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One Piece Episode 1037 Release Date Finally Gets Announced For The Anime Fans!

One of the most astounding fables, One Piece, usually regarded as ONE PIECE, is a Japanese anime series, possessing awards like Best Maleand Female vocal artists, and many more. The manga series is written and embellished by Elichiro Oda. Earlier One Piece reached numerous people through magazines, it was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1997. The all-time famous anime series premiered on television on 20 October 1999.

Drawing attention, love and support from the audience, the fascinating series continues to be a part of the big award shows, holding the BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award(2012), Tokyo Anime Award for Best Music and Notable Entry(2002). One Piece has also been nominated for several prestigious awards.

One Piece Episode 1037 Release Date

The popular television series received admiration among viewers, who wait eagerly for every next episode. The mesmerizing series also streams on Netflix, one of the most-watched OTT platforms, therefore making it much more obvious that millions of people impatiently wait for new content from the series. Till now 1036 episodes have been released, the good news is that the latest episode which is the 1037th episode of One Piece is officially coming out on 21 October 2022, with just 11 days to go. So viewers get ready for some more adventure and get your schedules managed to watch the brand new episode of this adventurous series.

One Piece Episode 1037 Story

The fictional series narrates the tale of a young boy, who is also the protagonist of the tale. He acquires some strange power after eating a devil fruit “Gomu Gomu” and his body becomes like rubber. Luffy gets inspiration from his childhood toy, who was a pirate named, Red-Haired Shanks.

Wanting to become a pirate like his ideal model, he decided to make a self-crew and named it Straw Hat Pirate. Now the crew went on in the search of the titular treasure, on the way they were connected by many more people, Nami, who was a navigator and had a money obsession, Luffy on his journey liberated a swordsman, who was also a pirate hunter named Roronao Zoro, they become good friends continued the ongoing journey together. Later on the way, they were joined by a compulsive liar names Usopp, a perverted cook, named Sanji, a musician and swordsman who was just a skeleton named Brook, Tony Tony Chopper who was known to be a reindeer doctor and Jimbei who has been a member of Seven Warlords Of the sea formerly. The whole crew made the journey in the search of the treasure and met pirates, and crime organisations made new friends and foes and encountered secret agents also.

One Piece Episode 1036 Recap

As the latest episode is about to be released, here is a quick recap of the previous episodes. In the last episodes, Hygoro, a highly skilled user of Ryuo, gets his strength back, which was lost due to the ill effects of some virus. With the new power, he gives a good defeat to the samurai who was loyal to Kaidoalong with many Oniwabanshu Ninjas. The while, Luffy wakes up from the roof, completing his rest and gets back to fight again.

One Piece Episode 1037 Release Date Characters

The award-winning series has uniquely designed characters, with one of the highest fanbases, they are designed by keeping in mind the extensive colours and body shapes which seem appealing and attractive to the audience. The main character Monkey D Luffy is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka, she also gave voice to Oars and Nora Gitsune. Rorona Zoro, Pierre Jigoro voiced by Kazuya Nakai, Young Nico Robin, Daisy voiced by Anzu Nagai. It also includes, Nami and Scarlett voiced over by Wakana Yamazaki. Brian Zimmerman gave the voice to Brogy. Ussop by Sonny Straight, in English, Alvida, Auntie by Laurie Seele. Kuniya, Tashigi, Karo, Kappa by Monica Rial. Makino by Gwendolyn, Johnny by ChristopherAyres, Ghin by Illich, and young Sanji by Christine Austen. These were some main characters and their voice-over artists.

One Piece Episode 1037 Release Date where to watch?

Online platforms are a major source of viewing the latest episodes of anime. One Piece is also available on Netflix and various channels such as Crunchy Roll, Funimation and Anime Lab. The fanbase of anime is on a hike therefore more and more channels and OTT platforms aim to include anime in their content. One of the most famous and easily accessible platforms is YouTube, where you can find dubbed versions of the latest episodes. Grab your snacks on 22 October and open the platform wherever you find easy access, just roll on the couch and enjoy the latest and adventurous episode of One Piece.

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