discuss. Here we will talk about this anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 2 if this infamous series will ever return or not.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 2:

Neon Genesis Evangelion was first released in the year 1995 and continued till 1996. It aired on TV in Tokyo. It consisted of 26 episodes in total, and the final episode was released on 27 March 1996. The show was based entirely on the manga titled Neon Genesis

Evangelion. The show base on a unique plot, and when the show ended, it was almost transparent that there will be no more sequels or seasons.

However, in recent years, there have been Evangelism 3.0 and 1.0, which were released last year. You can watch those two movies, but other than that, there is no news of the season of the show. If you love to watch the English dubs of anime, then you can easily find it on Netflix.

So as of now, there is no news on a second season. Onlyfromif the studio and the production company think they can make a profit out of making a second season, then only will they make it otherwise; it is difficult to hope for a second season.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 2 plot:

The show’s plot revolved around 2015 when the world was going through a tough time, and it was only a matter of time when it demolishes; there was a UN government in place to save the earth from getting destroyed, and Nerv was working as a special agent for them to help and assist them in their task of saving the world. They even had their giant robots who would sense out the evil peeps and allowed the government to save the world. The story’s main plot starts when the UN government finds exceptional pilots who can operate these giant Evangelion robots. For this task, they call in the special agent’s chief, Gendou Ikari. But as the giant robots were too powerful, finding pilots with string intelligent minds became difficult.

The twist comes when they find out that the son of Gendou Ikari was a capable teenage boy who was able to control these robots without much of a hassle and was extremely talented. Thus, it becomes pivotal in the quest to save the universe.

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All in all, this show is about topics such as depression, the depths, and the reach of loss. It does justice to these topics by dealing with them with maturity. Also, if you watch Western television shows, this will be a healthy change for you as these topics touch upon those shows. However, you have to be prepared and go with a strong mind as the series will make you think about various issues. Also, if you are a cinema lover, you will be amazed by screenwriting, directing, editing, world-building, and character-building.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Characters:

Shinji Ikari: He is the son of Gendou Ikari, the chief of Nerv. He lived with his sensei for 11 years after the death of his mother and

only returned when called to Tokyo to operate the giant Evangelion. As a result, he inherited most of his mother’s traits.

The other two important characters of the show are Rei Ayanami and Misato Kastsurgi.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Trailer:

As of now, there is no news of a new season and the chances of a second season look very more minors a result. Thus, there is no trailer for a second season; however, you can check out the trailer for the first season.

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