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Once Upon A Small Town Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: Old Grandpa Is A Prankster!

The craze for Korean Dramas has increased since Netflix has also started bringing its originals. Netflix’s original Once Upon A Small Town episode one was released on Netflix. The story of the show is funny and yet attractive. The cast is wisely chosen as everyone fits in character.

Once Upon A Small Town is a story of Han Ji Yul, a veteran. He ends up in Huidong, his Grandfather’s residence, where he has to run his hospital, the only hospital in the town. So, Let us not waste more time and get straight into Once Upon A Small Town Episode 1 Recap. Please Be careful there are many SPOILERS ahead.

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 1 Recap

The first episode’s opening scene is Han-Ji Yul treating Mr. Walnut (A Pug). When he discovers that Mr. Walnut has Brachycephalic syndrome, he gets a call from his assistant Lee. As soon as he receives the ring, he gets panicked, rushes to his car, and continuously calls his Grandpa.

He is going to Huidong, a town where his Grandpa lives. As he reached there, he kept asking if any accidents were reported and were trying to climb his Grandpa’s fences. But his bad that a police officer caught him and misunderstood him as a thief. Once the officer, Ann, looks at her ID Card, her situation totally changes. While she could say anything, another police officer ran towards him and knocked him to the ground. Han wakes up in a hospital after getting knocked out. Everyone seems so funny around like nothing serious happened.

Han came rushing as he thought his Grandpa met with an accident but what happened was something we call Bazinga! In the hospital, Officer Ann tells him that his Grandpa and Grandma went on a cruise this morning, and she called a cab for them. The assistant who called told him she did what she was told and handed him the keys to the hospital and home. Finally, he got a call from his Grandfather- He Created A Plan!

Grandpa tells him he has left a letter for him at home, and he did this prank so that he could come to Huidong to look after the hospital until they return. There is only one veteran hospital in Village, and he needs to take care of it. Han mentions he has a job at the hospital too, but Grandpa told him not to worry about it as he has managed everything.

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 1 Recap

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If it’s a K-Drama, it will be romantic; I think our Officer Ann has a crush on Han. Before telling him sorry, she kept looking at him like she wanted him. Ann tells him to get in the car because of an emergency; they both go to Mr. Chos’ Place. Mr. Cho says that his chickens have been killed by a dog many times, so he put up a trap for the dog. Cho tells the officer to take him to some shelter, but Han disagrees and mentions that dog needs to be treated as he was injured from Cho’s trap. But the owner still doesn’t agree to it; he says the dog will return again and kill his chickens. Han reminds him that it’s illegal to put traps, and he could end up in jail.

A minor clash, not severe but funny, happens between Ann and Han, as Ann is looking for people’s safety, and Han is looking out for the dog. Finally, Han takes the dog back with him. While he can just breathe, another case of a bleeding goat arrives. He again went to check on the Goat, and trust me, the Goat is not the Goat you are thinking of. It’s dangerous! While Ann is having a fun moment watching Han decide whether to go in or not, Han just can’t do it!

Better late than never, our hard-working, handsome boy has finally reached home covered in mud. But he could not catch a break as some ladies entered the house with food in their hands. They were the women of the Huidong Women’s Association. His Grandpa was loved by everyone in the town, so the same was going to happen with Han. As we know he is handsome, the women around him cannot keep calm; he was called ‘Chiseled statue,’ ‘handsome,’ and ‘certainly not a block of Tofu.’

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 1 Ending Explained

As Han was already pissed, he told the ladies not to barge in like this without any proper explanation; he had never seen such things happening in Seoul. The association’s President tells him not to worry about these things and eat the Kimchi they have made with love. They also apologized and said that ‘They Give More Than You Need’ and his Grandpa are the same.

Now, it’s time to read the letter his Grandpa left him. The letter said, ‘That it’s quite sudden to call someone like that, and he already feels bad about jokingly burdening Han like this. When he looks back at his marriage, he mentions that it’s been many years since he made his wife happy and gave rather more hardships. Grandpa writes that they were already half dead when his son and daughter-in-law passed away (Han’s Mom and Dad). He just wants to make her Grandma’s twenties come back. He asks to forgive him for this goofball who jokes and laughs away his shame.’

Han went walking at night, and he saw someone swimming in the water; it was officer Ann; suddenly, the lights went dim, and there was a new vibe and energy between them (I really hope a romantic vibe).

The first episode left some unanswered questions, like when is the romantic relationship between them starting; another question that made me curious was How did Han’s parents pass away and how was their relationship back then! Well, it’s the first episode only. We will definitely get these answers in the coming episode. You can watch the show on Netflix.

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