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New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 Release Date Details

Talking about another Chinese 3D animation film, New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 has been successfully able to present a perfect combination of Chinese mythology and the modern era, having lots of actions, stylish characters, and plenty of content is taken from Chinese mythology, making its viewers fantasizing about the Chinese culture throughout the whole day.

The Chinese dressing styles, homes, and infrastructure is shown in it with characters riding motorcycles are making it truly a thing to watch again and again. All these animations shown in the film is really showing the dedication and hard work put behind its production.

With a running time of about 2 hours, the film was a success in showing every single aspect of its beautifully sequenced story. I would suggest that this film must be watched by teens and young aged people. Adults with a taste of watching animation films can also watch them with great interest.

The 3D Animation film was able to gather ratings of 6.9/10 from the viewers and in my opinion, this film really deserves more than just that. The possible reason behind these ratings can be a little bit of dissatisfaction among the viewers about its story and they may have felt the need for more elaboration on the characters of the film. Overall, the people who crave amazing characters and actions with a beautiful story in 3D Animation film, this film is really going to be a satisfactory feast for them. Here we will Discuss the Series New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2.

New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 Release Date

The 3D Animation film New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 was produced by the production companies Light chaser Animation studios, Alibaba pictures, Bona film Group and Bilibili. The previous film New gods: Nezha reborn Season 2 was released on February 12, 2021, in mainland China and on April 12, 2021, internationally by Netflix. Netflix was successful in acquiring global rights for the film except showing it in mainland China. The second film of the series is likely to be announced by the first quarter of the year 2021, by its production companies. The viewers are hoping that the second film of the series will also come with a great story just as the previous one and will surely be able to meet the expectations of the viewers throughout the world.

New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 Story

The story of this movie is totally fantasizing and mythological. Starting as, about after a duration of three thousand years, Nezha fought the sea. Li Yun Xiang, who is a young motorbike rider residing in Songhai city, founds that he is the reincarnation of Nezha. His old enemies appear just before he has successfully mastered his powers, and he must have to settle a 3000 years grudge with the dragon clan. The second film of the series, which is going to be released next year will have a continuation from the last scene of the story and probably will have the same characters but hopefully different adventures to happen and tasks to be accomplished.

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New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 Characters

Li Yun Xiang voiced by yang tianxiang is the lead of the film who is a smuggler, courier, and reincarnation of Nezha. The masked man voiced by Zhang he is a masked monkey who is perceived as six-eared macaques but he is sun wukong, the Monkey King, in reality. He is taken from journey to the west and is similar to monkey King, sun wukong. Ao Guang voiced by Xuan Xiaoming is the leader of the De clan whose real identity is the Dragon King of the East sea.

Su Junchu voiced by Li shimeng is a doctor and is always ready to go for competitive motorbike racing, and becomes yuxiang’s lover later in the film. Kasha voiced by Zhu ke ‘er is a childhood friend of Yun Xiang and is a lounge singer by profession. Ao Bing voiced by King zhenhe is the son of Ao Guang and is also the dragon prince who was defeated by Nezha in the past and controls over ice-based powers.

Li Yunxiang voiced by TBA is the older brother of Yunxiang and is supportive of him as a courier despite his father’s wishes. Donghai Yaksha voiced by Gao zengzhi is Ao Guang’s assistant in the film.

New Gods: Nezha Reborn Season 2 Trailer

The status of the trailer is the same as the status of the announcement of the second film of the series, going to appear next year.  A lot of hopes are there from dying heart lovers of the film series, that the trailer will also be amazing and attention-grabbing just as the trailer of the previous film of the series and they are also expecting that this time, the trailer will be much more elaborate, having most amazing parts of the film, and also will be revealing all the different characters of the series.

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