Now And Then Episode 6 Release Date Updates

Now and Then is an American web series for Apple TV+. It is a dark thriller series that is well known among fans. The series represents the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adulthood. It was released on 20th May 2022 on Apple TV+ and has 5 episodes till now. Fans are desperately waiting for the next episodes of the series.

Now And Then Episode 6 Release Date

Now And Then Episode 6 Release Date
Now And Then Episode 6

Since the release of the fifth episode of Now and Then fans are waiting for the next episode of the series. But we have to disappoint you because we don’t have any official information regarding the sixth episode of Now and Then. If we have to guess it should be released within a week.

EpisodesRelease Dates
Now And Then Episode 1 Release Date 20 May 2022
Now And Then Episode 6 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Now And Then Episode 6 Release Date

Now And Then Story

Now and then series opens on an evening to be remembered, though not for happy reasons. On a night shortly after college graduation, six friends head to the beach for beers and a bonfire. After a severe accident, only five returned. The incident weighs on the survivors for years after, derailing their lives and lingering in their nightmares — which is probably why they don’t seem entirely shocked when, on the eve of their 20-year class reunion, they receive blackmail threats from someone claiming to understand what went down that night.

It’s an inherently juicy series for a premise, whether or not a wildly original one. And for a spell, sheer curiosity seems like enough to stay Now and Then afloat, especially once the show tosses in an exceeding pair of cops, Flora (Rosie Perez) and Sullivan (Željko Ivanek), who’s been haunted by the case for private reasons of their own. But over eight hourlong episodes, thinly drawn characters and sleepy pacing hold the series back from reaching its full potential — and in contrast to the awful night in question, Now and Then proves only too easy to forget.

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Now And Then Recap

In the fifth episode of Now And Then we already saw that flora’s investigation was dealt a blow, but due to this she also made a surprising discovery. Well if we talk about Pedro she participated in a debate.

Now And Then Cast

Now And Then Episode 6 Release Date
Now And Then Episode 6

The Series was directed by Gideon Raff (2 episodes, 2022), and Carlos Sedes (2 episodes, 2022). If we talk about others Andres Barahona as producer (8 episodes, 2022), Víctor Fandiño as Delegate Producer/delegate producer (8 episodes, 2022), Lluís Malet as line producer (8 episodes, 2022), Ángel Ferreiro as assistant producer (7 episodes, 2022), Ramón Campos as executive producer/producer (3 episodes, 2022), Teresa Fernández-Valdés as executive producer (3 episodes, 2022), Sara Gonzalo as co-executive producer (3 episodes, 2022), Gideon Raff as executive producer (3 episodes, 2022). The remaining cast members are Mateo Guerrero as Mario Cruz (8 episodes, 2022), Marina de Tavira as Ana Vargas (8 episodes, 2022), Maribel Verdú as Sofia Mendieta (8 episodes, 2022), José María Yazpik as Pedro Cruz (8 episodes, 2022), Manolo Cardona as Marcos Herrero (8 episodes, 2022), Soledad Villamil as Daniela (8 episodes, 2022), Zeljko Ivanek as Sullivan (8 episodes, 2022), Rosie Perez as Flora Neruda (8 episodes, 2022), Martín Fajardo as Luis Cruz (8 episodes, 2022), Gala Bichir as Claudia Cruz (8 episodes, 2022), Ella Kweku as Belinda (6 episodes, 2022), Jimmy Shaw as Francis Marwen (6 episodes, 2022), Dario Yazbek Bernal as Young Pedro (4 episodes, 2022), Alicia Jaziz as Young Ana (4 episodes, 2022), Alicia Sanz as Young Sofia (4 episodes, 2022), Jack Duarte as Young Marcos (4 episodes, 2022), Miranda de la Serna as Young Daniela (4 episodes, 2022), Jorge López as Alejandro (4 episodes, 2022), Juana Acosta as  Isabel (4 episode, 2022).

Where To Watch Now And Then?

It is an official series of Apple TV+ and is exclusively available on it. If you are considering getting a plan Apple TV to watch the series then the cost for one month’s subscription is 4.99 dollars. You will get an additional seven days trail if you are a new customer. You also get it free for three months on buying any apple product.

Now And Then Trailer

The trailer for Now and Then was officially released on YouTube on 19th May 2022. It is available to watch on it.

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