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Niall Horan Girlfriend and His Past Relationships

We all know about One Direction, there is not even a single person on this planet who does not know about One Direction and their popularity. This world is filled with Directioners, the fandom name of One Direction, even though One Direction is on hiatus, even though the members are doing so well as soloists, fans are still waiting for them to reunite again as One Direction and make some new music, fans are still supporting One Direction with wholeheartedly and they are still waiting for their comeback.

One Direction always has the spotlight when it is a boy band and the members are very popular, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, these five are now walking on their roads but fans are still waiting for them to walk on the same road together. The members are not only popular as a member of One Direction, but now they are also popular as a soloist and now fans are trending for one particular member of One Direction due to some reasons.

Well, obviously the members are always trending because of their popularity and fans are always curious to know about their personal life and all and now fans are curious about the personal life of one particular member, can you guess the name? Niall Horan, fans are curious about his personal life now, recently he grabbed the attention of the fans and they are curious about his personal life, well he has been always the center of attention but nowadays fans are more curious to know about his personal life. Niall Horan is one of the most popular members of One Direction and one of the most popular Hollywood singers who gained a lot of attention after debuting as a member of One Direction.

Since the day he got debuted his fan following is only increasing and now his fandom is so big. Niall Horan also known as Niall James Horan and was born in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland on 13 September 1993. He started his career in the year 2010 when he debuted with One Direction since then he has always been considered one of the most notable singers. Well, I am sure that you must be a fan of One Direction and him that is why you are here to know about his current dating status.

Niall has won many awards and has many achievements not only as a member of One Direction but also as a soloist. He has won Pop Music Awards, Award Winning Songs, Pop Award Songs at BMI London Awards, and many more awards there, the list of his achievements is so long which shows us how talented and popular he is as a singer. He has many popular songs such as “This Town”, “Slow Hands”, “Nice To Meet You”, “Too Much To Ask”, “On The Loose” and many more songs are there, his whole discography is a blessing to our ears. Let us find out about his personal life and whom he is dating right now as fans are very curious to know about it.

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Niall Horan Girlfriend

Niall Horan Girlfriend
Niall Horan and Amelia Woolley

Is Niall Horan Dating someone? Is Niall Horan single? Who is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend? Is Niall Horan married? And many more questions like this are there are being asked by his fans and they are very curious to know the exact and detailed answers to the questions that I have mentioned above. Do you have the answers to the questions that I have mentioned above? Do you have any idea about his dating status? Do you know who he is dating? Many fans are curious to know who is dating and how long he has been dating that particular someone. Let us try to find out the answers, if you do not know and you are also curious to know then keep reading this article I am sure you will find out the answers that you have been looking for so far.

Well, according to the sources Niall Horan is not single, this popular Irish is dating someone, and now fans want to know who she is. And what is her occupation? How did they both meet? And many more questions like this are there. Amelia Woolley is her name. Niall Horan and Amelia Woolley started seeing each other in the year 2020. Amelia Woolley is an account manager, she is not popular like Niall Horan but we can assume that she is talented as she is an account manager.

Fans have been showering their love on this cute couple and they have been also trending these two on the internet. Niall Horan and Amelia Woolley made their first public appearance together at the Horan and Rose Gala in the year 2021 in the month of September.

Since then these two have been together and currently, they are still together. Fans are happy that these two are still together and doing well too, fans are expecting them not to break up, and hope that this couple stays strong for a long time. What do you think about this? Are you happy that he is dating Amelia Woolley? Well, I am sure that you are happy because real fans always feel happy for their favorite artist whenever they win or date someone.

What is your reaction? Do you think they will stay together for a long time? What do you think about all these? Share your thoughts with us and stay connected to our page so that you can have the latest updates about Niall Horan. Many fans are also commenting on their social networking sites saying that they are happy for Niall Horan and Amelia Woolley and many fans are giving their blessings to this beautiful couple.

Do you want them to appear together more in the public? Do you want them to post more feeds together on Instagram? Do you want them to showcase their dates on social networking sites? Tell us what you feel and what you want to say on our page.

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Niall Horan Early Life

Niall Horan Girlfriend
Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s parents’ names are Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher and he has an older brother named Greg. Niall’s parents got separated when he was very young. Niall went to St. Kenny’s National School and later he studied at Mary’s College. He started showing his interest in music at a very young age, he got to learn Guitar when he was 11 after that his interest kept on growing, and later he participated in X Factor and debuted as a member of One Direction. His aunt also recognized his talent.

Niall Horan has been a very talented kid since the very beginning and he finally got a chance to showcase his talent when he joined X Factor. Do you stan him? Is Niall Horan your bias? What do you think about his music? For many fans, his music is therapy and gives them the energy to overcome obstacles. Do you feel the same thing too?

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Niall Horan Dating History

Niall Horan Girlfriend
Niall Horan

Are you curious to know about the dating history of Niall Horan? Well, Niall does not mention that much about his personal life but we have gathered all the information about his past relationships. There are many artists with whom he has been liked a lot whether it is a rumor or a real one, Niall was dating Hailee Steinfeld but unfortunately, both of them got separated in the year 2018. Niall Horan was also dating the popular singer Ellie Goulding back in the year 2013 after they broke up, Ellie also mentioned him in many of her interviews saying that he is a good guy, he is very lovely, and much more good stuff there that Ellie said about him.

In the year 2014, Niall was dating the popular model Barbara Palvin but they broke up due to a busy schedule. There were also rumors that Niall Horan and Selena Gomez were dating but these words ended up as rumors only and many more rumors are there, fans really wanted them to date each other but that only ended up as a wish of the fans and nothing else. What do you think about the dating history of Niall Horan? With whom do you ship him the most? Do you still ship him with Selena Gomez? Or Do you want him to stay with Amelia forever?

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