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Nisekoi Characters Female: Who’s The Best?

Hi, welcome back. We are back again with yet another very interesting topic which we are going to share with you folks today. The first answer: have you watched the anime? I bet you did. No, did I hear anyone say, no? Why? Just go and watch the amazing anime now. 

Before I start with the topic at hand, let me give you a brief idea about anime first. For all who are yet to watch this. 

Let’s begin then.

About Nisekoi

Nisekoi Characters Female

Adapted from a manga, the comedy school romance harem anime has a total of 20 episodes and 3 special episodes. The watch time of each episode is 24 mins. The anime premiered in 2014 and has 2 seasons. Make sure to give this one a watch positively.

The anime scored a rating of 7.4 from IMDb, 7.60 from My Anime List (MAL), and a vote of 91% from the audience. Nisekoi or false love is a romantic harem, which means where all the female characters are head over heels for the male lead.  

This anime is all about contact love or to be precise, contract marriage. The daughter of a mobster and the only heir of the Yakuza family are forced into a relationship in order to avoid a gang war. 

This is a very interesting watch and an ideal binge-watcher as well.

Now let’s discuss all the female characters. Then let us know who is your favorite. Okay? 

1. Kosaki Onodera

 Kosaki Onodera
Kosaki Onodera

She is one of the main characters of the anime. Daughter of Nanako Onodera, she is the elder sister to Haru and the love interest of Ichijou. 

She is very timid and she comes from a family of patisseries. With a feisty sister and eccentric mother, she doesn’t show herself much. 

Throughout the anime, she is given a lot of chances and opportunities to confess to Ichijo but she utilizes none. As she feels that he is in love with not her but Kirisaki. She is the one who loves him the most and takes care of him in times of his need. She is a shy girl who thinks before doing something. 

She was indeed very famous and had many fords till Chitoge entered the scene. Although she struggles a lot to confess her true feelings for him, through the passing episodes we can witness her tender heart and trying to be more mature and upfront later. 

2. Seishirō Tsugumi

Seishirō Tsugumi
Seishirō Tsugumi

 Her very first identity that we were introduced to is, she is a hitman. At first, she is introduced to the viewers as a male student who transferred to the high school as she received orders to protect Kirisaki from Ichijou as she felt that he forced Chitoge into a relationship. 

Later we learn that she is in for a shock when she suddenly develops feelings for Ichijou. 

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She arrived in Japan only to learn about Chitoge. She pledged to protect Chitoge which is why she let herself off her feminine self. But when she is acknowledged by Ichijou, she starts developing feelings for him. 

She at first attracted the attention of the girls dressed as a boy. Later on, on her date with Ichijou she then attracted the attention of many as she looked really beautiful. 

3. Marika Tachibana

Marika Tachibana
Marika Tachibana

She is another main character of the anime and is the daughter of Chika and Gen Tachibana. She is introduced to us as the fiancé of Ichijou. 

She speaks in a complementary different dialect from the otters because she loved most of her childhood in the backwaters, so tries her best to adapt herself to the others. But she usually gets very flustered and bothered when someone from her hometown visits her. 

With her orange hair and fair skin, she is considered a Bishōjo by everyone from her school.

She kept her hair short throughout her childhood but when Ichijō pointed out to her that he loves girls with long hair she started growing her hair long. She is very much in love with him. 

Unlock the other female characters who claim to be in love with Ichijō; she is very bold and upfront compared to them. And she doesn’t hold herself from claiming so too. She tries her best all the time to win him over and is very dedicated to him only. 

4. Yui Kanakura

Yui Kanakura
Yui Kanakura

Head of the Chinese Mafia group, she is Ichijō’s childhood friend and also his homeroom teacher. She too likes him. They were very close during their childhood and spent a lot of time together playing with each other. And as for Ichijō, he always looked at her as her elder sister. 

Although she is the head of the Mafia group, despite all that she is very easygoing and a lovable character. 

She is also one of the female main characters. Fun fact: she loves to sneak into Ichijō’s bed. 

She sings so terribly that people can faint. She also loves to make fun of people, especially Ichijō and Marika. She adored Marika but she in turn hated her. 

Being only 2 years older than her students she is a fun-going teacher. 

5. Ruri Miyamoto

Nisekoi Characters Female
Ruri Miyamoto

She is one of the pretty female characters in the anime. She is an athlete who is very good at swimming. She is very attractive and with her long hair especially when let down she appears to be more attractive. 

She has a very hidden perverted side of hers and is Kosaki’s best friend. She being the main character is not part of the harem group, in short, she is not in love with Ichijō at all. Rather she ships others and bromances Shuu. 

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Her mouth drives others like a knife as she never sugarcoats her words. 

Instead of having a romantic relationship with Ichijō, she rather encourages Kosaki’s ship with him. 

6. Haru Onodera

Nisekoi Characters Female
Haru Onodera

The last of the female characters. A younger daughter to Nanako and Kosaki Onodera, she is the freshman who pledges to protect her older sister from Ichijou who she thinks of as a womanizer and nothing more. 

Coming in front of a family of pastry chefs she loves to cook as well. Unlike her sister, she is a piece of work she is quite feisty but on the other hand very naive. 

Her first impression of Ichijou is negative. She thinks him to be a pervert who is after her sister’s purity and always stares at her pants. But when she later learns that he saved her from the delinquent who attacked her, her attitude towards him changed. 

Later she developed strong feelings for him but when she learned about her sister’s love for him, she slowly backed herself and supported them henceforth. 

This completed all the major characters you will find in the anime. Somehow, they are all connected to Inchijou directly or indirectly. This is quite obvious this is a harem anime. Do watch this anime. I believe you will end up loving it as I did. And that too a lot.

No, if you are looking forward to watching this. Let me help you with that.

Where to Watch Nisekoi?

You will find the anime available on Crunchyroll and Funimation

I hope you have a fun time enjoying this hilarious lovely anime. Meanwhile, we will see you soon with the upcoming update. Stay tuned!

And don’t forget to watch the trailer on YouTube before you stream the anime.

Happy Watch! 

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