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On My Block Freeridge Season 2 Release Date is Confirmed?

Freeridge is the much-anticipated series from the creators and writers of On My Block. It arrived just in time to save the day. On My Block Freeridge Season 2 Release Date is Confirmed? Showrunner, co-creator, and executive producer Lauren Iungerich, alongside co-creators and co-EPs Jamie Uyeshiro. Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft, and Jamie Dooner spearheaded this coming-of-age comedy set in the same Los Angeles neighbourhood as Monse, Ruby, Jamal, Cesar, and Jasmine.

On My Block, which premiered on Netflix in 2018 and enjoyed a successful four-season run until its conclusion in 2021. It followed the journey of four quirky and street-savvy friends. As they navigated the challenges of growing up in the inner city. Balancing serious themes like gang violence with lighter subplots such as Jamal’s myth-busting pursuit of hidden neighbourhood treasure. The show captivated audiences with its diverse characters and engaging storylines.

On My Block Freeridge Season 2 Release Date

Netflix announced their decision not to renew Freeridge on Wednesday, April 12, as first reported by Rolling Stone. The series premiered on Netflix on February 2, 2023, receiving initially glowing reviews. The eight-episode first season, each episode clocking in at a half-hour runtime. It delved deep into the neighbourhood mythology established by its parent series. However, despite the promising start, Freeridge faced prompt cancellation. It was almost exactly two months after its debut, leaving fans shocked and disappointed.

The season finale concluded with a shocking cliffhanger, amplifying the sense of tragedy surrounding its cancellation. With the demise of Freeridge, fans of On My Block find themselves mourning yet another Netflix series cut short. Leaving a void in the hearts of viewers who were eager to explore the world of Freeride further.

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The Freeridge Cast

The Freeridge foursome comprised Teen Vogue 2023 New Hollywood inductee Keyla Monterroso Mejia. Famous for her recurring role in Abbott Elementary as Ashley Garcia, portraying Gloria. Joining her were Bryana Salaz from Team Kaylie as Ines, Tenzing Norgay Trainor from Boo, Bitch, Liv & Maddie as Cameron, and Ciara Riley Wilson from LA’s Finest as Demi.

Additional cast members included Michael Solomon, Zaire Adams, J.R. Villarreal, and Jean-Paul San Pedro. Notable returning faces from On My Block included Paula Garcés and Eric Gutierrez reprising their roles as Ruby’s parents, along with Eme Ikwuakor and Raushanah Simmons as Jamal’s parents. Peggy Blow, who portrayed Abuelita in the original series, made a grand return as a mysterious figure central to the plot of season 1.

Haft expressed optimism about the potential for Freeridge to continue, highlighting the richness and vibrancy of its world. He, along with co-creator Lauren Iungerich, executive producer Jamie Dooner, and Eddie Gonzalez, always held onto hope for the possibility of continuing the stories of Freeridge.

Freeridge: Unleashing a Sinister Curse

The coming-of-age comedy Freeridge kicks off by following sibling rivals Gloria and Ines, alongside their friends Demi and Cameron, who inadvertently unleash a sinister curse, inviting misfortune into their lives. As the season unfolds, numerous revelations come to light, with the most significant being the true identity of Abuelita’s “ghost.” In the finale episode, the foursome’s world is turned upside down when Abuelita’s estranged and wealthy sister Mariluna offers them a shot at $10 million. However, in a tragic turn of events, Mariluna becomes the target of the Santos gang in a case of mistaken identity. In the final moments, she is seemingly shot and killed, leaving the fate of the Roller World money, found with Jamal’s help, hanging in the balance.

 Mariluna’s Fate: Alive or Dead?

The cast of Freeridge pondered the fate of Mariluna, expressing uncertainty about whether she survived or not. Ciara Riley Wilson admitted to Teen Vogue that it’s hard to determine if Mariluna is truly dead or alive, leaving the situation up in the air. Bryana Salaz hinted at various theories circulating among the cast, adding an air of mystery to the character’s fate.

Keyla Monterroso Mejia, jokingly, emphasized the importance of Mariluna being alive, especially for the sake of cashing in on the promised $10 million. Co-showrunner Jeremy Haft, speaking to TV Line, hinted at the potential for a second season and the abundance of storylines still left to explore in Freeridge. Haft, alongside fellow co-showrunners Lauren Iungerich, Jamie Dooner, and Eddie Gonzalez, expressed hope for continuing the saga of Freeridge, citing the vibrant world awaiting further exploration.

Where to Watch

New footage for Freeridge will not be released until Netflix greenlights season two. Even then, it’s likely that teasers or trailers won’t be available until 2024. Updates will be provided as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, viewers can explore other TV picks for 2023. Freeridge is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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