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Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Release Date Is Not Announced!

It seems like whenever we talk about romantic dramas we always refer to South Korean series. Isn’t it surprising that the fan following for the k-dramas has increased rapidly in the last few years? These TV series not only fantasize about the romantic world beautifully but people start expecting the same in their real world. Till the last few years, the entire world was not aware of the upcoming Korean dramas and movies but now this place has reached the extent where people go crazy about the arrival of new South Korean shows. We are saying so because we saw the craze of fans when one of the recent k-dramas, Once Upon A Small Town, that made its release on September 5, 2022.

This romantic comedy series is written by Baek Eun-kyeong and directed by Kwon Seok-Jang. Every time an episode ends, people crave the next one and this is completely natural if you are a true k-drama fan. The same case is applicable to Once Upon A Small Town. Episode 12 of the show made its release on 28th September 2022 and since then we have not received any update related to the show and this is making all the fans anxious about future details.

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Release Date

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Release Date

Before going straight into this topic, let us warn you that this time it’s not a piece of good news for all those fans who were eagerly waiting for episode 13. We are saying so because this k-drama was supposed to have 12 episodes only. It was on 5th September 2022 when we received the first episode of Once Upon A Small Town and the series wrapped itself up on 28th September 2022.

As already mentioned that there won’t be episode 13 and hence, discussing its release date is of no point. But this doesn’t mean that we cannot have a future installment. It is possible for the makers to renew the series as this decision is supported by two possible factors. The first one is all about the ratings and reviews this show received. The IMDB rating stands at 7.1 out of 10 and the audience’s response is also positive. The other aspect that can be taken into account during the renewal is the high demand for this series to return.

Once Upon A Small Town season 2 has no official confirmation but we are expecting a positive and overwhelming decision from the creators concerning its renewal. The future installment, if it happens, can make its way till 2023. Hence, presently we can say that the second season of this wrong com series is neither renewed nor canceled but the chances for the future season are high.

Name Of The ShowOnce Upon A Small Town
Episode NumberEpisode 13
GenreRomantic Comedy
Once Upon A Small Town Episode 1 Release Date5 September 2022
Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Release DateNot Announced

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Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Story

This light-hearted entertainment series portrays a very simple story beautifully. The concept of the storyline is not new but one can definitely say it is an impressive one.

Han Ji-Yul is a veterinarian who lives in Seoul and due to some circumstances, he was unwilling to travel to Heedong village. He has to stay there against his will. That town has his grandfather’s hospital that he needs to look after. He meets Ahn Ja-young. She is a policewoman who later gets romantically involved with Han Ji-Yul.

If the story will continue further, we can expect the plot to move forward from the point where it left off in episode 12. On the other hand, it is also possible for us to witness a different story based on the same concept. But since there is no official detail available regarding the story, stating anything clearly is difficult for us. However, keeping the performance of season 1 in mind, we can say that the fans might not face disappointment later.

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Cast

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 13 Release Date

This series has three main cast members and the other individuals are present in the supporting rules. The main characters include Park Soo-young as the female lead, Ahn Ja-young. This actress is known for her prominent roles in “Tempted” and “The One And Only” The male protagonist of the story is Han Ji-Yul, played by Choo Young-woo. Lastly, we have Baek Seong-Cheol as Lee Sang-Hyeon.

If the expected upcoming season or the episode arrives, we might have these cast members in their respective roles.

Where To Watch Once Upon A Small Town Online?

It is available online on Netflix.

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