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Oats Studios Season 2 Release Date Is Still Pending For Viewers!

Oats Studio Season Trailer

Netflix is one of those web series platforms which has a collection of all the best shows you can ever imagine. The original shows also pique audiences’ interest upon their first watch. Oats Studio is one of them. This studio certainly fits the bill. 

The collection of the episodes that are included on the Oats Studio first came up on Netflix. It first arrived on October 1st, 2021. After it was added to the Netflix list it came in the top 10 list.

Now that season 1 has been a huge hit. Let’s come back to the million dollars question. Will season 2 arrive? Will the viewers get to see more from the Oats Studio? Well, scroll down to get your answers.

 Oats Studio Season 2 Release Date

When and if is an open-ended question. It’s not clear yet whether season 2 will come or not. There’s no official news yet.  Although there are some notable videos available in YouTube which can make the next volume. But whether the studio will take on a new project is a real question. Nothing was noticed since 2017. It’s been 10 months since the last project was released. And those notable videos are only available on YouTube; it was not streamed for Netflix. You will not find them. 

If you ask me whether there has been an actual new project by Oats Studio? I will say not any since 2017’s Gdansk. 

Although Neil has said that he wants to include some features in the project for his future. 

And if there’s a new season it would be streamed on Netflix. That is the second volume. But unfortunately, when that is? I won’t be able to give an optimistic answer. As, quite unfortunately, news about the second volume and chances of it being released is very slim. 

There are no updates, yet. If we get any information, we will update you. Stay Connected! 

Oats Studio Overview

Oats Studio Season 2 Release Date
Oats Studios

Oak Studio is an independent film studio that was started by Neil Blomkamp. This was in the year 2017. Neil is an Oscar-nominated South African filmmaker. The whole idea of the studio was to distribute experimental short films. It was first streamed by YouTube and Steam. 

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The community was trying to engage the videos to see the feedback. And then expand them into feature films. It is a Mini TV series running 20 mins each. The genres of the videos are horror and sci-fi. IMDb has rated it 6.5. There are many famous actors engaged in this business. 

Oats Studio Episodes

Oats Studio Season 2 Release Date
Oats Studios

Below I am going to give you the list of all the episodes that are there in Volume I of Oats Studio. Each episode is thrilling and fun to watch! 

  • 10. Bad President: Oil Spill
  •   9. Gdansk
  •   8. Cooking with Bill
  •   7. Kapture: Locust
  •   6. God: Serengeti
  •   5. ADAM: Episode 2
  •   4. ADAM: Episode 3
  •   3. Firebase
  •   2. Zygote
  •   1. Rakka

This is the reverse order of all the episodes that were produced by Oats Studio. Go and watch them on Netflix. You will surely be intrigued. The series is full of horror, a gory and dark atmosphere, thrill, and mystery. The sci-fi lovers where are you all? This is the series that should not be missed by you.

Oats Studio Cast

Oats Studio Season 2 Release Date
Oats Studios

The stars who are there in the show are; Sigourney Weaver, Carly Pope, Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, and Kellan Lutz. Further, you will see Michael Rogers, Jose Pablo Cantillo, and Dakota Fanning. Starring in volume I. 

Go and enjoy! While you wait for the next. The episodes are available on Netflix. While some are there on YouTube.

That’s all Folks! Happy Watch! 

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