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One Piece Chapter 1065 Release Date Latest Information

The craze for anime web series has been increasing a lot since 2019 in India. The first anime that has been released in India was Dragon Ball Super Broly. We all now love watching anime and manga series. Now if there are some new viewers they might be wondering what is so special about anime and manga series. So the main reason it’s receiving so much love is that it is very relatable and is mainly concerned about themes like romance, depression, teenage relations, etc which are very relatable. These series make us laugh and also cry at the same time. One such web series is One Piece.

One piece is a Manga series with its first chapter “Romance Dawn: The Dawn of Adventure” released in July 1997. It started gaining popularity pretty soon after the release of the first chapter. Its release led to a huge decline In the business of other manga series. The series began with an introduction of the King of the Pirates called Gol D Roger. It is a series about the adventures of Monkey D Luffy who is a young pirate with the dream of becoming the strongest pirate in history and the next King of Pirates. He and his crew try to find the greatest treasure which is left by the legendary pirate Gol D Roger.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1065 got released on 7 November 2022 at 11 AM ET. Since it will be Monday so there will finally be something exciting for all of us to watch.

Name of the MangaOne Piece
Chapter NumberChapter 1065
One Piece Chapter 1064 Release Date 23 October 2022
One Piece Chapter 1065 Release Date 7 November 2022
One Piece Chapter 1065 Overview

One Piece Chapter 1065 Story

There is no latest information about the storyline for chapter 1065 as it will probably be released one week prior to the release so till then we can only make guesses regarding the story and keep looking forward to what the next chapter has in store for us as only 11 days left before the release of the new chapter.

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One Piece Chapter 1064 Recap

One Piece Chapter 1065 Release Date

It begins by showing the bloated Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney. They fill their bellies by eating food made by Atlas’s invention. He feels happiness after seeing them filled with his food. To this, Jimbei says that he is always filled to the brim. Now before they could respond, Atlas is then reminded of his job of Violence. After he leaves, Chopper notices a lot of interesting things which makes him feel curious. Bonney then thinks that the egghead is given to a research laboratory. They feel uncertain that there will not be anybody when they go to the futuristic city.

After they finish their food, Luffy finds a machine that makes them change their clothes. Things get weird when Pacifista resembling Bartholomew Kuma shows up, they get to know that Kuma is the father of Bonny and is his only family. The Heart Pirates are then attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates to obtain the Road Poneglyph. The Blackbeard pirate’s officers are then known to have Devil Fruit power. The Law prepares to then face Blackbeard. This chapter starts with the fight between Law and Blackbeard. Then there was an attack from the Quack Man who had come to sink the ship. And very soon it was seen that Luffy and his friends were taking the control of the fight. The cover of the chapter also shows that Kuzan decides to join the Blackbeard Pirates. They have Charlotte Pudding after knowing that the third eye has been awakened by her and it helps in reading Poneglyphs.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Characters

It stars Monkey D. Luffy who is the main protagonist of the One Piece series, Roronoa Zoro is a swordsman who uses up to three swords simultaneously, holding one in each hand and a third in his mouth, Nami witnesses his mother being killed by the infamous Arlong, Usopp is abandoned by his father, Yasopp, who leaves to join the Red Haired Pirates, Vinsmoke Sanji is ridiculed by his genetically enhanced siblings and is locked away by his father Judge for being a disgrace, Tony Chopper is a doctor and a blue-nosed reindeer, Nico Robin is a young archaeologist who is six years old, Franky is an apprentice of shipwright Tom, Humming Brook is the pirate even before Rogers and Jimbei is a Yakuza-Esque whale shark-type fish-man.

Where to Watch One Piece Online?

One can watch this amazing new chapter of One piece on Crunchyroll however it is not yet available in many regions. It can also be watched on Hulu. So what are you guys waiting for go watch it right now and don’t forget to share your opinions.

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